Wait a minute. I thought she was nervous around boys

“Hina-san didn't you say that you couldn't talk to boys properly but you've been talking to me pretty well this whole time”

She looked surprised

“OMG I really am taking to a boy normally! This is the first time that this has happened to me. Talking to you felt so natural that I didn't even notice you were a boy”

“Was that a compliment or insult?”

“Oh No! I was just telling that I don't feel any nervousness when I'm with you. I usually think about what I'm going to say to others before saying it but when I'm talking to you, the words just come out”

A complete opposite of what others feel when their near me

“Well that's good to hear”


She gave a cheery smile

Oh god! I want to pet her head so bad! Any more cuteness and I won't be able to hold on to my hand any longer

“So did you find any clubs you were interested in?”

“As a matter of fact I did”

“Oh, which one?”

“The Japanese Entertainment Club”

Her face went pale the second I mentioned the club's name. Was it really a ghost club? Like one of the seven mysteries of the school

“You want to join that club?”

She asked it as if I were joining some evil cult

“What's wrong? There is a club called that right?”

“There is a Japanese Entertainment Club. But joining it will be impossible since the president of that is-..Ah!”

Looks like she remembered something

“I've been meaning to ask you this for a while but I never got the chance!”

She got closer and was up in my face

“How did you get Kisaragi-san to talk to you?”

This is the big question she wanted to ask? I thought she was going to ask something like “Do you have a girlfriend?” or “Do you have someone you like?” because she looked super serious. Here I was thinking that I was going to have my first love talk in my life. What a disappointment

“What do you mean by that?”

“Let's talk while walking to the club”

So she's bringing me there. I thought she was against me joining that club

We went out of the school building through the end of the right corridor and started walking on the right pathway which was going around the school ground

“Why are you so worked up over Kisaragi-san talking to me? Wait not just you. Why was everyone so shocked this morning?”

“Why wouldn't we be?”

It looked like she was getting excited. I guess she's the type of girl to get hyped up during gossip

“The so-called coldest girl on campus, who has ignored and downright rejected every person in this school, was talking and even laughing with you so casually. Of course we would be shocked”

“She rejected everyone?”

“I would have to start from last year's entrance ceremony for you to understand“

It felt like she was going to tell a long story

”Ever since the moment she gave her speech as the first year's representative in front of the whole campus, students from all three years both boys and girls fell in love with her beauty and elegance. She instantly became one of the two most popular girls at school and everyone was talking about her”

That's not really surprising since I thought I saw a goddess when I first saw her. But she's not the most popular girl but one of the two. Who's the other one?

”I wasn't in her class at that time but I heard that half of the boys in the school came to her class to see her. The teachers had to make the students leave since their large numbers were blocking the corridors”

Now that's taking it too far. She isn't an object for everyone to admire as they please. It would have made her feel really uncomfortable. If it was me, I would have hated it

“But from what you've told, all I get is that she's extremely popular. There's nothing about her ignoring others”

“That's what coming next!”

She was really getting into it with all the expressions and actions she was showing. She must really enjoy gossiping

“In the first period of the first day of school, her place and class were surrounded by boys and girls who wanted to get to know her and become friends with her. But she ignored all of them without uttering a single word and continued reading her book while sitting in her place”

Seems like something she would do

“This is where the main part happens”

Is she narrating some drama or something? Because that's how it felt like when she was talking

“One of the girls near her place got irritated from standing there with no response and snatched the book Kisaragi-san was reading out of her hand to get her attention, which triggered her. She immediately got up and looked at everyone with a cold glare which caused everyone to take a step back and then turned her attention to the girl who took the book and said “Dumb bitch give the book back” which made the girl give it back in fear of her”

I don't think Hina-san knows the meaning of ‘bitch’ since she said it normally without any reaction, unlike before where she would get embarrassed. Seeing innocent girls say bad words is an experience in its own way. It would be fun to tell her what ‘bitch’ means and see her reaction but I'll do that later

”She then walked to the front of the class and said “Listen up the only reason I'm in this cramped school with the rest of you filthy bunch is because I didn't have a choice. I didn't come here to make friends or memories or the rest of that useless crap so I'm the least bit interested in all of you. I don't want anyone to approach or talk to me for any reason since its annoying. Got it you maggots”. Everyone who heard that were shocked and left her alone”

What Kisaragi-san said was pretty amazing. But what I find more impressive is Hina-san's memory of the whole thing

“It became the talk of the school and people started to call her the 'Ice Queen' ”

Couldn't they have been more creative in name selection? Ice queen is way too overused

“Even when she said she wasn't interested in others, some boys would try to approach her and would get instantly rejected. If they pestered her even after getting rejected, she would verbally abuse them until they started crying. I heard that a lot of the boys who got verbally abused by her lost their confidence”

We're pretty similar in that regard. She was doing the mini version of what I did this morning

“One time the Ace of the football club was following her around where ever she went and wouldn't leave her no matter what she said. She continued to ignore him until one day he caught her hand to make her stop which made her pull a taser out of her bag and stunned him till he fell flat on the ground and-… ”

Hina-san stopped talking and her face became blushed

Why the hell did she have a taser with her at school? To actually use it and drop a guy. She definitely has guts

“And what?”



“Don't rush me!”

