The Adventure in Arios (Isekai LitRPG)

by Sivios

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Mythos Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead Urban Fantasy War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

In the Land of Arios, The Gods Realm. Where all is possible and all is found. Join Morpheus in his adventure in Arios. He encounters all of the unknown, battles the mighty and trains like he doesn't feel pain. 

Inspired by Azarinth Healer, Defiance of the Fall and Arcane Emperor.

This is my first time writing so I apologise for the grammar and spelling in advance. I'm open to criticism so please mention it in the comments and I will see to it in the future. No harems unfortunately sorry to dissapoint, but there is a lot of gore and scenes of a sexual nature.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- A God knocks on the door ago
Chapter 2- First Day ago
Chapter 3- Ervos ago
Chapter 4- The Guild ago
Chapter 5- Monster Horde ago
Chapter 6- A good second class. ago
Chapter 7-Training? ago
Chapter 8-Dungeon Diving ago
Chapter 9-Man of Many Faces ago
Chapter 10-The Path ago
Chapter 11- A New Man ago
Chapter 12- Orc’s Hand ago
Chapter 13- A Big One ago
Chapter 14-The Beatdown ago
Chapter 15- Trials of the Independent 1 ago
Chapter 16- Trials of the Independent 2 ago
Chapter 17- Trials of the Independent 3 ago
Chapter 18- Royal Coronation 1 ago
Chapter 19- Royal Coronation 2 ago
Chapter 20- A Princess Walks Into A Bar ago
Chapter 21- A New Journey ago
Chapter 22- Friend! ago
Chapter 23- More? ago
Chapter 24- Evolved ago
Chapter 25- Wings and Steel Skin ago
Chapter 26- War Orc’s Cry ago
Chapter 27- Scarecrows ago
Chapter 28- Ditorian Hideout ago
Chapter 29- Boss Room? ago
Chapter 30- Pity ago
Chapter 31- Shadow ago
Chapter 32- Southcross ago
Chapter 33- House Baylor ago
Chapter 34- Dungeon Diving, Again? ago
Chapter 35- Black Goo ago
Chapter 36- Black Goo 2.0 ago
Chapter 37- The Beast Of Seaford ago
Chapter 38- Skeletons In The Closet ago
Chapter 39- More Skeletons In The Closet ago
Chapter 40- Draghaul ago
Chapter 41- Hatred ago
Chapter 42- Congruence ago
Chapter 43- I Need A Hero ago

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From Zero to Hero in 20 chapters

Reviewed at: Chapter 33- House Baylor

For a story claiming to be inspired by Azarinth Healer it sure manages to avoid copying any of it's good qualities. The character progression is in line with self insert Power and wishfullfillment fantasies, the world is lackluster, flat and uninspired. The story progresses in leaps and bounds without any actual story being told and the protagonist gets everything handed to him for free within 20 chapters. This story needs a serious rewrite and the author needs some lessons in story telling and character creation.

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How hard is it to spell your characters name correctly?  As for the story it's a fairly standard litrpg with op mc.  Has the generic problem with telling rather than showing.  Easy read to take up some time.

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Pretty mediocre as far as stories go on this site.

I like litrpg stories i really do, but this feels like a wish fulfillment power trip so far, and while that might not in and off itself be a bad thing, it kinda isn't good when all the characters in the story is kinda bland.

As a new author though, it can be forgiven since it can be hard to write characters that feel "real", and have depth to them. Most of the problem with the characters here can be atributed to the fact that they are introduced and basically become a new family of sorts to the MC within a single chapter. They seem to be put in there just to have the plot moving forward instead of naturally added as the story progresses, and the MC gets to know them.

Grammar... Author should go over the chapters once before posting them, just to get rid of misspelling and weirdly structured sentences. In the bossfight at chapter 9, you can find this sentence "Many more encounters happened like this, he began to memorise the boss’s attack pattern." Which literally makes no sense seeing as the MC already is in an encounter with a boss type mob, and he did not leave the fight at any time, nor did he have any other mobs join in on the fight.

The MC is having a way to easy time of it as of chapter 10. A man from Earth, who probably have never been in a proper bloody fight, or seen combat, can just all of a sudden become a god like warrior who can take the life of other living creatures with no form of emotional trauma? The orc boss in chap. 10 was literally a sentient being who could talk. Life threathening situations is not easy on the mind either. Just risking your life in close combat in that way would make you sit back with some hefty amount of mental baggage.

