The EMerge Chronicles

by Yoyu88

Six hundred years ago, an epic battle was waged between the six immortal magi, powerful wielders of magic in the land of Gawraith. Varoosh, along with his friends managed to win against the madness of Revlaman, the sixth magus. They imprisoned him in the northern ice lands.

Two hundred years after their war, Varoosh seeks a place to banish Revlaman permanently, fearing one day he will free himself from his icy prison. During the ritual which his friends helped with, an accident occurred. The magi slept for three hundred years, awoken to a world different from the one they knew before they slept, and Varoosh was missing. Clyden, one of Varoosh's friends set out in search of a way to bring his friend back. The others scattered to the wind. During his search, Clyden had no idea the actions he took would usher in an era of war and change for Gawraith as evil seeks to shape the world or destroy it.

A new ally will emerge on Gawraith to stand at the magus side, or will he defy all and break the world of Gawraith himself. Join Clyden and his possible ally as they navigate the complex landscape of Gawraith through their adventures. Remember, as you read EMERGE, life and war are not simple.

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Group Leader (III)
Royal Writathon April 2020 winner
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue Reunion: The Fade (Part 1) ago
2- The Fade (Part 2) ago
3 - You Have Quite the Collection (Part 1) ago
4 - You Have Quite the Collection (Part 2) ago
5 - The Eye of Bane (Part 1) ago
6 - The Eye of Bane (Part 2) ago
7 - The Eye of Bane (Part 3) ago
8 - Something Is Off With It (Part 1) ago
9 - Something Is Off With It (Part 2) ago
10 - Something Is Off With It (Part 3) ago
11 - Book Rat! (Part 1) ago
12 - Book Rat! (Part 2) ago
13 - Book Rat! (part 3) ago
14 - Wouldn't Believe Me ago
15 - Strict and Unforgiving ago
16 - To Begin ago
17 - Is it Varoosh? ago
18 - Not Worthy (Part 1) ago
19 - Not Worthy (Part 2) ago
20 - Not Worthy (part 3) ago
21 - Loved is Past Tense (1 of 3) ago
22 - Loved is Past Tense (2 of 3) ago
23 - Loved is Past Tense (3 of 3) ago
24 - Fire Spilled Out (1 of 3) ago
25 - Fire Spilled Out (2 of 3) ago
26 - Fire Spilled Out (3 of 3) ago
27 - Smart and Brave...Also: Mother I Can't Wait (1 of 2) ago
28 - Mother I Can't Wait (2 of 2) ago
29 - Echo of Bells (1 of 2) ago
30 - Echo of Bells (2 of 2) ago
31 - Into The Woods (1 of 2) ago
32 - Into The Woods (2 of 2) ago
33 - Sweets Rebellion (1 of 2) ago
34 - Sweets Rebellion (2 of 2) ago
35 - Threatening Him With Love (1 of 2) ago
36 - Threatening Him With Love (2 of 2) ago
37 - What A Civilized Person Would Do (1 of 2) ago
38 - What A Civilized Person Would Do (2 of 2) ago
39 - The Living Take Precedence (1 of 2) ago
40 - The Living Take Precedence (2 of 2) ago
41 - That's Real Magic (1 of 2) ago
42 - That's Real Magic (2 of 2) ago
43 - We Are The Reason (1 of 2) ago
44 - We Are The Reason (2 of 2) ago
45 - My Rose (1 of 2) ago
46 - My Rose (2 of 2) ago
47 - The Game is Already Over (1 of 2) ago
48 - The Game is Already Over (2 of 2) ago
49 - Parental Stink? ago
50 - I Mean to See Her Grow ago
51 - Prologue The Battle of Kimmer Sea Plains: Stained Yet With Blood (1 of 3) ago
52 - Stained Yet With Blood (2 of 3) ago
53 - Stained Yet With Blood (3 of 3) ago
54 - Just Hungry, My King ago
55 - War Council to Me! ago
56 - The Lucky Dead ago
57 - Secure the Eggs ago
58 - Born of Exhaustion ago
59 - Weather and Seasons (1 of 2) ago
60 - Weather and Seasons (2of 2) ago
61 - Work Once For The Last ago