She shouted at me

“Oh sorry”

Her face became more blushed. She looked too embarrassed to say the next part

“And she-she-she….stamped his 'penis' with her feet!!!”

I instantly stopped and covered my crotch with my bag. I started to wonder if talking to her was a good idea. I mean I want to have a family in the future and having her around me could very well be jeopardizing that idea. If I accidentally angered her, my balls would be squashed. The very thought of that sent a cold shiver through my spine

“Yamamoto-kun? Why did you stop?”

Oh what a great day today is, I heard Hina-san say ‘penis’. I might get addicted to her saying foul words since it was too fun to watch

“I just stepped on something. You can continue”

“That boy was admitted to the hospital and didn't come to school for three months after that”

I'm surprised he's even alive. But I doubt if his dick his still working properly. Let's have a moment of silence for that fallen 'brother', since he won't ever rise up again……RIP fallen one

“When the school asked her about the matter, she said it was self defence and he was trying to sexually harass her. She somehow even brought witnesses who said, what she was saying is true and he had been stalking her for a while. In the end the school dropped the matter and warned the boys parents about their son's behaviour”

His dick stops working and is told off by his parents. I kinda feel sorry for him now

“You sure do know a lot about this”

“That's because whatever Kisaragi-san did, it would become the talk of the school and everyone would gossip about it. There were even regular articles about her in the school newspaper. She was the newspaper clubs favourite topic”

She's basically a celebrity in this school

“After that incident not even a single boy approached her and were all scared of her”

Of course that would happen. If any boy tried to talk to her even after hearing about what happened to the previous guy, he would have to have a heart of steel and balls made of diamond

“Now it makes sense why everyone is scared of her”

“No but there's more!”

There's more!? Her narration is turning into an infomercial where they keep on saying that there's more features to the product their selling again and again

There's more even after all that, just how scary is Kisaragi-san

“Some girls in the same class who were pissed off about her attitude decided to bully her. The bullying was going well on the first day as they put tacks in her shoes, wrote on her desk, poured milk on her gym clothes and the usual bullying stuff. She went through that experience but was unfazed by any of it”

I gripped my fists tightly

“Hmm? Yamamoto-kun why do you have such grim expression on your face?”

When I heard the word bullying I remembered the past, sights that I wanted to forget were going through my head which caused me to tense up

“Oh it’s nothing. What happened after that?”

“The girls were agitated that nothing they did affected her and increased the bullying the next day. Kisaragi-san went through all that again and the people watching thought she was in a hopeless situation and was at rock bottom“

So they just watched her get bullied and didn't help. I know she told no one to get involved with her but how can they be so cold hearted and just let a girl be bullied

But that same thing happened this morning with Takahashi. They all act friendly at first but leave you the second the situation becomes unfavourable to them. I'm pretty sure there were a few boys in the same class who proposed to her before and got rejected. To think they just watched the girl they liked suffer and didn't do anything to help her. Disgusting!

And they dare to call their feelings towards her ‘love’, that's just simple lust over her beauty. If any one of them truly liked her, they would have done something to help her no matter the circumstances

“What happened then?”

“Don't interrupt I'm getting to it”

“Oh sorry”

“The girls that bullied her were laughing behind the scenes with others who also hated her”

Those damn whores! I bet they spread their legs more easily then spreading some butter on bread

”But that is until all the girls who bullied her were called up to the principal's office during the lunch break where Kisaragi-san was waiting for them“

Oh! It's getting interesting now

”It seems she had complained to the school about the bullying and the accused girls were called for questioning. Of course they denied everything and said she was lying“

The only ones lying are your parents when they say they love you

”But Kisaragi-san was prepared and showed video footage of them bullying her and them talking about it“

Oo La La! That's what I'm talking about!

”The girls were speechless when they saw that and had no choice but to admit it. The school decided that they would be suspended for a month”

Suspension for one month!? That's all they got? They should've at least been expelled for bullying and I'm emphasizing the words “at least”. If it was in my hands they would've regretted the day they were born. The world would be a better place without filth called bullies in it

“But Kisaragi-san wasn't satisfied with just a suspension”

She gets how I feel. We might be more similar then I thought

“She said that some of these acts could have inflicted heavy mental and physical damage on her body and she demanded the school to expel all of them”

What she said is true. The bullies might think their just harmless pranks but the only who knows how it truly feels is the victim. It causes physical and mental pain to the victim that can affect their social life and will have a heavy blow on their future. A lot of victims develop trauma and stop coming to school and spend the rest of their lives with no relations to others as they are scared the bullying might happen to them again. It's truly an evil act that is being taken to light heartedly

“The school tried to reason with her but she said that if those girls don't get expelled, she would go to the education board and would show the videos to them and let them judge what should happen to the girls. The school panicked since their reputation was on the line and decided to expel all the girls to save themselves”



I accidentally spoke my mind when I heard they got expelled. She's gone as far as too blackmail the school; she was truly speaking my language

“I was just rambling about something. You can continue”

“After that every single student and even the teachers were afraid of her. No one knew how she got the witnesses for the taser incident and where she got all that evidence against the bullies. Rumours started to spread that she had powers running within the school and could do whatever she wanted. All who opposed her would be brought down and what she said became the law and no one dared to defy her”

This only makes me want to talk to her more because she seems like a very interesting person and also a person I can get along with well since we think on the same wavelengths


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