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“Everything?” Servan asked, tilting the giant dragon vertebrae on its side, letting it rest on his hip.

“Oh, can you grind the bone to the consistency of flour? You have to do it without the use of magic also,” Lizbeth told Servan. Servan looked at her questioningly, patting the smooth jade-like pale bone lying against his hip.

Clyden took note of Servan’s expression, “I will help you with the grinding Servan,” Clyden said. The door Clyden used to enter the Fade the first time reappeared and he stepped through it. Servan vanished from the Fade as Lizbeth did earlier, swallowed by flames. Servan no longer being projected in the Fade left the dragon vertebra without any support, and it felled over with a loud thunk on the floor.

Another door appeared quickly, and Servan walked through it. Servan walked over to the dragon bone and tilted the vertebrae back on its side and kicked it. The dragon bone clunkily rolled through the door Clyden created. “This is the Kingdom of Loudas,” you could faintly hear Clyden explaining to Servan before the door closed.

“Is there anything I can help with?” Malve asked Lizbeth.

“Yes, before you step out, I need you to draw the ritual diagram on the ground. We will use it as a template to lay the salts and bone dust over it,” Lizbeth instructed as she handed the parchment she copied before to Malve.

“OK,” Malve said, studying the parchment carefully. Malve looked at one of the tall columns and visualized a winding staircase leading up one of them. It manifested, and she ascended them. When she reached the top, Malve looked down at the floor. “Lizbeth, you are in the way,” she told her. Lizbeth did not respond to Malve’s request; she was sitting in her chair at the table, holding the compendium, and lost to the vast wealth it contained.

“Lizbeth!” Malve said again. With no response from Lizbeth, Malve sighed, and she deconstructed the table in front of her and still did not get Lizbeth’s attention. A wry smile crossed Malve’s face, and the chairs and table vanished.

“Hey!” Lizbeth squealed as she fell to the floor. She stood up, rubbing her rear end. “Why did you do that for?”

“You will never change, Lizbeth. I did ask twice for you to move,” Malve said, suppressing her laughter.

“Oh, sorry. At least put the chairs back, Malve?” Lizbeth asked with an apologetic and embarrassed tone.

“OK,” Malve said. Three chairs materialized, followed by a red chaise lounge. Lizbeth beamed with delight “Consider that my apology.”

“Oh, and can you make me a night shroud about three times the size of the book?” Lizbeth requested as she jumped into the chaise and proceeded to make herself comfortable. The night shroud cloth appeared, and it dropped onto Lizbeth’s head, “Hey!” Night shroud cloth had the unique ability to absorb all light so long as the source of the light was behind it.

“Move Clyden’s thaum will you,” Malve said, pointing to Witch Devil.

Malve smiled at Lizbeth, protesting under the shroud. The two of them shared a complicated past, as did all the of the magi. Malve and Lizbeth once were enemies at one point, and after hundreds of years, they became like sisters. The endless adventures the two shared were some of her fondest memories. Lizbeth would drag her to the far reaches of the land in search of her books, or Malve would drag her to some hidden or lost city for exploration. They all were once like family, and when Varoosh vanished, everything between the four of them changed.


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