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text in italics means a character is talking to themselves

“What do you mean?” Servan asked.

“Just a moment,” Lizbeth said, flipping back to the first page. Touching her name, “Lizbeth,” she said without giving any warning again, causing her friends to gripe in unison as they were blinded again. “Sorry, I forgot,” Lizbeth apologized, holding the compendium while starting to flip pages, skipping large chunks of pages. “It is like I thought, somehow this compendium has managed to rip from us our thoughts and the memories that impacted our lives the most. Fascinating! I can’t wait to ask Varoosh how this is possible.”

“Focus Lizbeth,” Malve said pointedly. “You said something is off about the summoning spell. What is it?”

“Ah, yes, just give me a moment, the summoning spell was missing the catalysts needed. I helped him, inadvertently of course, with this,” Lizbeth said, skipping large portions sections of the book related to her, only glancing at the pages briefly to determine if it was the information she sought.

“I am quite certain about what is needed, but I want to be sure. It was just a theory mind you when I helped Varoosh with this. Ah, there it is,” Lizbeth said, glancing at the page as a flame flared around her, engulfing her momentarily, and she left the Fade Realm. The book she was holding felled with a thud to the table.

“She left?!” Servan said, looking at the where the book dropped on the table. The remaining three looked at each other, confused as to Lizbeth’s sudden departure. Before any of them could voice any followup questions, a plain oak door appeared. The joints on the door cracked as it opened, and several large sacks were thrown through the door.

“That’s the salt!” Lizbeth shouted from the other side. Magic-users could come and go when projected into the Fade Realm, but it took a strong magus to bring anything into the Fade physically with a door.

“Lizbeth?” Clyden asked as he was walking towards the door. Lizbeth stepped through the door, and it vanished just as another was appearing. It was plated in gold and carved in the door was the image of a dragon. Lizbeth opened the golden door spilling sunlight into her library. Lizbeth ran through the door. The three remaining in the Fade Realm walked towards the golden door.

A giant bone was heaved through the door, forcing them all to dodge instinctively. It clunkily rolled before falling over. The bone was a colossal sun-bleached vertebra of a dragon. The vertebra was milky white, almost like polished jade, and a sense of power radiated from it. The bones of powerful magical creatures often were used as catalysts in spells. Lizbeth ran through the door covered in soot slamming the door as flames tried to leak through the closing crack before vanishing. She wiped the soot from her shoulders. Malve helped her dust it from her hair.

“Well, that is everything we need,” Lizbeth said, clapping the dust from her hands.


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