Shade Touched

by Zat

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A monster is born in the depths of the wilds, but she isn't like her siblings. 
Curiosity colors her every thought, and a hunger for understanding grows within this little creature.
She's not just hunting her next meal anymore. Her prey is something far greater: knowledge.
Everything is a wonder just waiting to be discovered.

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Cover art by the amazing Kailey!

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Gore tag for some somewhat graphic fight scenes.
Profanity tag because there may be a few swear words, it shouldn't be excessive.

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Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Hows this for a better synopsis

Reviewed at: 25. Consequences
Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became the shadow prince of a human town over here.
In deep woods born and raised on the playground was where I spent most of my days, chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all hunting some animals outside of the cave, when a ice turtle who was up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood.
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared she said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle to that human town over there.
  • Overall Score

It's been nearly a year...

Reviewed at: 26. Knowledge

Its been nearly a year since I last found a new story to follow on RR. And this one is absolutely worth my attention. It's adorable but the emotions feel real and resonant. Its a great story so far, and Im very excited to continue it going forward.

  • Overall Score

This story isn't anything new with a non conforming monster mc. Frankly, the slow pace really bores me.

  • Overall Score

The story is all about an intelligent creature (shadeling) whom eats to survive in wilderness. It was fun to read at story specially her curiosity about the world but nothing last forever. It all started when she met humans she started top hang up with them. It feels boring reading their chatty talk that cost antire chapter.

The grammar is good. 

The characters is okay though if not for the boring part. 

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Cute-sey & Curious monster MC story, just great!

Reviewed at: 29. Walking

I just wish i started reading this story much earlier, i just missed out HARD on this one, but am also grateful i actually got to read this story, as it was fully worth the time reading it, with how well it reads and how well the premise works for this story.


I just love reading about the MC, as she wanders about thinking in new ways, discovering new things and learning about the world, curiosity is really her core trait and what really defines her alongside her abnormal intelligence for one of her kind, something unique. It is also what makes her so interesting to read, it is quite rare to find a monster character written like this, with not survival and getting stronger being the main goal like one would see in many other monster MC stories. Of course she does value her own life, but is willing to go far for those she cares about.

The world this story takes place in is solid, even if its just the usual kind of standard Medieval Fantasy world with magic and monsters, atleast as seen so far.

For now, this kind of plot works very well for the story, and makes it one of its strongest points, though i do have questions about how well it would do in the longer term or if we will see a different kind of plot, since there aint a clear end goal for our protagnist beyond her sheer rampart curiosity about all there is to be found, which i dont exactly mind, but that can give some problems later on, given there is only so much to be done with such a premise.

But as said already, it is working very well currently, and i dont see any problems with it coming in the near future bar maybe her interactions with civilization, which will certainly have an influence on how the story can go.


Grammar is overall solid, though it is helped by the fact that this story had some editing rounds since it was first posted, in which the vast majority of typos and other errors got corrected,  i myself only noticed just one single mistake, which was even a minor one and didnt impact the reading experience at all. So good job here.

 This story in my opinion, is expectionally well written, atleast for the standards of this site. The writing from the very start, just dragged me in, which is also helped by how the MC is portrayed in the story. The story reads just so smoothly, feels just paced about right, not too slow or too fast. I quite like the overall tone of the story, mostly a feeling of discovery as she explores the wider world, with all its dangers and oppurtinities. Of course this story aint bereft of the action and intense scenes, like the Swarmings, or her first encounters with other Humans.

Author, you are on the good track here, dont stray from it, but as said earlier, also dont get locked too hard into having the same kind of plot for the story.


I do wholly recommend this story, in my opinion it is worth reading for anyone looking for a story with a monster MC, but done somewhat differently from the usual monsters out to kill and survive.