In Loki's Honor (season II)

In Loki's Honor (season II)

by MDW

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Subtitle: I'm cursed to die 100 times.



Plot synopsis:

Earth is in turmoil. Fiction of travel to other worlds through the use of magic take on airs of prophecy as youngsters all around the world disappear. Amidst this turmoil, one New Yorker is caught in a traffic accident and chosen by Loki to travel to another world. The god's offer was not a fair one.

But they came not as the Trickster's champion. Their purpose, a sinister one. One that will earn them the enmity of the world. A Heroic destiny is not in their future.

Their only ally is the impartial and pervasive System. Unable to be purged, they came to stay.

Thrown in a barbaric world where life is a dime a dozen, the intruder tries to survive and escape the wrath of the native deities. All the while burdened by divine curses imposed upon them by Loki.

The silver lining is that they can come back. Again and again. Only to restart the chase.

This fiction contains gore, sexual violence, torture, brutality, psychological and physical trauma, and no plot armor whatsoever. Portrayals of racism, misoginy, prejudice, and random violence will happen without warning. There won't be graphycal displays of smut or porn, however. That's important, somehow.

If any of the above can offend you or your sensibility, please don't read. The themes displayed are intended as criticism on why they are bad. The characters' reactions and opinions are their own and don't reflect the author's worldviews.

One more time: THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE.

Reader discretion is advised and required.

