King of Beasts

by TaiBot

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A man has been reborn into a land of magic that is rife with strife, death, and war. Perhaps he can shift the world into a new age with his newfound powers. 

This is the first draft of a project that I update daily. I usually post first on my Patreon though.

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Memes and Dreams

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
E001 - Oh, is this one of those then? ago
E002 - You're a cool guy. ago
S1 E003 - Is that.... bad? ago
S1 E004 - Sorry Levi, I don't really roll that way. ago
S1 E005 - The price was a clean, mostly painless death. ago
S1 E006 - Would you like to come have some fun with me instead? ago
S1 E007 - If you really believe that, then you are a fool. ago
S1 E008 - That kind of thinking will get you killed. ago
S1 E009 - I definitely killed them. ago
S1 E010 - He has come to deliver justice, and his wrath will be upon them soon enough. ago
S1 E011 - I need to form a Kingdom. ago
S1 E012 - I hope you don’t think too poorly of me for embarrassing them. ago
S1 E013 - Let us forge our new path together. ago
S1 E014 - Damn… that was embarrassing… ago
Soon all the thick thighed women will be mine! Hua hua hua! ago
Nevermind, I’m not here to start a fight over a terrible joke. ago
Yeah, baby murder is still wrong. ago
S1 E018 Thank you to whichever god out there exists for letting me be born with a di- ago
S1 E019 - Because then I’ll see your… breasts ago
S1 E020 - I am a weapon. ago
Would you please hurry up?! ago
Tits are terrifying. ago
Well, let’s hope I don’t surprise you. ago
They were about to attack me, why wouldn’t I mind them? ago
Isn’t my daughter the cutest? ago
I bleed for those who bleed for me. ago
Why the neck? ago
It won’t look good if my right hand man keeps falling on his ass, you know? ago
That woman is the devil. ago
He's going to kill me. ago
No mercy at all. ago
He'd die before he could even take a step towards my princess. ago
Oh yes, I refuse. ago
Then I want you to stab me. ago
To the death. ago
Still… did you really think the likes of you could kill me? ago
Great! I've been looking forward to this soup. ago
If they think they can slay me, then they’re prepared well enough to kill dragons. ago
You think what I’m doing is weak? ago
What do I owe the pleasure? ago
This is serious… ago
I shall surpass the heavens. ago
Are oxfolk horny all the time? ago
A witch? Where’s your hat? ago
Oh… that does make much more sense. ago
That might be what I want. ago
I’m going to conquer that fucking mountain. ago
I am a great chief to follow. ago
I won’t keep you waiting too long… ago
Cause ain’t no pretty boy taking my daughter away from me. ago
In exchange, I won’t run. ago
Gods can die. ago
Whoa… am I high right now? ago
King Ares, huh? ago
We still have some business. ago
Let's. ago
I’m trying to use diplomacy. ago
Any last words? ago
Are we going to fight? ago
Well, one woman is hard enough to please, never mind two or more. ago
Let’s see if death can stop us. ago
It seems you have failed. ago
Do you want to meet a god? ago
Well, are up to face a god? ago
Whatever loyalties you once had, you have broken such bonds ago
You and I are both the same in that regard. ago
If you’re going along then I won’t worry at all. ago
I am trying to flee, though not from your martial skills. ago
I would take a hundred orderly soldiers than a thousand warriors that hold no structure. ago
That guy seems pretty tough… ago
One or the other. ago
I suppose it’s finally time to confront the beast. ago
Now let’s show these humans some fucking business! ago
I didn’t take you for a comedian. ago
Now die, damn vermin. ago
You really should have surrendered. ago
So it has. ago
Then it seems this evening we’ll have quite a bit of fun. ago
I hate math! ago
There is a method to my madness, I assure you. ago
Ah, so they’re here to get spanked. ago
Does anyone know what it means to be a Rivean? ago
Which of you can say you have done more for me than I have for you? ago
Update - Hello. Rambling. Patreon. ago
I’m very popular today. ago
Being a King is hard work. ago
Bring me the ox! ago
Are you going to stab me in the back? ago
Man, that’s pretty embarrassing ago
It’s not a question of whether you allow it or not, I will do it. ago
What a damn brat… ago
So if you have a problem against one of us, you have a problem against me. ago
If you refuse, well, I shall not offer you such mercy again, such are the words of King Ares. ago
If. ago
Show these vermin what we do to rats when they rock up in our homes! ago
I don’t need it, I’m the one that will end the battle ago
I’ll take that lightning head on! ago
I am invincible. ago
So, did we win? ago
You are one terrifying beast. ago
Take it as you will. ago
I thank you for accepting me. ago
Is a man like that truly terrifying? ago
Everything is fine. ago
Right, thanks for that… ago
Welcome, welcome. ago
I probably should have thought about that… ago