62 - A Piece Of History ago
63 - The Last Messenger ago
64 - Death Reveals Life ago
65 - The Worth of A Friend ago
66 - The Shameful Neighbors ago
67 - The Crow Only Flies ago
68 - "Afraid" of One's Friends ago
69 - The Power of "Truth" ago
70 - Ambition and Greed ago
71 - Haggle ago
72 - Accursed Child ago
73 - Unimaginable ago
74 - Going With Them ago
75 - In Need Of An Adventure ago
76 - Can't Be Real ago
77 - Is The King Dead? ago
78 - Taken ago
79 - The Toll of Mothers VS The Price of Peace ago
80 - Goosebumps ago
81 - Being Watched ago
82 - Different Methods ago
83 - Oblivious to the Torment of Others ago
84 - Fire Started: Almost Herculean ago
85 - Rsan ago
86 - "Man-Boy" ago
87 - No Time To Wait ago
88 - It's Tuesday ago
89 - A Week Ago ago
90 - Calling ago
91 - EMerge Pieces (Chapter 1): Deplorable act ago
92 - Horrible and Magnificent Weapon ago
93 - The Victorious Looser ago
94 - Scorpion-Rose War Crescendo ago
95 - The Only Thing ago
96 - Shared Memories ago
97 - A Sudden Realization ago
98 (Chapter 2) - Ledan's Ploy ago
99 - Trained ago
100 - Worth Warring Over ago
101 - The Bowman's Worth ago
102 (Chapter 3) - Courage to Sacrifice ago
103 - Dead Men Do not Speak ago
104 (Chapter 4) - NUG ago
105 - Reasons ago
106 - Conflicted No More ago
107 - The Face of Intent ago
108 (Chapter 5) - Restless Troubles ago
109 - Bribes, Subterfuge, Threats, and Promises ago
110 - The King's Voice ago
111 - Firing the Jesters ago
112 - Zander Proof ago
113 (Chapter 6) - A killing Blow ago
114 - Mother's Talent ago
115 - Gone Fishing ago
116 - Closure ago
117 - The "Ryght" of a Father ago
118 (Chapter 7) - G.N.M ago
119 - Red and Orange ago
120 (Chapter 8) - What Dreams... ago
121 - ...May Come ago
122 (Chapter 9) - A Castle has Dungeons ago
123 - To Be Despised ago
124 - Talk, Not Yell ago
125 - To Suffer in Silence, To Serve in Pain ago
126 - Say What? ago
127 - Not Another One ago
128 (Chapter 10) - Early Night Retreat ago
129 - Go In ago
130 - Remember This ago
131 - Use a Good Laugh ago
132 - Queen's Guard! ago
133 - This Far South ago
134 - Treacherous Ramifications ago
135 (Chapter 11) - Not Again ago
BONUS STORY: Bloody Coronation PART 1 ago
BONUS STORY: Bloody Coronation PART 2 ago
BONUS STORY: Bloody Coronation PART 3 ago
136 - Last Time ago
137 - The Importance of Keeping Promises ago
138 (Chapter 12) - Magic has Rules ago
139 - Watchtower? ago
140 - He is The God of Death ago
141 - Rsan In Wonderland ago
142 - Survival Tactic Hatred ago
143 (Chapter 13) - Dawn Rises Hope ago
144 - Gawraithian ago
145 - Golduvan Did Those ago
146 - A Thousand Times Over ago
147 (Chapter 14) - Sleep In the Stables ago
148 - Drink, Dice, and Wrangle ago
149 - ago
150 - The Inattentive Man ago
151 (Chapter 15) - Near ago
152 - Live Today ago
153(Chapter 16) - Always Something ago
154 - Not Done Yet ago
155 - Who Am I? ago
156 - The Dragon Speaks ago
157 (Chapter 17) - Sarinah's Wish ago
158 - Don't Kill him ago
159 (Chapter 18) - The Evolving Man ago
Thank you ago
160 - The Letter ago
161 (Chapter 19) - ...Still Does ago
162 - Fire And Burn It ago
163 (Chapter 20) - Dragon Askew ago
164 - Need To Talk... ago
165 (Chapter 21) - Don't Let Her Take Me ago
166 - A Bell...Clear the Way ago

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Not what I expected. My free story life maybe ove

Reviewed at: 84 - Fire Started: Almost Herculean



OMG I just hit the FIRE STARTED arc and WTF.  Seriously like in a good way.  I did not see that coming at all.  Totally not expecting that and now I am officially obsessed with this story. 