This work is not intended for people easily offended or minors. This is a non-commercial work and market viability is not a concern.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue + Life 1 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 2 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 2 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 3 - "This wouldn't happen in Antioch" ago
Life 3 - Chapter 4 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 5 - An albino rabbit is a natural nurse. Just look at the coat. ago
Life 3 - Chapter 6 ago
LIfe 4 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 4 - chapter 2 - "It Cometh" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 3 ago
Life 4 - Chapter 4 - "Deathberry Vengeance" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 5 ago
Life 4 - Chapter 6 - "Lessons of the Tongue" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 7 - The Old Soul ago
Life 4 - Chapter 8 - "Thunder!" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 9 - "Bring me you daughter..." ago
Life 4 - Chapter 10 - My kingdom for a cardboard box ago
Life 4 - Chapter 11 - The way of the Samurai ago
Life 4 - Chapter 12 - Now playing: Rightfully, by Mili. ago
Life 4 - Chapter 13 - Dungeons sans Dragons ago
Life 4 - Chapter 14 - Le Saboteur ago
Life 4 - Chapter 15 - Beware the fae ago
Life 4 - Chapter 16 - Alone no more ago
Life 4 - Chapter 17 - John "Hannibal" Smith's favorite quote ago
Life 4 - Chapter 18 - Recruitment drive ago
Life 5 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 5 - chapter 2 ago
Life 5 - Chapter 3 - Assassin's Greed ago
Life 5 - Chapter 4 - Dead men tattle no tails ago
Life 5 - Chapter 5 - Flood Gate ago
Life 5 - Chapter 6 - Show of force ago
Life 5 - Chapter 7 - Master ago
Life 5 - Chapter 8 - Apricot's Darkest Hour ago
Life 5 - Chapter 9 - A brand new life ago
Life 5 - Chapter 10 - Assassin's Credo ago
Life 5 - Chapter 11 - Gut-Wrenching Screech ago
Life 5 - Chapter *01 - Growth (*) ago
Life 5 - Chapter 12 - Big Girl Murders ago
Life 5 - Chapter 13 - Royally Screwed ago
Life 5 - Chapter 14 - The meddler awakens ago
Life 5 - Chapter 15 - Finding Prince Charming, part I ago
Life 5 - Chapter 16 - Finding Prince Charming, part *NOPE* ago
Life 5 - Chapter 17 - Bare your Core ago
Life 5 - Chapter 18 - Connecting those damn dots. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 19 - Apricot's morning guests. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 20 - A cat walked into a temple... ago
Life 5 - Chapter 21 - Hail the Hero ago
Life 5 - Chapter 22 - Cities! Burn one, get one free. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 23 - A wild Chad appears! ago
Life 5 - Chapter 24 - Boomerang Quest Hooks. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 25 - Rescue one, get one free. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 26 ago
Life 5 - Chapter 27 - Cloak, Dagger, and a bottle of rum. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 28 - Summer Halloween ago
Life 5 - Chapter 29 - Now playing: I'm on a Boat by The Lonely Island ago
Life 5 - Chapter 30 - Right of Parley ago
Life 5 - Chapter 31 - Oh Brother! ago
Life 5 - Chapter 32 - Going with a bang. ago
Life 6 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 6 - Chapter 2 - I Stole a Pie. I Stole a Pie. I Stole a Pie. ago
Life 6 - Chapter 3 - Jail Blues ago
Life 6 - Chapter 4 - Spending quality time ago
Life 6 - Chapter 7 - Three Wise Men ago
Life 6 - Chapter 8 - Slavery ago
Life 6 - Chapter 9 - Altered Beast ago
Life 6 - Chapter 10 - Accomplices ago
Life 6 - Chapter 11 - Fairy Goddaughter ago
Life 6 - Chapter 12 - The Noble Hunt ago
Life 6 - Chapter 13 - An Empress, a Queen, and a Princess walk into a bar ago
Life 6 - Chapter 14 - And it'll take a long while to thaw. ago
Life 6 - Chapter 15 - Woe is you, princess. ago
LIfe 6 - Status ago
Life 7 - Chapter 1 - Glitched Speedrun. ago
Life 7 - Chapter 2 - On my own way. ago
Life 7 - Chapter 3 - The Gildedest Cage ago
Life 8 - Chapter 1 - A prisoner in a foreign body. ago
Life 8 - Chapter 2 - Sunny with a chance of lewdness ago
Life 8 - Chapter 3 - Now playing: Montage, by DVDA. ago
Life 8 - Chapter (*) 1 - To own oneself ago
Life 8 - Chapter 4 - Holding out for a Hero ago
Life 8 - Chapter 5 - The great orc hunt ago
Life 8 - Chapter 6 - Uninvited guests ago
Life 8 - Chapter 7 - Swim City ago
Life 8 - Chapter 8 - Elder fairy ago
Life 8 - Chapter 9 - Cold Geas ago
Life 8 - Chapter 10 - The truth is, _____ are space elves. ago
Life 8 - Chapter 11 - Now Playing: You'll Play Your Part ago
Life 8 - Chapter 12 - Heavy is the head... ago
Life 8 - Chapter 002 (*) - Once more, unto the breach ago
Life 8 - Chapter 13 - The Great Griffin Hunt ago
