Glitched Amazon; Ghosts Only Die Once

Glitched Amazon; Ghosts Only Die Once

by Zenopath (AEV)

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

In the virtual world of Infinite Fantasy, people from across the real world can immerse themselves in a VR experience that is almost indistinguishable from reality. But the process that allows for this experience isn't perfect. As a glitched player Sarah Longshot is at risk of being deleted and must risk everything to order to survive. Follow Sarah's often humorous voyage of discovery as she seeks answers about who she really is.

*About the content tags: Does not contain explicit sex scenes, mostly just sex related humor. Gore is only used for comedic purposes as well.*

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Zenopath (AEV)

Zenopath (AEV)

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Excellent power fantasy parody on average MMO games geared towards young adult male players. There will be epic quests, like killing rabbits and wolves, epic loots like earrings to kill for, and yes, a chainmail bikini clad amazon warrioress who is actually a mage. Because, what the hell, why not! Lots of jokes, humor and somewhat absurd situations, great read if you have some time to kill and want something light and amusing

Writing and grammar are consistently good, so if you're worried about that, rest assured.

Some points deducted from the 'story' part for two reasons, though I realize it's part personal preference:

First reason, even if the gods are AI, they get involved way too early in the story. MC has only made it to level 20-ish and is already in the spotlights (she meets someone who is level 350, so 22 is low). Even for a parody, this is very quick. I don't know how long the story is planned to go, but things escalated very quickly.

Second reason: We get it, young adult male audience, amazon, expect lesbian things. No need to rub it in every single chapter.

I'll see how the story develops, maybe I'll adjust this later.

If the story needs a sexual content tag or other tags is up for debate. Currently I don't think so, there is nothing explicit, but it's better to have them up in advance than to have to add them retro-actively because you offended part of your reader base. Only the author has any idea where to take the story from here, so he's the one to decide.

With regards to the characters I am thoroughly impressed. They're given more depth than in the usual power fantasy with perhaps the sole exception of Ilona, but that's still an open path.

The beginning is a little confusing as to what 'ghosts' are and such, but it gets cleared up shortly after.


Reviewed at ch. 13.


While many stories on this site uses the "trapped in a mmo" premise, few (if any) manage to blend in as much humor, introspection and heart. The language flows nicely and the pacing is on point (so far). In short, it is good.