Reborn as the Duke’s Daughter ~ The Goddesses are Ruining my Life!

by Fluff Forever

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Female Lead Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Slice of Life Strong Lead

Worshipped and isolated for her healing powers here on Earth, Maven is whisked off to another world by The Goddess of Light and Life!

What?! You want me to be the Saintess and clean up corruption in the church?! I just got out of being worshipped! I want to live a normal life.

Maven is off to clean up the world, run from her responsibilities, and live a happy life in Avalon - no matter who gets in her way.

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Fluff Forever

Fluff Forever

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 0 - Prologue ago
Ch. 1 - Meeting a Goddess?! Pt. 1 ago
Ch. 2 - Meeting a Goddess?! Pt. 2 ago
Ch. 3 – Meeting a Goddess?! Pt. 3 ago
Ch. 4 – The Goddess of Darkness Barged In?! ago
Ch. 5 – Pushed Down by a Goddess?! ago
Ch. 6 – The Goddesses Destroyed My Dreams?! ago
Ch. 7 – A Goddess Plans My Future?! Pt. 1 ago
Ch. 8 – A Goddess Plans My Future?! Pt. 2 ago
Ch. 9 – Gossip ~ Today, I’m a Maid?! ago
Ch. 10 – Today, I’m the Saintess?! Pt. 1 ago
Ch. 11 – Today, I’m the Saintess?! Pt. 2 ago
Ch. 12 – Aside ~ Shadows Moving in the Dark?! ago
Ch. 13 – I Have a Big Sis?! ago
Ch. 14 – Carted off to the Church?! ago
Ch. 15 – Who’s Reading my Mind?! ago
Ch. 16 – Casting My First Spell?! ago
Ch. 17 – Familiars Revealed?! Pt. 1 ago
Ch. 18 – Aside ~ The Pope’s reaction?! ago
Ch. 19 – Familiars Revealed?! Pt. 2 ago
Ch. 20 – Finding a Helper?! ago
Ch. 21 – Do I Have to?! ago
Ch. 22 – Why is She So Disappointing?! ago
Ch. 23 – The Day of?! ago
Ch. 24 – The Ceremony Begins?! ago
Ch. 25 – The Ceremony Underway?! ago
Ch. 26 – Why Angel Wings?! ago
Ch. 27 – The End of the Ceremony?! ago
Ch. 28 – The Parade Begins?! ago
Ch. 29 – The Parade Underway?! ago
Ch. 30 – Aside ~ Shadows Moving in the Crowd?! ago
Ch. 31 – Comfort After the Parade?! ago
Ch. 32 – Facing the Future?! ago

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Stephen Wallace
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Not bad. Solid humour and good quality so far.

Reviewed at: Ch. 6 – The Goddesses Destroyed My Dreams?!

Reviewed at c6.

Looking for something to kill time and this story pulled me in. Unlike most of the stories I read here this doesn't have blue boxes. What it does have is a solid start, a mystery in progress and a contrast between expectations and results that is both amusing and satisfying.  

The grammer and spelling are consistent and correct as far as I can tell,  and the story is readable and well laid out. 

  • Overall Score

Grammar is nice, story feels like isekai manga / anime, even tho story has some dark undertone. 

I personally dislike MC, sure its all fluff and stuff and im sure that she'll grow up as a character but within these 20 chapters she was just there.

But overall world feels big, 4 races, churches, magic, swords ( prolly ).

Every character so far has an agenda, plans, characteristics. They dont feel soo 2d and as in 20 chapters author didnt have mutch time to introduce them, but our MC is just meh in my opinion ( rant in spoiler section ).

But overall if you like fluff with magic, pets, fast pace (3 year old beeing stronger then heroes) its a solid read.

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Introduction chapters are a bit iffy and thend to stretch along a bit. But once the mainplot finally starts with the rencarnation it gets supprisingly fun to read. It's one of the few stories I'm following along chapter per chapter. Doesn't hurt that the update speed is pretty good as well :)

e g Jameson
  • Overall Score

As of chapter 13:

The chapters are short, but with purpose.  The author knows what they want to do at each step and they do it. It could use a little more environment but it's pretty well done. I don't think we've seen much more than a basic intro to the characters but a lot of potential is hinted at.

Grammar and punctuation is fine. I haven't seen any problems so far, and I'm really critical of these things, so good job.

A prologue and 13 chapters so far but only 40 pages. This could probably have been 2 or 3 chapters. Such short chapters make me want to wait a month before coming back to give it time to build up.

But I will be back.