Life 8 - Chapter 14 - Question: In the fantasy genre, this fantastic creature is the apex predator. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 1 - In a hole in the ground... there was darkness. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 2 - Now, we need a scale and a duck. But it's a fair cop. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 3 - To the Big City! ago
Life 10 - Chapter 4 - Down the dark hole. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 5 - Dungeon Proclivities ago
Life 10 - Chapter 6 - Hostile Takeover ago
Life 10 - Chapter 7 - Playing House ago
Life 10 - Chapter 8 - Enchanting ago
Life 10 - Chapter 9 - Deliverance ago
Life 10 - Chapter 10 - Home's not Home ago
Life 10 - Chapter 11 - Kill Zone ago
Life 10 - Chapter 12 - The (s)way of the Sith ago
Life 10 - Chapter 13 - Making Damocles Proud ago
Life 10 - Chapter 14 - The Wandering Magician ago
Life 10 - Chapter 15 - Wholesome ago
Life 10 - Chapter 16 - Uncursing ago
Life 10 - Chapter 17 - Now Playing: Something with "my favorite cheese" in the lyrics ago
Life 10 - Chapter 18 - E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 19 - A Shopkeeper's Woes. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 20 (*) - A Lady's Best Shield: More Ladies. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 21 - All hail the King ago
Life 10 - Chapter 22 - Save the Queen ago
Life 10 - Chapter 23 - Securing the Keys to the Throne ago
Life 10 - Chapter 24 - Cleaning House ago
Life 10 - Chapter 25 - The Immersive Woes of Abandoning a Quest Chain. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 26 - And that Feeling of Failing a Quest Without Even Noticing It ago
Life 10 - Chapter 27 - Negotiations from a position of power ago
Life 10 - Chapter 28 - Do it like they did in Calgary ago
Life 10 - Chapter 29 - A Cheater Cheating was in Dire Need of a Beating. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 30 - ... and a sore loser needed two. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 31 - The Wasteland King ago
Life 10 - Chapter 32 - The Most Tedious Duel Ever ago
Life 10 - Intermission and Status Page ago
Life number... what the...!?!?! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 2 - Please stand by. Your call is very important to us ago
Life 26 - Chapter 3 - Acting in a Professional Capacity ago
Life 26 - Chapter 04 - Unchangeable Nature ago
Life 26 - Chapter 5 - Now playing: That fight theme you all know. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 6 - Recycled Crown Jewels. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 7 - A wild side quest appeared! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 8 - Imposing Dominance ago
Life 26 - Chapter (*) 01 - Snake Snack. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 9 - All Hands Hoy! Maroon ye landlubbers! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 10 - Just Beat It ago
Life 26 - Chapter 11 - To each their own. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 12 - Upon the Throne. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 13 - A Betrayal of Thrones ago
Life 26 - Chapter 14 - Now playing: That song about stalking your S.O. and trolling your friends. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 15 - What Time is it? It's Timeskip o'clock! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 16 v2 - Visit Scenic Dragonfall Valley! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 17 - Just Bear It. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 18 - You can't spell "Hospitality" without "spite"... wait, huh? ago
Life 26 - Chapter 19 - Now playing: TIme's Scar. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 20 - It's an E(L)ffing Quest. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 21 - How to (_not_) Dodge your Side Quests ago
Life 26 - Chapter 22 - Let my People Go ago
Life 26 - Chapter 23 - Dabbling ago
Life 26 - Chapter 24 - The Price of Freedom ago
Life 26 - Chapter 25 - Recruitment from the Grave ago
Life 26 - Chapter 26 - ... but sometimes they don't want it even if you pay. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 27 - ... Then you force it down the throat because you know it better. ago
Life 26 - Intermission - MAP & Status ago
Life 26 - Chapter 28 - That's a lot of snakes. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 29 - One year of boot camp. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 30 - Everyone Twirling their Mustache. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 31 - Old Friends ago
Life 26 - Chapter 32 - Revenge Match, part 1 ago
Life 26 - Chapter 33 - Revenge Match, part 2 ago
Life 26 - Chapter 34 - Now, what? ago
Life 26 - Chapter 34 B - Intermission: The Second Age ago
Life 26 - Chapter 35 - At the end, that's what healed her heart. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 36 - All good things... ago
