“We needed eight players to stay in the tournament. So, a few days ago I asked your brother if I could put his name down. He won’t be playing, but he’ll be sitting on our bench. I’ll meet you all at court three for the game. There should be a game starting right now, so we’ll be on after them.” Coach announced to the team, walking inside the gym.


Everyone’s eyes widened, shocked at the sudden event. Khris immediately looked at Kory, who shrugged his shoulder as if it wasn’t a big deal. Then, a voice boomed from behind them.


“Too bad, when I saw the name, I got excited,” The Mustangs all looked over, where a tall figure approached them. “I thought I’d be able to face both McCormicks, not the failure by himself.”


Lionel’s eyes widened, his fist clenched, and an excited smile on his face.


“Dilly-Dally,” Lionel said as he walked over to the tall figure.


Khris immediately cut Lionel off, grabbing his arm tightly and giving him a stern look, then he turned to the tall figure.


“Trent. I’m surprised you showed up. Thought you’d be out singing on some random street corner,” Khris had clear anger in his eyes. “Nobody here wants to hear your voice.”


Trent smiled, walking closer to Khris and looking down at him.


“I hear you got shut down completely by Tyrell. Are you back to being that failure you were before we came here? I’d double that score against him. But, I guess you couldn’t do much with this sorry excuse of a team,” Trent was smug.


“Big talk for the lowest-ranked Expert!” Lionel interrupted, mockingly.


Trent glanced down at Lionel, a cocky look on his face.


“Rank? You talking about the ones from two years ago?” Trent started laughing. “They’re massively outdated. For example, if they were updated a year ago, Deadeye would be the lowest rank. Plus, I wasn’t the lowest. The quitter was.”


Lionel’s eyes widened, looking at Khris who didn’t look back at him. Russ walked forward, standing in between Khris and Trent, looking up at the tall Expert, a smirk on his face.


“You know, you don’t have the same feeling that Tyrell had. Looking at you, I feel nothing. You’re no better than even me,” Russ sounded as confident as ever.


High-Rise suddenly approached behind Trent, even taller than Trent. He slapped Trent on the back and kept walking.


“We’re late,” High-Rise said, ignoring everyone else.


Trent looked down at Russ, winking before walking past the whole team. Michael gave Trent a dirty look as he walked by, while Lory had a cocky smile on his face. Lionel had an excited look on his face, while Russ had a confident smirk. Daryll ignored Trent, walking over to Khris.


“Are you alright?” Daryll asked.


“I’m going to destroy him,” Khris gritted his teeth. He looked over at Kory, who glanced back at him. Kory nodded his head in agreement.


“You’re not the same as you were last year. Remind them why they called you Deadeye,” Both brothers had an extremely determined look on their face.


The team headed inside together, completely connected in their determination. The building was large with five different courts inside of it. The team headed to court three, where Coach was waiting for them, holding a duffel bag. He passed the bag on the floor in front of the team.


“No more of those old jerseys. Go to the change room and put these on. I don’t care what number you guys choose, just make sure the jerseys fit. They’re new, I pulled a few strings.” Coach smiled.


Russ grabbed the bag and the team headed to the change room to get their jerseys. After everyone changed, the team collectively came out with their new jerseys. The Jerseys were purple with orange lines on the sides and white writing for the numbers. Khris wore the number thirty-four, Kory wore zero, Michael wore six, Lionel wore forty-one, Lory wore ninety-one, Daryll wore ten, Russ wore thirty-three, and Kazu wore thirteen. The team walked up to the coach and lined up, with the coach having a smile on his face.


“Alright, our first game is after this. We’re facing the Sagnet Salmons. Then, when we win, we’ll be facing the Franklin High Krakens right after, who have High-Rise and Trent Tate. So, everyone that’s playing, stretch, and get ready to warm-up when this game ends,” When Coach got done, the team started to stretch. Kory sat down and watched. “Oh, Lionel, can you come see me for a second.”


Coach walked away from the team, with Lionel behind him. Lionel had an uneasy feeling, unsure of why the coach would separate him from everyone else. Coach turned with a soft smile on his face.


“I want you to take the lead on scoring this game. I know you’ve been hurting since the Guardians game,” As Coach spoke, Lionel’s eyes widened. “I want you to show everyone here exactly why you’ll be able to compete with the Experts. I truly think you’re one of our best players, so I want you to break the Salmons. Make them forget that you aren’t considered an ‘Expert’ and make them believe you’re a monster.”


