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10 - Something Is Off With It (Part 3)


Malve tried exactly to remember what she did. “I was just looking at the cover, then I opened it, and I was touching Varoosh’s name and said his name, then a bright light happened,” Malve recounted to them. Lizbeth took the book from Clyden’s hands.

“Servan,” Lizbeth said, and nothing happened. Lizbeth touched Servan’s name this time “Servan,” the same bright light occurred. This time Lizbeth was ready for it; she had turned her head away. The others did not anticipate this and were rubbing the sight back into their eyes with the fingers or the palms of their hands.

“A little warning!” Servan started to say.

“Clyden,” Lizbeth said. The same bright light appeared, and groans from her counterparts ensued. “Oh, I am sorry, but I know how the book works.”

“We all know how it works now,” Servan groaned. “Can you tell me how to make my eyes work properly again?”

“Sorry,” Lizbeth said sullenly.

“Give me that, before you blind us all for life,” Clyden said jokily, taking the book from Lizbeth, hastily laying it down in front of him. He touched Varoosh’s name. “Turn away now,” Clyden warned them, “Varoosh.” The bright light flashed once more. This time everyone was ready for it. Clyden began to turn the pages, and he noticed these pages were written in Varoosh’s hand. Clyden continued to turn the pages. It was like a diary, a collective of Varoosh’s life and memories. As he skimmed from page to page, Clyden recognized some of the stories.

Clyden skipped about half the thickness of the book, and spells started to show up. On the page, there was a spell to turn ice into fire, the augmented runes did interest him momentarily. He would have to return later to look at when he had time, Clyden thought to himself as he kept turning pages.

“This is the spell I helped with to make an egg hatch instantly,” Lizbeth said. Clyden turned another page.

“This spell turns one’s tongue black for a month for speaking falsely,” Servan said. The others looked at him with befuddlement. “Well, it was meant for Malve.” Malve expression was rife with surprise. “What? It was during that time when Varoosh wanted to know how you felt about him. You were giving him mixed signals.” Malve face started to become indignant. Servan quickly assisted in turning the page.

The spells ranged in difficulty from simple to complex. There were ones they worked on together, some they never saw before. They kept flipping the pages in search of the only spell that matter right now. The four magi had to have been there for hours flipping through the pages of the massive compendium. The weird thing was even after flipping through half the book, it still seemed they were only at the halfway point of the book, the compendium was inexhaustible. Lizbeth, at some point, theorized the compendium collected every spell Varoosh ever cast.

The book somehow managed to captured moments important to Varoosh, which explained all the stories at the beginning of the book. Lizbeth wondered if their names were also volumes in this book, and somehow, the compendium managed to horde all their memories and spells. It was something to be checked on later after they located what they sought. Finally, after hours of searching, Clyden found what they sought.

“This is it,” Clyden announced. On the page, there was a diagram of a giant circle with four little circles drawn on the outside. Lines extended from three of the four circles to a fifth circle center inside of the giant circle containing Varoosh’s name. Each of their names appeared in one of the circles.

Varoosh’s handwriting dotted the page randomly with notes and instructions. Lizbeth took the book from Clyden’s hands, studying the spell intently. Something sparked in her mind. In front of Lizbeth appeared an inkwell and quill. Lizbeth copied the pages from the book onto a conjured piece of parchment even though she had a photographic memory.

“This spell of summoning isn’t complete or isn’t right. Something is off with it,” Lizbeth said to her friends.


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