Life 26 - Chapter 37 - ... Must come to an end. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 1 - Worse than league's Olaf or Cataclysm's reduction to DS duration. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 2 - If that didn't make you Rage-Quit, let's try again. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 3 - Life after the Nerf ago
Life 27 - Chapter 4 - Intervening in the Intervention. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 5 - A Cloak, a Dagger, but no Bottles of Rum. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 6 - Is It too Late to Get the Cardboard Box? ago
Life 27 - chapter 7 - Those Damned Sleazy Demigods! ago
Life 27 - chapter 8 - Reef Singer ago
Life 27 - Chapter 9 - Bonding ago
Life 27 - chapter 10 - Territorial Expansionism Syndrome ago
Life 27 - Chapter 11 - Prince vs. Princess ago
YES A CHAPTER - 31/10 Special ago
Life 27 - Side Story 1 - Wyxnos' Plight ago
Life 27 - Chapter 12 - The Scion, the Beach, and the Ward-Robes ago
Life 27 - Chapter 13 - Mermaids and their Exquisite made-up Rites ago
Life 27 - Chapter 14 - Class Fusion ago
Interlude- Dire Whollydays ago
Life 27 - Interludes Recompiled. ago
Life 27 - Status Page ago
Life 27 - Chapter 15 - On being and becoming a [Diva] ago
life 27 - Chapter 16 - Tribute to Rhaegar ago
life 27 - Chapter 17 - The Fine Art of Kill-stealing by Brute Force ago
Life 27 - Chapter 18 - On Dealing with Sealed Evils ago
Life 27 - Chapter 19 - Your Call is VERY Important to us (NOT). ago
Life 27 - Chapter 20 - Why do I Hear Boss Music? (Part 1) ago
Life 27 - Chapter 20 - Why do I Hear Boss Music? (Part 2) ago
Life 27 - Chapter 21 - Selfishness ago
Life 27 - Chapter 22 - Responsibilities ago
Life 27 - Chapter 23 - Exploiting the Math ago
Life 27 - Chapter 24 - You are a [Wizard], Arista ago
Life 27 - Chapter 25 - A Change of Heart ago
Life 27 - Chapter 26 - Decadent Descendants Decided for Disparaging Dissent ago
Life 27 - Chapter 27 - On Why Blood Magic is Reviled ago
Life 27 - Chapter 28 - Navel Warfare. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 29 - The Wrong Way to Brew a Conspiracy ago
Life 27 - Chapter 30 - Once More, Unto the Breach... I mean, Throne Room. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 31 - The Shame of Virturia ago
Life 27 - Chapter 32 - Gone, in Sixty Seconds. Break your limits! ago
Life 27 - Side Story 2 - The Aftershock ago
Life 27 - Chapter 33 - Oh, how Wonderful it is to be the King! ago
Life 27 - Chapter 33 - Laundry Services ago
Life 27 - Chapter 34 - How to Kidnap your... Seriously??? ago
Life 27 - Chapter 35 - Baby Boom ago
Life 27 - Chapter 36 - Sapling Schism ago
Life 27 - Chapter 37 - Seeding Acorns ago
Life 27 - Chapter 38 - Shell in the Ghost ago
Life 27 - Chapter 39 - As Time, Goat Guy. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 40 - Revenge Match! Win One, get One Free. ago
Life 27 - Chapter 41 - A Lame but Truthful Quote ago
Life 27 - Chapter 42 - Checkov's Perks ago
Life 27? - Chapter 43 - A Long Whale Later ago
Life 27? - Chapter 44 - A New Project ago
Life 27? - Chapter 45 - Chafing ago
Life 27? - Chapter 46 - Kindgom Making: Mermaid School Edition ago
Life 27? - Chapter 47 - Daughter of Elysium ago
Life 27? - Chapter 48 - Naval Siege Warfare ago
Life 27? - Chapter 49 - Juggernaut Juggling ago
Life 27? - Chapter 50 - A matter of Gray Matter ago
Life 27? - Chapter 51 - Kyuuute Little Dewdrops of Sunshine ago
Life 27? - Chapter 52 - Meet the New Teaching Staff ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 1 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 2 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 3 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 4 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 5 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 6 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 7 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, part 8 ago
Life 27 - Adyra's Quest, epilogue ago
Life 27? - Chapter 53 - The Perkinator! ago
Life 27? - Chapter 54 - Scorched Continent, Side B ago
Life 27? - Chapter 54 - To Skin a Demon. Or two. Probably a lot. ago
Life 27? - Chapter 55 - Release your Inner Cosmos! ago
Life 27? - Chapter 56 - That Retirement Tile Doesn't Sound too Bad when You're a Grownup. ago
Life 28 - Prologue ago
Life 28 - Chapter 1 - Dandy Dewy Downy Fur ago
Life 28 - Chapter 2 - Tribal Customs ago
Life 28 - Chapter 3 - Barbarian Trials ago
Life 28 - Chapter 4 - Prancing Snowdrop: Ninja Barbarian Edition ago
Life 28 - Chapter 5 - To the Victor, the Spoils. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 6 - Smartass Commenters Already Spoiled This One! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 7- Trail of Exile ago
