When Ares finally awoke and the people were winding down on the festivities, Ares spoke out to Rori and a few of the representatives, as he had done before. He needed to reform the army entirely, and he was hoping that it would go well. He had sent for Heria, who arrived not long after.

Once she had arrived, yawning and biting into some meat atop her giant wolf, Ares began to speak and address the peoples here.

“I will keep this as brief as I possibly can. You know of the new army structure, ten by ten by ten, which is what we’ll keep to for the moment, and you know what I expected of the officer to non-officer ratio. Now let us speak of Rivea’s plan to expand, and how to do it quickly, mercilessly, effectively.”

Ares had finally resolved to do what he must. In order to protect Rivea and it’s borders, as well as to finally take over the land and bring it under a unifying banner, he had to be a steel hearted bastard.

“We will be focusing on expanding our horse archers, or rather, wolf archers. We will also be trying to create an army of heavy cavalry, and a personal guard for myself, since I will be trying to lead as many campaigns as I can.”

Lana’s eyes flashed dangerously angry towards Ares, but he did not budge.

“My goal is to create an entire legion of ten thousand, and also an additional two thousand that will serve as my guard. This will increase as our population expands, and I am hoping to eventually shake this up to create a much more powerful army in order to defend the vast lands that will be under our rule.”

“Our rule?” Rori asked.

“Rivea, as you know, has tasked me with trying to help the beastfolk of the land. I’m sure they are going to be quite upset at the death it will cause, I don’t think the various beastfolk of the land will join without a fight, and after what’s happened… well, I think we should probably figure out a way to incorporate and assimilate all the people under our banner.”

Rori did not reply further, and Ares looked at the other people that were about. “I will bring into enactment, several policies. For now, anyone that is considered an adult, will be expected to raise up arms whenever they are needed. We shall continue with the policy of arming every Rivean with a weapon, and we should have enough weapons now that every single one, that is not a child, can be armed. Every adult should be ready to go to war, though a small portion of Riveans will be a professional force. We will build and expand as we have, and I will discuss city planning later, but for now let’s stick to the army.” Ares cleared his throat and then his mind.

“Heria, I am certain we have at least a thousand wolf archers. Would you be willing to take command of them as their Colonel, still?”

Heria nodded and narrowed her eyes. “It seems as though you want most of the force to be wolffolk.” Her eyes fell onto everyone else there. “Isn’t that one sided? Why should my people have to die more than the oxfolk, or the bearfolk?” She asked, eyeing up both Lana and Rori.

Ares turned to face her. “Your people?” Ares asked. “I don’t know where you think you are, Heria, but this is Rivea.” Ares tried not to snap. “If it’s your people, then you should leave. Everyone here is Rivean, Lana is much as my people as Rori is, the same with Ash and his family. The only outsiders we have here are the humans, King Abdan and his people who are under the protection of Rivea, and the Reptai, many of whom died in order to save my life. If you view yourself as outside of those people, then leave.”

Heria hadn’t expected Ares to go on such a tirade. She was a little confused as to what to say.

Then Ares sighed. “Though… I can understand how one may feel in such a way. I would like for the archers to be made up of many different types of races, with many different types of beasts, each suited to their own thing. However, I am more than willing to give the wolffolk and the wolves, whatever is needed in order to expand that portion of the army. We’re talking land, food, tools, weapons, armour. The tactics we will utilise should allow us to lose very few casualties, as I would like our army to be lightning quick, so that when the army comes, they shall face arrows from the heavens, and an open plain of death they must traverse. There shall also be a large number of warriors that will be ready and armed for close quarter combat, but let us keep the army focused for now.”

Ares rubbed his forehead. “I understand that this may be confusing. I’m saying much of the same, and yet everything is different. There are so many variables that we must react to, and well… I think being able to adapt will be a good idea. We shouldn’t be married to one system forever, just because it has worked in the past. I doubt that the army composition will be an issue, but if it ever does, then we shall change with the adaptation.”

Ares was certain he had said such things before, but now he was far more serious about it, and was willing to go through a much darker route.

“Very well,” Heria said. “I will command the battalion as their…”

Ares turned to her. “I’ll change the title…”

“Pack Leader?” Heria asked.

“Let’s stick with… Major. We’ll remove Colonel, because even I hate that name.”

Heria nodded her head.

“I am sorry for snapping at you Heria. It’s just I don’t view you any different than I view another Rivean, other than you being one of my most trusted confidants and officers.”

Heria bowed her head. “I meant no disrespect by what I meant.”

Ares nodded. “I will inform you of any new tasks over the day, but I wish to continue to hash out the details with the rest of the honourable members here.” Ares turned to the rest and then continued to speak of his ideals and what he wished for the army.

A thousand cavalry. Two hundred will patrol for six hours at a time, and then replaced with another two hundred, so that eight hundred will patrol every single day. Another two hundred, those of the Flaming Wolves and Flying Wolves, will remain in the fort and in Rivea, ready to back up.

He had already reformed the rest of the army, and that was fine with Ares as he didn’t need to change any of the five hundred that were already a part of the ground army. Ares wondered if there was anything else he needed to deal with.

He realised that five thousand Riveans was such a low amount considering they were three times as much. Many of the Riveans defected away from Ares, including several of the Horns. They did not fight Ares, but they had left him to deal with the situation. Many of the wolffolk, dissatisfied with Ares’ rule and Heria’s apparently cowardice, also left.

It would have been much easier if the wolffolk remained behind.

Ares sighed at the thought.



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