Today is the day. ago
A King should be able to manage at least this much… ago
Is every boy and girl so eager to die? ago
Tell them to quit, I have no use for such lazy brats in my army. ago
You’re the most beastly wolf I know. ago
A United Council of Rivea… ago
I’m the King, aren’t I? ago
Oh crap, I cocked it up. ago
I guess I could just… relax. ago
Well damn… I’m sorry about that. ago
Shall we, my lady? ago
I suppose the prettiest ones always are. ago
Ah, how troublesome women are… ago
I couldn’t marry you, that’d be weird. ago
Another King? ago
A week you say… ago
Isn’t that why I’m marrying you? ago
What else can go wrong ago
What does that mean? ago
Being popular is so weird… ago
It’s rather rude of you to interrupt another as they greet you. ago
Well... impressed? ago
Yeah, I want you to snap your horns off. ago
I should make this into a story… ago
I was just going to say hello. ago
Quite profitable. ago
Didn’t I tell you I’d sort it out? ago
Let’s talk over some food, shall we? ago
I can take my revenge later. ago
Welcome to Rivea. ago
S1 E137 - Mine have been chosen. ago
FAQ ago
S1 E138 - I spit fire and facts. ago
S1 E139 - Well, what do you think? ago
S1 E140 - Everyone dies but not everyone lives ago
S1 E141 -I can’t wait to go and explore it. ago
S1 E142 - Ah, right… there’s still a few things that need to be done… ago
S1 E143 - I’m really such a terrible guy aren’t I? ago
S1 E144 - Do… do any of you know how to cook? ago
S1 E145 - Holy shit that’s huge! ago
S1 E146 - Whatever threat comes to Rivea is going to have a tough shit time. ago
S1 E147 - It’s rather annoying to constantly get attacked. ago
S1 E148 - I am just keeping my end of the deal. ago
Update - Thank you. ago
S1 E149 - I really hope I don’t have to kill him ago
E150 - Be thankful I have graced you with good health! ago
E151 - I didn’t think that was going to happen… ago
E152 - Well, let’s sort that out shall we? ago
E153 - Is that a fucking dragon? ago
E154 - What a way to end a night, at least that’s the worst of it. ago
E155 - Are they here to assassinate me? ago
E156 - Did I say something wrong? ago
E157 - I would be hesitant to follow a King with unstained hands. ago
E158 - Is that curry? ago
E159 - What the fuck? ago
E160 - That was just a joke. ago
E161 - Don’t get yourself killed, kid. ago
E162 - I wish for your victory. ago
E163 - Are you ready to kill, boy? ago
E164 - I’m about to slap the shit out of you, princess. ago
E165 - Sometimes, man, you’re a god damn genius. ago
E166 - I just need to blow off some steam. ago
E167 - I’ll accept your request, since you asked so nicely. ago
E168 - If anything happens to my comrades, not even Rivee will be able to save you from my wrath. ago
E169 - You what? ago
E170 - Only time will tell what they will say about me when I die. ago
E171 - Omni Nine, roll out! ago
E172 - Why don’t you try that shit with me, huh? ago
E173 - What kind of situation does one smoke blue leaf? ago
E174 - As long as we’re not dinner, that’s fine by me. ago
E175 - I'm quite sorry, but I think I'm dying. ago
E176 - It seems as though mistakes were made. ago
E177 - Either this is the best idea I’ve had, or I’ve really fucked this up. ago
E178 - That’s what I get for being an idiot. ago
E179 - Meaning… we could meet the wyvern? ago
E180 - You’re a rather rude little bastard, aren’t you? ago
E181 - Yeah, I get that a lot. ago
E182 - Thanks for the assist. ago
E183 - Come and get me you damn oxen! ago
E184 - We are pretty fucked right now. ago
E185 - We will paint the walls with the blood of your men, women and children. ago
E186 - Soon. ago
E187 - I'm home. ago
E188 - That’s fine by me. ago
E189 - Has Rivea weakened? ago
E190 - It’s not the role of a King to be always right. ago
E191 - I quite like such bantering. ago
E192 - You wanted a chat? ago
E193 - You always hit me. ago
E194 - Oh balls… ago
E195 - I'm afraid of death. ago
E196 - I have complete faith in you. ago
E197 - A fair fight. ago
E198 - You’re rather da- ago
E199 - You threatened me and my family… what did you think was going to happen? ago
E200 - They can’t protect me when they’re dead. ago
E201 - I’m just here to see if I can get some help from the enemy. ago
E202 - That bread was pretty shit, let’s head back. ago
E203 - I am still afraid of death. ago
E204 - What is this absolute madness?! ago
E205 - There will be no surrender. ago
E206 - Did they behave? ago
E207 - It is a question of what Rivea will stand for. ago
E208 - I am your queer man. ago
E209 - More of everything. ago
E210 - Don’t worry, even I’m not that stupid… ago
E211 - Your people? ago
E212 - These weapons are granted to you by virtue of you being Rivean. ago
E213 - I will also request that we keep that a secret between just you and I… ago
E214 - No, I’m fine. ago
E215 - I still don’t know how I feel about such a thing. ago
E216 - Rivean means Rivean. ago
E217 - Man, fuck politics. ago
E218 - What is that leaf? ago
E219 - It’s time for… mating? ago
Update - Writing. Life. Future. ago

