Mosquito Hivemind Hell-Bent on World Domination (or Annoyance)

by Palt

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A villain unlike any other is granted a body weak enough to be killed by the wind. But he will cause mayhem, no matter his size! Armed with skills allowing him to create more mosquitos which he can control and the ability to evolve and raise his stats, he will surely cause destruction never before seen! Though, as it turns out, living as a mosquito in a city might be a bit harder than previously thought. Especially so when super-heroes pop up out of nowhere. 

In short, a villainous man who really wants to destroy everything and anything he can is turned into a mosquito by powers beyond him. His powers, being that of evolution and stat-increasing, combined with his power to create more mosquitos, will eventually lead to him becoming just like... a swarming mass of mosquitos. 

Isekai reincarnated as a monster fic x villain in a superhero world fic

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: I may have become a mosquito, but that won't stop my plan for world domination! ago
2: Our epic battle may in reality only be a man trying to smash a mosquito, but I still win! ago
3: An army is formed, with the great evil overlord (me) at its top ago
4: As the evil overlord of 300 mosquitos, evolving is only natural ago
5: With a new body and a new evil army, I cannot fail! ago
6: A quick and easy report on the state of things that absolutely does not devolve into a frog fight ago
7: Once more, I shall evolve, for that is what must be done! ago
8: After all, if nobody uses the public restrooms, can't I use them to re-establish my evil army? ago
9: An evil plan must be formed in order for the evilly self-proclaimed evil villain to be evil! ago
10: Preparations to prepare for a mini-heist which will prepare for the actual heist ago
11: A few objectives must be completed in preperation of the mini-heist ago
12: Ever been slammed in the face by a hundred-thousand mosquitos trying to do a heist? ago
13: A man must always be dapper and well-dressed in order to fo to the library ago
14: A polite civilian happily turns over his computer for my professional use ago
15: This chapter ends in a kidnapping ago
16: The enemy of your enemy is a friend, even if that frenemy is a mosquito ago
17: Escape from the teenager! ago
18: Gaining a million (mosquito) followers has never been easier! ago
19: Soon I shall complete my very first goal: the blood bank heist!! ago
20: Heist Stage 1, Scouting ago
21: Heist Stage 2, infiltration ago
22: Heist Stage 3, Burst ago
23: Heist Stage 4, esca- ago

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Fat man9000

It is much better than I would have thought. I was amazed by how fun it was to reed this novel and that's surprising because the grammar is a 9 out of 10 and the story is good not the best but better than some. But I am a sucker for bug protagonist. All I can say is give it a look and don't drop your story it's going strong.