So I still stand by all the previous review.  Would like to add there is a lot more emotional aspects in this story then I expected.  I guess that does fit in with slice of life, but it does not take away at all from the story. It compliments the story like a bottle of wine pairing


I STILL stand by review.  I am 75 chapters in and I saw the 1 star review.  That is their opinion and it makes wonder if they had read the arc named BATTLE OF KIMMER SEA PLAINS, emphasis on the BATTLE part, or the climax of Reunion, that one broke me.  I can clearly tell you all there have been battles, wtf moments, deaths, suspense, political intrigue, romance, and the story has beyond taken off.

This story at some points had cause me to cry, have anger issues, reread chapters, and more.

The characters I didn't review in my previous review because I was still early in.  I can now say that the characters are memorable, relatable, and fleshed out.  I find my self wanting to know more about one character while reading about another.  That isn't to say that they are poorly written, it is that they are so impressionable on me and I want more.  Think box of chocolates, you just can't eat one and be done.

There are several main characters I think and the author builds each of them.  So Emerge doesn't follow the path of one MC.   Simply put if you don't like the idea of several characters being fleshed out and only want to read about one character then steer clear of this one.  

My only complaint at this point is the chapters are shorter then what I would like.


First review done at 28 chapter

K, this is the first time I have ever felt compelled to leave a review.  And I frequent a lot of other website's.  This happens to be the first story I am reading on royal road.  

I am so glad I found this story after the author has released a ton of content because there are cliffhanger moments that wwould have drive me insane.  

K, onto my thoughts.  If you can't control the urge to toss your phone then do not read this story.  If you hate sweet moments then avoid at all cost.  Heck, if you're a crier then don't forget the box of tissues.  What I am saying is for you to be prepare yourself to laugh, to be angry, cry, and a whole host of emotions if you should decide to read Emerge.

style wise I have never seen a story like this.  It is just like a book I would buy at a store.  

Gramma is like world's above most of the stories I have read on similar sites.  Some errors but the writer, without a doubt, paid attention to his grammar.

story so far has me engaged and wanting more.  

Characters...can't speak much on this because of spoilers and emotions, but dam.I

The quality, the gambit of emotions, and the story.  I fear my life of reading free content maybe ruined.   Will update review as I get further into the story.


A hundred chapters of NOTHING!!

Reviewed at: 101 - The Bowman's Worth

I kept reading relying on the story high rating and with every chapter I tell myself that this could be when the story takes off. Sadly, after 100~ chapters I lost interest. Now I will repeat, this story have 100 chapters of nothing major, just one boring slice of life after another.

crazy cupcake wizard

As of chapter 28, I thought I should give some thoughts for others to see before jumping in. First of all, I do suggest giving this a try, from what I've read so far. I can already feel like there's a bigger universe in the making.


Almost spotless. You won't really have to worry there.


If sentence as a special amount of care not really seen often in this website, I believe. This leads to more complicated words and sentence structures, which really has the reading become a bit more exciting for me.


However, that doesn't mean there aren't problems, for no story doesn't have issues. Firstly, the pacing. Perhaps it's due to the fact of how each 'chapter' is quite small, but I believe that all that care into each sentence has had the author into paying too much attention, and not simply speeding things up when they aren't actually relevant.

An example of this is when they're trying to release that Vel guy. I understand how it needs to seem very special, but the process really didn't need to take so long, in my opinion. Especially when the outcome is the same. 


Now for the characters. From the few I've seen, they're actually pretty good. It's pretty easy to tell which one's talking, and each one has their own personality. Though I think they didn't quite have that 'shine', that extra bit to make you want to read specifically for them. Still, this is only a first impression, as the amount of pages increase, so can the depth.


As I've said already, in spite of my complaints, give it a try. It's already better than most stories in this website. Just a couple of pacing kinks to sort out, and we'll all be good. Also, the chapters are short, like really short. They are in large quantities however, so I suppose it doesn't really matter. I'll be sure to update this review the further I get in.