The Mighty Mustangs: A Basketball Story

by TheMagnificentOne

The Montville Mustangs are a school basketball team on its last legs. With Montville being a school focused on academics, and with the previous coach leading the team to no wins in the previous season, Coach Mitchell Riley, the new coach of the Mustangs, must fulfill the requirements set up to him by the school board. The team must win one of the 3 pre-season invitational tournament to keep the team alive for the season, and then proceed to make it to the playoffs in his first season as coach.

Unfortunately for Coach Riley, 14 recently discovered basketball experts have spread out amongst some schools in the province, with him being unsuccessful in recruiting any that he talked to... That is until the #1 shooter from the 14 experts happens to walk into the gym at the first Mustang practice.

Please join us as we go through the trials and successes of the Mighty Mustangs!

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Ah, a basketball story. Quite a breath of fresh air, when it comes to RR. I'm guessing that this took inspiration from sports anime and the like, though I haven't seen any other than run with the wind so I wouldn't be able to tell. 

Firstly, the story. All things considered, this story beautifully blends a traditional sports story and more RR-esque tropes, like the 14 "Experts", who unrivaled genuises of their generation. That would already be a 5 in my book, but just the fact that this is a sports story on RR makes me compelled to emphasize its uniqueness even more. I desperately wish we had more stories like this :)

Next, the style. Now, I'm a bit conflicted on the style score for this story - on one hand, the exposition has a distinct xianxia-type vibe to it. (I'm not saying it sounds like xianxia, though. Reborn: Apocalypse also had this sort of tone.) This is, like I said, a really good combination, and it gets me pumped to read the exposition even if by all means it should be boring. Definite plus here, author.

On the other hand, while they're still decent, the technicals could do with some improvement. Things like sentence length variation, flow, tone, and perspective changes could all use some polish, and while they don't affect the reading experience too much, they are noticeable that I'll have to go and give this category a 4.5.

Which leads me to grammar. (Wow! For once, grammar actually isn't my shortest section!) I'll be frank: the first few chaps have a lot of simple mistakes, whether it be lowercase at the start of a sentence, unintentional sentence fragments, typos, or forgotten periods. It does get better later on, but I would highly encourage the author to install grammarly or a similar grammar checker. They might give some pointless suggestions, but the rapid-fire approach also manages to catch most mistakes :)

(Btw, TheMagnificentOne, if you end up re-editing those chaps and improve the grammar, just tell me! I'd be happy to alter the score!)

Finally, the characters. There are a lot of them, so 4 chapters in we've only seen a bit of the surface of each one, but there are hints at deeper conflicts and quirks for each. I personally found the Experts and their banter much more interesting than all of the Mustangs except Michael and Khris, but that's not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing as much as it is just a notice, haha. 

Overall, I want to emphasize that despite the grammatical errors and slight nitpicks to pacing, this story hooked me in. There's something just so bingeable about a sports story that reads like a progression, and I loved every second of it. If you're like me and don't mind some grammar and flow issues sprinkled into your stories, you'll absolutely enjoy this story for what it is, which is a highly entertaining and unique sports story. Even if you don't like sports, give this one a try, because you might find that your mind will change :)

Mia Dendragon

As the title suggested, this is a story revolving around basketball and a passionate young man.

Every paragraphs bring you deeper into the world of basketball. The world building are written well and scene are described in details, it feels like I'm watching a basketball match in my head. Story flows smoothly from scene to scene. There are some minor errors in grammar but not too drastic that it bothered me.

The MC is a man of ambition. A good son to his father, as he always did his best to please him. Other supporting characters are well written with their distinctive personality which makes the story more realistic and relatable.

You love basketball? Read this novel.

You love reading? Read this novel.

You hate both? Still, give it a shot.