Lionel’s shock almost immediately went away, as a smile went on his face. Without a word, he nodded and ran back to join his team with stretches. That pure smile was exactly what Coach was going for. He had noticed the emotion and obsession in Lionel, something that reminded Coach of some of his old teammates. Coach cared deeply about the mental health of his players, though he wasn’t quite equipped to help completely. He only knew basketball as a player, not yet as a coach, but he was doing the best he could. Many times, he thought about getting an assistant coach, but nobody he asked accepted the offer, so he had to do all this alone.


Despite the lack of experience, Coach Riley had the respect from the players after the very first game. He allowed everyone to play regardless of age, going based on the skill levels and combinations. Coach also made his own offensive set leading up to the tournament that the players enjoyed. No, Coach Riley wasn’t ready to be a winning coach, but he was the coach that the Mustangs needed. A coach that understood what it felt like to be a student-athlete, and a coach that the students would enjoy growing with.


As Coach was talking to Lionel, Kory watched the team stretch, thinking about what each member meant to the team, and what each of their roles was off the court. This was something Kory thought of a lot over the last few days, knowing that established roles were important for a team to create proper chemistry between players. Mentally, he ran through the role he saw each player one the team filling.


Russ was easily the most important player when it came to team roles. Ever since the game with the Guardians, Kory knew that Russ was the leader of the team mentally. He never gave up against the Guardians, and constantly was the first to try to cheer up the team, despite his lack of ability when it came to speeches. Russ was the oldest and the longest member of the team, staying on the team despite never getting time to play because of the flawed thinking of the old coach. Due to his dedication and iron will, he had everyone’s respect, including Kory’s respect.


Kory saw Daryll as the second most important member of the team off the court. Daryll was someone who enjoyed simply playing basketball, regardless of if he won or not. But, Daryll’s importance was his friendliness off the court. He was someone that could easily befriend someone, which was greatly important to a team. The one to keep people happy. He could cheer up people the way Russ wanted to, but without the big speeches. Kory saw Daryll as the one to keep people calm just by being a good person. His basketball ability was enough to make him a valuable asset to any team.


Next, Kory saw Khris as the third most important player. This was mainly for his basketball ability. Khris was the obvious best player on the team. The only one who could score at will against the Guardians defensive pressure, until Tyrell went wild. Off the court, Khris was a simple normal teenager. But one the court, Khris was the hope for the team that they can compete with anyone. Though Khris hasn’t gotten the chance to fully show it, because Tyrell was a monster, Kory knew Khris’s ability and knew that his ability alone made him that important. Kory would call Khris the ‘On-Court leader’.


Kory then saw Michael as the next important. Similar to Khris, Michael was a force on the court. He broke a defensive set that the Guardians put together until Tyrell guarded him personally. He knew that Michael would be a great second option on the court. Michael’s drive and motivation were also something Kory saw as important, as it is a motivation that will never run out. Michael’s relationship with the coach was also important to Kory, as Michael will be able to effectively communicate with the coach anything that bothers the players.


Kazu was the next important in Kory’s hierarchy. Not because of his social ability or his skill, but the fact that he pushed himself extremely hard after the Guardian game. It was clear to everybody that Kazu was the physically weakest, so seeing him push himself extremely hard since the Guardian game was inspiring. That type of inspiration to the team makes players want to push themselves harder. In the long run, that will be extremely important to the team, which Kory took note of. On the court and off the court, he isn’t significant, but someone that pushes themselves that hard to improve is invaluable to any team.


Kory saw Lory as the next important. Kory saw Lory as the social butterfly of the team. This was important for the fact of getting fans for the team. Though Lory hasn’t completely done it yet, Kory knew that Lory had many friends within the school, and he knew that some would eventually come to support him. Fans of a team give the team energy and motivation. The fans are usually the most important thing to a team, so somebody who may have the ability to bring fans was great for the team. However, Kory saw no other use for Lory besides the fact that he was the best rebounder on the team.


Finally, Kory saw Lionel as the least important member. Kory thought Lionel was too emotional, not in a positive way. Lionel was brittle, getting down from the smallest inconvenience. The only uses that Kory saw in Lionel were his shooting and his studying. But, he saw Lionel’s rage against the Experts as a detriment. The Experts were unrivaled on the court, so Kory knew that Lionel would get mentally crushed often. Coupling the with his loner status outside of his relationship with his brother, Lionel needed to prove himself to Kory the most.


