The Golden Age

by Sol St John

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity


The popular MMORPG that draws its players into a world of super-hero adventure. But when thousands of those players are actually drawn into the world of the game, confusion and mysteries abound. Why were they brought here? And is there any way to return to the real world? 

Luckily, Robin Sinclair is Knightblade, one of the game’s top-ranked players and a founding member of its most respected players' guild. Unluckily, she was brought into this world as her alt account, a nameless level 3 noob with no powers, no gadgets, no place to stay and no influence on the new world, with her own reasons for keeping her head low and her distance from her old friends. 

To get by, she teams up with three other noobs — good-natured Tisha, sardonic Will, and bright-eyed Carter (who is way too young to be playing this game) — to eek out an existence in a world ruled by comic book tropes and video game logic. But for true heroes, those with the will and drive to defend others even at the cost of their own safety, there’s no resisting the call for long…

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Sol St John

Sol St John

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The life of an isekaied nooby hero

Reviewed at: Chapter Seven

Our protagonist Robin isn't really a noob, she just got pushed into her never leveled alt, when every player was Isekaied into the VRMO golden age. That may be for the better since she seems to have had a falling out with her old guild. That doesn't stop her though. She finds a few noobs to team up with and things proceed well until they run into some griefing assholes. Thankfully this is not a hardmode Isekai and our protagonist comes back from death.

Overall this seems to be an interesting story, that is more centered on personal relations and self discovery than powerleveling to godhood.