As mentioned from Dralt in his review, the monetary system seems poorly tought out. The variation in pricing and normal daily income for the inhabitants of the world makes no sense.

The story itself has promise, the author is new to writing and will probably just keep getting better at it after each chapter posted, it takes heavy inspiriation from Azarinth Healer and the other named series from the story summary at the top (as seen by the MC having the same last name as the MC from Arcane Emperor).

If you like litrpg give it a go, but be aware of OP MC from the get go, some bad grammar structure and bland characters. Will probably check in on this from time to time when i got nothing else to read. Chapters are short and the story progresses fast.

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Entertaining but not developed

Reviewed at: Chapter 40- Draghaul

I can recommend this story but only as a second tier novel.  The author seems to be new so while consistently updated the content is not well developed.

This story takes a lot from previous novels which is fine as the author acknowledges the influences on their work.  When you read this story you get a lot of ideas that seem interesting but fail to be satisfying due to poor execution.

I think that if this author perseveres this story could eventually become a great read but it will take time as the author is obviously still developing a style and proper methods for storytelling. 

TLDR; Not bad but needs lots of work, hope for future developments.


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Nice book, good read.

While I was sceptical at the beginning things steadily improved as Sivios gained his flow. Things were easily understandable and well implimented, as was the system (without number crunching). My critique would be to put the status in a box, otherwise it becomes a bit too long to get an overview.

While the MC is OP Sivios gives us a reason for this and makes the story interesting, with many interactions and factions.

Linear story to make it simple. A good read.

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Progressively better LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 24- Evolved

The story is about the protagonist Morpheus who gets chosen to be transported into the world of Arios, where about all of the mythological gods you can imagine are real and then some. He got some serious advantages and is set up to get very op, although we don't know if there aren't exactly as op people/monster out there which he might need to face.


As every good LitRPG, this one has an extensive system which governs the world and its people and not only the MC has access to it. The author usually keeps system messages short and well readable. In the cases of class/skill changes, there is a huge info dump which can be a bit much at times but can be easily skimmed. The system is similar to the fictions mentioned in the summary so if you like theirs you probably will like this.


The introduced characters feel mostly real and are sometimes even pretty interesting. The dialogues are pretty good but sometimes feel too fast or concise. Real people usually don't get to the point that fast in my experience. :P


Probably the biggest flaw this fiction currently has which is not saying much as the rest is pretty good. There are sometimes many spelling errors and even grammatical errors which can sometimes stump you if you are the kind of person which pays attention to that but


The overall quality is definitely improving. Errors are getting fewer, text formatting is improving, descriptions are getting better. Keep it up, author :)


If you like the classic weak-to-strong fantasy setting with heavy LitRPG elements this story is definitely worth the read. Let's find out what heights "The Adventure in Arios" can reach.

David Phillip Zimmerle
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Finally a story that is not the ever generic sword+fire magic = win.

The MC gets reincarnated without needing the generic truck, he doesn't have some super tragic life, or die saving someone, or some other shit, he is just offered an opportunity and takes it. He picks up a different class from the generic stuff we usually see in these stories which is a nice change even using a 2-handed axe which while not quite as rare as a mace/2-handed mace is pretty damned rare. He does get strong fast which I can understand puts people off but he does face conflict to get his power and keeps pushing himself for more.

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Good setting, he's a bit overpowered already but he does train and work hard for it. English is not my first language so spelling dont bother me. Gods marks are cool and the whole of Arios is centred on all the different gods of like every pantheon. the litrpg is probably one of my favourite. It's very detailed but short and concentrated on the story more than the actual system. Really give it a read.

  • Overall Score

Few typos left

I feel like some line have bad grammar but it might be my poor english level.


Gold system make no sens. 6gold is a lot for legend level people ? Buc mc make almost one per dive with low level ? (Everyone is trying to identify is at least 100 + even 200 300+ , he win almost a gold per dive at level 50?)


Still the book is good

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I don't really read often, and most of the times I prefer female main characters because all the male ones are so macho and cool. But I like the character Morpheus because he actually has feelings and doesn't bang everything girl he finds. it's a cool system but the only problem is the grammar, which isn't even that bad but it does stump me sometimes. Please set up a Patreon soon I'd be happy to donate!❤️❤️❤️❤️