A while after the team was done stretching, the game that was currently taking place finished, and it was time for warm-ups. Coach had pulled Daryll aside and told him the plan about Lionel being the focus of attack this game. Michael watched as the Salmons came onto the court to practice, their pink jerseys being the most noticeable part of the average looking team. Michael took a break from his warm-up and walked over to Kory, who was sitting on the bench, watching the Salmons.


“What do you think?” Michael asked.


“They aren’t tall. I’d say their tallest is around five-foot-six, so Kazu and Lory should get an extreme amount of rebounds. But, be careful, people at a physical disadvantage always find ways to keep up with those above them. Driving in at the beginning would be great, so the defence will collapse towards the aggressor, leaving Khris and Lionel on the outside without any defender,” Kory was deep in his analysis, then he suddenly went quiet. Michael looked at him for a second, trying to find out more information, but realized that Kory wasn’t going to speak anymore.


“Uhm, Kory?” Michael said. Kory immediately snapped out of his trance.


“Sorry, got carried away. You guys shouldn’t have much trouble as long as you play to your strengths,” Kory nodded at Michael. Kory was slightly surprised that Michael came to him for information, instead of his father, but then Kory looked at Coach, who was busy writing down plays. Kory realized that Michael knew not to interrupt his father’s focus.


Warmups were about to end, and the Mustangs huddled up before the game officially began, and Coach began giving his instructions.


“Alright, Michael will be playing point guard, Daryll will play shooting guard, Russ will play small forward, Lionel will play power forward, and Kazu will play center. Kazu, intimidate them, stretch as high as you can. Lionel, stay in the corner, and get ready for the pass. Daryll, you’ll get the pass is Lionel isn’t available, but I want you to spend as little energy as possible this game. Russ shut down whoever starts scoring the most. If any of you get tired, tell me and we’ll give you a break. Michael, drive the ball in as much as possible. They aren’t tall, so you should be able to get good layups over them. Once they start focusing on you, let Lionel loose. Everybody got that?” Coach looked at each player when he referenced them, each player nodding in response. “Alright, Russ, get them ready.”


Michael immediately noticed the fact that he was out of his normal position. He understood the plan but was baffled that Coach would trust him so easily to be a ball-handler when it is out of his confront zone. The sense of trust he felt motivated him to be better than usual.


Russ looked around at the team, who formed a circle around him, but Kory stayed on the bench, looking at the pays that Coach drew up. Russ started clapping his hands, as the team clapped in response, then everyone suddenly stopped, and Russ began the chant.


“Whose House?”


“Our House!”


“Whose House?”


“Our House!”


“Whose House?”


“Our House!”


“Now Let’s Get It!”




The loud chant had gotten the attention of the audience, the collective voices of the team booming through the area of court three. Both teams then got ready for the tip-off. As Coach mentioned, the starting line-up for this game consisted of Michael, Daryll, Russ, Lionel, and Kazu. Lory and Khris cheered from the bench, neither concerned with the fact that they weren’t starting. The whistle blew and the tip-off began, with Kazu stretching up and winning.


Michael brought up the ball, scanning the Salmon defence. He noticed that they were playing loose on Daryll and Lionel, who were standing behind the three-point line, each in a different corner. Kory intensely watched the Salmon movements, analyzing every little detail. He was extremely invested in this game, wanting to see the performance of the team. After Trent had disrespected Khris, Kory needed the team to come together well to beat the Krakens.


Michael darted towards the paint, as the two tallest members of the Salmons came to guard him. Michael glanced over at Lionel, realizing that his defender suddenly tightened his defence on Lionel. Michael then glanced to Daryll, his defender doing the same. Russ realized this as well, running out of the paint towards the three-point line on the wing. Russ's defender followed him, giving Michael just enough room to spin around the Salmon center, getting an easy lay-up.


From the audience, there was a single loud cheer. While running back on defence, Lionel glanced over, recognizing the voice. He realized that Taylor and Rachel were at the game, and Taylor was the one cheering. The small moment that Lionel was distracted, the player he was guarding sped past him, even getting ahead of everyone else on the team, catching a long pass, and making an easy layup.


Kory looked at Coach, wondering if they were thinking the same thing. When seeing the look that Coach gave, a sense of realization showing on his face, Kory let out a sigh of relief. Kory was glad that Coach noticed the same thing he realized. Khris, who was sitting next to Kory, leaned over to him.


