Mosquito Hivemind Hell-Bent on World Domination (or Annoyance)



11: A few objectives must be completed in preperation of the mini-heist


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Steady boys, steady.


Spread out like this, not a single one of these daft civilians so much as notice us, but that will soon change. That is, once I've personally scouted out the proper locations for every item on our shopping list. I could leave it to one of my underlings, but for some reason, I simply don't trust their sense of style.


No, I shall go in there myself. Escorted by a few Vampires, sure, but mostly alone. The rest of you, my darlings, will stay out here! You may only enter if I call for you, so until I do, stand by in your squadrons!


Ah, Squadron-subleader 13B? Join me inside and stay close to me. Take this as a... reward, for your service so far.


The Bloodsucker in question, Bloodsucker 16754, perks up at my acknowledgement and flies up to my, body tense in joy and determination.


Bodyguards 10-25, follow me inside as well, but keep a healthy radius of, let's say, an inner ring of one meter and an outer one of three meters. If you see a human entering this radius, buzz as loudly as you can but stay otherwise as quiet as possible. If the human doesn't immediately back off, attack, focusing on eyes and ears.


Now, with that out of the way... let's go, Recon Group!


Objective One. Enter the door. A quick swoop (but not so fast that the honorary Bloodsucker can't come along) ensures our entrance into the second-hand store. We're inside.


Objective Two, find the coat. The store is pretty full of middle-aged men and women with a focus on the latter, but the roof is quite high, allowing us to stick close to it as we make our way towards the clothes section, which happens to be the biggest part. In other words, we find that section quite quickly. Now for the men's coats... How come there are always more women's clothes in these places? Anyhoo, in a far-off corner of the clothes' section, we find a bunch of coats, some of them that light brown that I'm looking for.


...However, none are the proper length or form. Hell, some of them even look somewhat modern! What a travesty! Very well, we will have to leave the coat section for the moment. Right next to the coats and the men's fashion is a rack of shoes, the fancy-ish sort that I'm looking for.


Objective Three: shoes. This one is really quite easy, since the perfect pair, two not-dark-not-light leather loafers are simply sitting there, looking absolutely perfect. That's yet another objective cleared.


Objective Four: pants. Since we're still in the men's section, finding a pair of pants are, much like the shoes, quite easy. A pair of dark-brown pants, darker than the shoes but lighter than dark-dark are simply hanging there, ripe for stealing.


And, while I'm there, I even spot the perfect hat! A light brown Trilby, just the kind of hat that would hide a few thousand mosquitos! That means I've only got a bandana, gloves and glasses left to fetch! Oh, and the coat, of course.


The bandana and gloves are easy enough to find, and I spot the glasses further into the store, a sleek pair of sunglasses, with golden frames and everything. That leaves me with only the-,


A loud, very very loud buzzing catches me off guard, and I jerk to look where it came from. At six 'o clock, there stood a woman, large and confused, carrying a basket filled with pink dresses and a purple sunhat. Well, she was carrying it. After about five extremely fast extremely loud Vampire mosquitos all crashed into her face, she could do nothing but scream loudly and smash her grubby hands into her face, and, well, since she was holding the basked in one of said hands, that went flying into her face as well.




I grabbed a hold of the confused Bloodsucker and bolted it for the door, utilizing all of my 189 Flight. In the corner of my eye, I could only barely, just barely, catch a glimpse of some large, light brown coat, double-breasted with a proper collar and lapel and belt and everything, clearly going down below the knees.


...-Objective Two, complete!


And with that, we were out. I released the dizzy little Bloodsucker from my grasp, watching him tumble a bit for a second. Heh, sorry about that, Bloodsucker 16754, we really had to get out of there somehow. Soon after getting out, the five Vampires that had attacked the woman stumbled outside, shook, but still alive. Oho! How tenacious of you! Know that I am proud of you, my humblest of underlings!


The Vampire huff and puff buzzingly for a few seconds, sucking in the praise they receiving and coming out even more arrogant for it. Nevertheless, this does tell me something. Namely, that Vampires are able to survive a basket full of future laundry to the face and come out of it only mildly shaken, but not stirred.


Very well! My lackeys, you evil advocators of the evilest of evil armies! Prepare to advance! Vampires, Bloodsuckers, all of you shall remain outside apart from the ones who had acted as my bodyguards for this scouting! Ah, apart from you five, Bodyguards 78, 54, 12, 99 and 3, take a break, will you?


The five bodyguards buzz angrily at not being allowed to participate in this most legendary of heists, but accepts my orders nonetheless.


Very good. Now, Bodyguards 79, 55, 13, 100 and 4, come here and take their places. The rest of you Vampires and Bloodsuckers shall remain here outside unless you get an order from me. Is that clear?


All attending mosquitos, all 223 800 of them, make a salute. We are ready.


Very well then! No time to procrastinate, let us advance!!


To war!!



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