Montgomery and Carano

Montgomery and Carano

by Jonathan H Knight

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A modern take on Romeo and Juliet. Jenna Carano is a badass demon hunter, hot headed and passionate, while Professor Robert Montgomery is the exact opposite: always calm and disciplined. 

They were raised to hate each other but when someone much worse than they are gets loose on the streets of London, they must join forces to protect the city and the people they love.

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Urban fantasy with a flaw.

Reviewed at: Chapter thirty

Interesting urban fantasy, with good world-building, characters, dialogue, and pacing. A good read for fans of Iron Druid Chronicles and The Dresden Files.

With a big if.... Can you slog through 25 chapters filled with the wrong tense usage and bad grammar? Well, I did and I didn't regret it. The story was interesting enough to keep me reading despite its obvious flaws.

Style: Set in modern-day London, the story has good gradual world-building with no in your face info-dumps or forced expositions. The dialogue is believable and the pacing is spot-on. Interesting mechanics to the magic which looks like it's been well thought out. But the focus is mainly on the characters with the magic only aiding the plot progression.

Few clunky sentences and odd sentence structure which is mostly improved by chapter 25. Still has a tendency to go overboard in detailing insignificant things. Also, I noticed that the slang is a bit too American initially, improves later on. Paragraphs could be made a bit shorter too.

Story: The blend between the over-arching plot and the daily lives of the characters are seamless. The plot is thrilling enough and the aforementioned pacing keeps things tight and flowing.

Character: The main attraction of this story. Apart from the odd feeling in chapters 1 and 2 I had, the more I read through the story, the more believable they felt. Side characters are fleshed out, though they are some that require more work. This story is made by the people that inhabit it, as long as the author doesn't mess up too bad, I'll be glad to keep reading.

Grammar: The biggest flaw this story has. I would have given it a 2.5 star if not for the characters. And the extra .5 is for the improvement after chapters 20 or so. There are no misspellings and that actually makes the mistakes in tense usage worse and a pain to read.

Summary: As long as the grammar for the initial story isn't fixed I can't really recommend it. But if you can slog through those initial chapters, the grammar becomes bearable and the story rewards you with good characterization and an interesting plot.



An interesting premise executed effectively.

Reviewed at: Chapter thirteen

Really good. The kind that grabs your attention and holds it without difficulty, and mixes in solid humour while doing it. 

It does occasionally get slightly bogged down in details, but not majorly so.

Interesting world building happens right from the get-go, and even during the fast-paced, well-written action scenes. The mix of gangs, supernatural and magical stuff, and the modern London setting make for a solid combination. I especially liked the rune-based magic system.

Here I have to disagree with other reviewers. There are some amount of grammatical errors within this fiction in every chapter, nearly all of which can be attributed to the author's non-native grasp of the English language. Although they are mostly minor, and did not diminish my reading enjoyment, I can't help but feel this is why this otherwise great piece of ficiton has as few views as it does.

I hate to fall back on the old reviewer's favourite, but an editor could really help improve this particular aspect of the fiction. The only reason I do mention this, is that I believe this fiction is of a high enough quality in other aspects for it to absolutely be worthwhile.

There are two main characters. They come across almost exactly as described in the synopsis, which is only a good thing really. I found them both to be enjoyable to read about in their own differing ways.

Side characters have also been good. They exist, they are different, and they do their jobs nicely. Some of them add to the already solid humour too.

Excellently written fiction with an interesting plot set in an intriguing magical world that is held back from greatness only by some unfortunate grammatical errors. In spite of that one detractor, I would highly recommend giving this fiction a try.

(Bonus section: Cover art is glorious!)


Excellent, and not as sappy as it sounds.

Reviewed at: Chapter fifty-nine

I really loved the story, the introduction is apt though I feel it has largely moved beyond its Romeo and Juliet origins. My one and only complaint, though this may change as more is written, is that nothing seems to come from the shared dreams of, I assume, eachother, some resolution to this set up would be appreciated though, again, it may come in time.


Down-to-earth modern fantasy.

Reviewed at: Chapter twelve


As the title of the review suggests, the style is generally down-to-earth - that is to say, limited third person, with plenty of descriptiveness without going overboard. I’ve used this sort of description in many of my other reviews, but that’s because this style is a mainstay, for good reason. It works. It does the job. 


I have a bad habit of being very vague in this section in the cases of stories I like, for two reasons. First, I don’t want to spoil the story. Second, most of what needs to be said about the story is usually already said in the synopsis. This is the case here also - the synopsis tells you as much as you need to know. The worldbuilding is highly effective in that it occurs naturally rather than through exposition, which I personally believe to be ideal.


I noticed no particular mistakes or typos.


Lifelike. Believable. Likeable. Hateable. Human. 


An exceptional and original mixture of classical literary concepts, executed with skill that would see it published in a less cancerous publishing climate than that of today. But alas, this is a review, not a rant on the evils of publishing houses.

All I can add is that it’s good. Damn good. Go read it.


Awesome story that has well done characters. One of the most well written and engaging stories on here. The way that characters and relationships are depicted is superb. The way action scenes are portrayed is well done with enough description that it feela like you are in the right. I cannot wait to see how the story progresses and the characters develope.