“You caught that? It makes sense now,” Khris stated, not taking his eyes off the game.


“Yeah, this is a speed team. It’s a good thing you’re not playing, this will be a tiring game,” Kory leaned forward, watching even closer.


Michael brought the ball up again, the same offensive set-up, except this time, Russ stayed on the perimeter instead of going inside the three-point line. Russ’s defender played loose on him, almost challenging the entire Mustang team to let him shoot. Lionel looked his defender in the eye, the Salmon player smiling back genuinely.


“I’m sure this’ll be fun,” The Salmon player had a genuinely happy tone in his voice, but Lionel suspected it was a front.


Lionel faked cutting into the paint and then ran around the perimeter, but his defender recovered and caught up quickly, right next to Lionel as he ran. Michael caught the movement in the corner of his eye and knew that Lionel wasn’t going to be open. Instead, he drove in, with the Salmon center unable to stop him from scoring another layup. The Salmon coach called a timeout. The Mustang players gathered around Coach who had a blank whiteboard.


“Alright, keep everything the same, except for you Kazu,” Coach pointed at Kazu, who was paying close attention. Coach drew out his plan as he explained it. “You are going to set screens for Lionel in the corner. Make them tough. This team is fast, so you have to make it hard enough that Lionel has time to get some distance. One of two things will happen. Ether their center will follow you and cover Lionel off the screen, or the center will stay in the paint to stop Michael. So, the offensive options are either a Michael layup or a Lionel three-pointer. Lionel, you’ll have to get your shot off quickly if you get the ball. This is a running team. they’re probably all fast, which makes up for their size. This is why we do a lot of running. Ready? Break!”


The mustang defence set up, as the Salmon team brought up the ball. Russ watched every player carefully, wondering who was going to be the offensive focus. The Salmon team ran constantly, confusing the Mustang defence. Everyone tried to follow their player, running into each other constantly. One Salmon player got open, wearing the number three, and he got passed the ball, shooting a three-pointer. Kory tapped Coach immediately.


“We never focused on switching in practice,” He stated, hinting to Coach that it needs to be a focus in the future.


“We don’t need to. Trial by fire, they’ll adapt. I want those instincts in them. Plus, there’s no way we lose. They won’t be able to stop us.” Coach had a confident tone. Kory understood everything he said, though not completely agreeing. However, Kory could not deny that Coach did have some knowledge about his team that even Kory didn't have. Kory glanced at the team while they practiced, which was always enough for Kory to get a good idea of every member, but Coach was always watching every movement they made. Coach knew small things about the team that Kory hadn’t picked up on yet.


On the next offensive possession, Kazu set the screen for Lionel, but the Salmon center stayed in the paint to stop Michael. As soon as Lionel got around the screen, Michael three him a fast pass, and Lionel quickly shot the ball. The extremely quick timing was unusual for Lionel, and he missed the shot. Visibly angry, Lionel was slow to run back on defence, and the player he was supposed to be guarding got ahead of him and got another easy layup. Russ quickly ran over to Lionel, patting him on his shoulder.


“For every miss, I expect five made shots.” Russ smiled and then ran back to offence. Lionel stopped and took a deep breath. Kory watched Lionel closely, seeing if Lionel was going to break already. after a deep breath, Lionel was ready for another possession.


The same plan was ran, with Kazu’s screen being tough enough for Lionel to get a second of space. Michael passed him the ball again, and Lionel let off another really quick shot. Yet again, he missed, but he ran as fast as he could on defence, the guy he was guarding barely beating him for a tough layup.


On the next possession, the same play was ran, and Lionel let off another quick shot. This time, it hit the backboard and went in. Taylor immediately cheered loud from the audience, but Lionel was visibly unhappy with the shot. Lionel wanted the shot to go straight in, not a bank-shot.


On the Salmon possession, the team was running around, but Russ immediately adapted, slickly moving around his own teammates whenever they got in his way. However, Russ wasn’t guarding number three, who got open for another three-pointer. Russ ran over to Daryll, who was guarding number three.


“Switch. My guy isn’t as fast, so you should be able to keep up.” Russ, yet again, smiled as he spoke. Daryll nodded in response.