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The idea might have some merit but the writing is an unfortunate mix of wrong grammar and bad style. So much so that it's rather hard to follow the happenings and sucks out all the excitement and suspense of any scene.

I'm mostly just trying to parse what is happening in the scene with many a situation ending unexpectedly where I'm left wondering how the situation did actually get resolved.


It's sad that people are sleeping on this story, it's amazing.

I like the main character a lot, the fact that he struggles to make life better for his people while at the same time not shying away from the darker sides of having power is a breath of fresh air and a welcome change from a lot of the one dimensional leading characters in other fictions. I notice that sometimes authors tend to throw setback after setback at their MCs in an effort to, I dunno, add more tension I guess, but here that's moderated and in the end the fact that he's fallible instead of just coasting through troubles and relying on plot armor only adds to the charm. His successes and failures are very realistically written, given the situations he finds himself in. As a special mention, the speech in chapters 82/83 reminded me a lot of Alexander's speech at Opis, it was great, you could really feel the passion and regrets of the MC pour out of him.

Definitely looking forward to more.


Its really fast to the extent that the speed means characters thought processes don't seem to get a full working and instead come across as hollow. 

The MC is brought into the world with super strength and then within 2 chapters is gifted by a legendary creature with flight, teleportation, control of fire, control of water, and "immortality". 

There has been no adjustment or shock period in this intro. That said there has been plenty of death with the MC already having a kill tally of over 30 not because he's forced to kill but because they are threating children and he has the power to stop them in the most badass way possible. 

None of these facts are necessarily bad. It just shows the kind of story your in for. If you want such a story go for it, the grammar is solid.