The Mustang possession went the same as the last two, ending in another bank-shot three-pointer from Lionel, who still looked unhappy at the imperfect shot. During the Salmon defence, Russ and Daryll switched players, with Russ maneuvering around everyone as number three ran around the court. Every time they tried to set a screen, Russ would easily get around it. Michael was also able to keep up with the man he was guarding, slowly understanding how to move around his teammates. Kazu struggled the most to keep up, as his speed wasn’t the best. However, Kazu wasn’t getting tired quickly, as his constant cardio and body improvement helped him slowly gain more stamina.


On this possession, the Salmon offence was halted, having to shoot a bad shot before the shot-clock ran out. For the remainder of the first quarter, Lionel and Michael ran the offence for the Mustangs, while the Mustang defence was able to slow down the Salmons. The end of the quarter ended with the Mustangs having twenty points, and the Salmons having twelve.


In the huddle before the second quarter, Coach made a line-up change to rest some players.


“Alright, we’re switching it up. Khris, you’re coming in at shooting guard. Daryll, bench. Khris, on defence, you guard the ball handler, so you don’t have to move as much. Kazu, you’re benched for a bit, Lory should be able to hold it down while you rest. Lory, you set your screens. Russ, when you get tired, switch players with Michael so you don’t have to run as much. Michael, sorry, but you’re going to be running a lot this quarter.” The team nodded at Coach’s instructions and marched onto the court.


As the team marched onto the court, Lory nudged Russ.


“You let them score twelve points. Kind of pathetic, don’t you think?” Lory had a smug and playful look. “So much for our best defender. Can’t even shut down this team, yet you expect to guard an Expert?”


Russ immediately perked up, almost bypassing Lory’s playful tone.


“You just shut up and grab rebounds. You let them grab any, you lose.” Russ’s smile was absent, which Lory enjoyed.


Nobody could trigger Russ as quick as Lory, for some reason. It started during the first try-out, and Lory has picked at Russ ever since. But, it was never without reason, because every time Russ got mad and competitive with Lory, he upgraded his game. Due to Lory setting Russ started, the Mustang defence in the second quarter was stellar. Russ ran around the court like a madman, completely shutting down number three, giving a glance at Lory every time there was a miss. Not wanting to lose, Lory grabbed every rebound he could, never giving the opponent a chance at a second chance point.


The Mustang offence was like a well-oiled machine. Lionel was hitting the bank-shot three well and Michael was easily getting into the paint for layups. The Salmon coach tried to give different defensive sets to slow the team down, Khris immediately shut them down with one play in the middle of the quarter.


Michael was starting to be double-teamed, and the Salmon center was switching onto Lionel with every screen, not allowing him to shoot his quick shot. Russ tried to move towards the paint, but Michael wasn’t able to get the pass through the two defenders. Khris noticed that this could be bad, so he ran around and behind Michael. Michael noticed Khris and tossed the ball behind him to Khris. Khris took a step back, barely getting any distance between him and his defender. This, however, didn’t bother Khris at all, as he jumped as high as he could and shot the ball, with the ball going in the net perfectly despite the tough defence. Immediately, Khris turned and pointed at the Salmon coach.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Deadeye,” Khris said loudly with a smile. The Salmon coach slowly realized what just happened, and who exactly they were playing against.


During the next Mustang possession, the same thing happened, but Khris’s defender got in between Michael and Khris, trying to stop the pass. However, Khris quickly cut and ran back in the direction he came, catching the defender off guard and allowing Michael to toss the ball behind himself again, with Khris getting another three-pointer. Khris pointed at the Salmon coach again.


“Sorry, maybe you didn’t get it. I’m Deadeye!” Khris yelled louder, to the annoyance of the Salmon coach.


The next Mustang possession went the same way, but this time, one of the two players defending Michael tried to help stop the pass from getting to Khris. This was the opening Michael needed, as he threw the ball to Russ through the small crack in the defence as Russ cut in the pain. The consistency and reputation of Khris forced the Salmon coach to stop double-teaming Michael, and begin double-teaming Khris, knowing that they couldn’t stop the pass to Khris.


That short exchange freed Michael to drive into the paint again, forcing the center to stay in the paint. Due to this, Lionel was open off of Lory’s screens, shooting a good percentage from three.


The first half ended with the Mustangs having fifty-five points, and the Salmons having twenty. Due to the multi-court layout of the building, the teams spent halftime on their bench. Kory looked over at the Salmons, noticing how discouraged the team was. He looked back at Coach, who had already noticed. The Mustangs huddled around Coach.


“They’re defeated. This game is over. Let’s try something new. Daryll, you bring up the ball. Crush them with your pull-up mid-range shot. But always be ready to pass to Lionel. He’s the key to this whole gameplay,” Coach turned to Lionel. “Are you tired?”


“No, Coach, I’m ready.” Lionel smiled, a smile that Lory wasn’t happy to see. It wasn’t a genuine smile, but not exactly sinister. Somewhere in between.


“Alright, Michael, if they don’t double you, cut in often and be ready for a pass. Daryll, if they double you, just toss up the shot and try to get it as close as you can. Kazu, as soon as the center switches on to Lionel, if they go back to that plan, run in for a rebound and a put-back. Ready? Break!” Coach showed confidence, knowing that his plan couldn’t fail.


The story of the third-quarter would be titled ‘complete domination’ as the Mustangs were on fire from offence. Lionel’s shots were getting more consistent, and Daryll was shooting well from the mid-range. As Coach predicted, they tried doubling Daryll the way they doubled Michael, so Daryll shot the ball and tried to get the shot as close to the basket as possible. Kazu was there for the rebound, and nobody was able to reach higher than him, as he tossed the ball back in the basket. No matter what the Salmon team did, they couldn’t stop Daryll, Lionel, and Kazu. Michael caught the Salmon team on a few possessions, cutting in and getting a pass for an easy layup. On defence, Russ wasn’t as locked in as he was in the second quarter, but he was still able to slow down the Salmon’s number three. The quarter ended with the Mustangs having eighty points, while the Salmons had thirty-five.


The fourth quarter had the same gameplay, except Lory switched in for Kazu. Lory sent another verbal jab to Russ about the Salmons scoring fifteen points in the third quarter, setting Russ off. His defence was, yet again, at top-notch. The trio of Lionel, Daryll, and Lory couldn’t be stopped on offence, as the Salmon center still couldn’t rebound over Lory. When the final buzzer went off, the Mustangs had one-hundred and five, while the Salmons had forty-one points. Lionel, by himself, had thirty-six points, shooting well from the three-point.


Throughout the game, Kory started to see some more value in Lory, seeing that Lory had amazing chemistry with Russ. Lory was good with Lionel, as they had their little moves, though they didn’t have to use them this game, but Kory saw them in practice. However, Kory took great note of how well Russ played while Lory was on the court, regardless of the trigger.


Kory was also impressed with the teamwork the Mustangs had. He knew that the Guardian game was a quick wake up that none of them could do it alone, but he didn’t expect it would almost immediately force the team to start working together while learning each other’s strengths. With this, Kory was extremely happy.


After shaking hands with the Salmons, Lionel and Russ ran to see if the Kraken game had ended. They caught the final play of the game, seeing High-Rise on the court as the Krakens had the ball. Trent, however, was on the bench.


High-Rise stayed in the mid-range, getting the ball and beginning to post up against the opposing center, whom he towered over. However, the opposing center was able to push High-Rise and stop him from backing in.


“All that height for nothing. He’s not strong at all,” Russ noted. This was when Khris showed up behind him.


“High-Rise isn’t an Expert because he’s strong and can dominate with strength. He’s an Expert because he’s the tallest of all of us, and his long arms work with him. His shooting form is so high, since he almost fully extends his arms when he shoots, and nobody can reach that high,” Khris said, completely serious.


As soon as Khris got done speaking, High-Rise turned around and faded away from the basket, shooting the ball with fully extended arms, so high that the opposing center didn’t get anywhere near blocking the ball. The shot went in, and the buzzer rang. Khris turned and began to walk away.


“He perfected his shot so well, he could do it with his eyes closed. A shot you can’t block, and a player that can’t be phased if you somehow block his view from the basket. He makes up for all his weaknesses by being virtually unstoppable on offence, even Tyrell used to struggle against him sometimes,” Khris spoke as he walked away.


Lionel watched Trent close, wanting to figure out why Trent was benched, but he couldn’t find an answer other than Trent being rested. But, while Lionel was in a trance, Russ tapped his should in awe, pointing at the score.


The Krakens had one-hundred and thirty, while the opposing team had fifty.


This was the team the Mustangs had to go against next. A team that dominated their opponent by eighty points, and a team that had an Expert that another Expert described as unstoppable. An Expert that even Tyrell once had a struggle guarding. Why was Trent on the bench during the last play of the game? Do the Mustangs have a chance against the Franklin High Krakens? The game between the two teams will begin when we come back!

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