Life 28 - Chapter 8 - When it Rains, it Pours. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 9 - Now playing: Dagobah is Here! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 10 - Upgrade Complete ago
Life 28 - Chapter 11 - You thought it was over? Ha! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 12 - Departure, Schism ago
Life 28 - Chapter 13 - Mindbenders! Mindbenders everywhere! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 14 - Now playing: A Barbarian's parody of MLP's "Smile Song". ago
Life 28 - Chapter 15 - Go, Go, Gadget Gnome! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 16 - Inherit my "Horn" and "Bone". ago
Life 28 - Chapter 17 - I ain't got no time for TPK's ago
Life 28 - Chapter 18 - I want to redeem this. You want to redeem that. Let's redeem together! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 19 - A quick detour home. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 20 - "Raid the Human Village" is a child's game. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 21 - Those that Dictate the Rules ago
Life 28 - Chapter 22 - Those that Play by the Rules ago
Life 28 - Chapter 23 - Those That Don't ago
Life 28 - Chapter 24 - And then, the few that go against said rules. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 25 - The (Ridiculously) Wrong Way to Place Bounties ago
Life 28 - Chapter 26 - The Invincible Throne ago
Life 28 - Chapter 27 - With a "little" help from my friend. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 28 - HogWarps HugsWarts ago
Life 28 - Chapter 28-(b) - HogWarps HugsWarts, part 1 / 2 (Redux) ago
Life 28 - Chapter 29 - HogWarps HugsWarts, part 2 / 2 ago
Life 28 - Chapter 30 - Now Everyone is a Mind-Bender! And I mean, Everyone! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 31 - Putting all that Behind ago
Life 28 - Chapter 32 - Queens! Buy one, get one free! ago
Cards on the Table: About the Story and an Upcoming Major Arc ago
Life 28 - Chapter 33 - Hello, future me! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 34 - A house for the Sun, another for the elf, one for the (baby) bun, then myself ago
Life 28 - Chapter 35 - C.S.I. Isekai. War Crimes Division. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 36 - "Everything the Blight touches is our kingdom" ago
Life 28 - Chapter 37 - Sticks and stones may break my bones... ago
Life 28 - Chapter 38 - The most powerful secret technique! ago
Life 28 - Chapter 39 - Learning to Fly ago
Life 28 - Chapter 40 - Getting them Together ago
Life 28 - Chapter 41 - Death by 1,000,000 horns ago
Life 28 - Chapter 42 - The tale of the White Barbarian Queen ago
Life 28 - Chapter 43 - Dedicated to Robert E. Howard ago
Life 28 - Chapter 44 - Corify ago
Life 28 - Chapter 45 - The Ion, the Lich, and the War Globe, part 1 / 3 ago
Life 28 - Chapter 46 - This is the Lockpicking Layman, and what I have for you here today... ago
Life 28 - Chapter 46 - Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 47 - Shadowy Gatekeeper ago
Life 28 - Chapter 48 - Scoopy-Doopey-Switcheroo ago
Life 28 - Chapter 49 - How to Murder your Raid (Boss). ago
Life 28 - Chapter 50 - Your loss Is my win, I'm the boss Of your evil twin. ago
Life 28 - Chapter 51 - Oldschool Gamer Diplomacy ago
Life 28 - Chapter 52 - It's PvZ "Vasebreaker" but with Centaurs and Liches ago
Life 28 - Chapter 53 - The Ion, the Lich, and the War Globe, part 2 / 3 ago
Life 28 - Chapter 54 - Now Playing: "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen" ago
Life 28 - Chapter 55 - The Ion, the Lich, and the War Globe, part 3 / 3 ago
Life 29 - Chapter 1 - Prejudice ago
Life 29 - Chapter 2 - Depths ago
Life 29 - Chapter 3 - Grumpy ago
Life 29 - Chapter 4 - Orphanage ago
Life 29 - Chapter 5 - Child ago
Life 29 - Chapter 6 - Wisteria ago
Life 29 - Chapter 7 - Tails ago
Life 29 - Chapter 8 - Saintess ago
Life 29 - Chapter 9 - Friends ago
Life 29 - Chapter 10 - Kill-Stealing ago
Life 29 - Chapter 11 - Apprentice ago
Life 29 - Chapter 12 - Home ago
Life 29 - Chapter 13 - Freebies ago
Life 29 - Chapter 14 - Fabric ago
Life 29 - Chapter 15 - Reforge ago
Life 29 - Chapter 16 - AA ago
Life 29 - Chapter 17 - Classmate ago
Life 29 - Chapter 18 - Introductions ago
Life 29 - Chapter 19 - Circles ago
Life 29 - Chapter 20 - Paper ago
Life 29 - Chapter 21 - Appropriateness ago
Life 29 - Chapter 22 - Inappropriateness ago
Life 29 - Chapter 23 - Ladies ago
Life 29 - Chapter 24 - Despair ago
Life 29 - Chapter 25 - Mirina ago
Life 29 - Chapter 26 - Disclosure ago
Life 29 - Chapter 27 - Discrepancy ago
Life 29 - Chapter 28 - Challenge ago
Life 29 - Chapter 29 - OverBEARing ago
Life 29 - Chapter 30 - Wicked ago
Life 29 - Chapter 31 - McCarthic ago
Life 29 - Chapter 32 - Pajamas ago
Life 29 - Chapter 33 - Governance ago
Life 29 - Chapter 34 - Smelt'er ago
Life 29 - Chapter 35 - Bagpipes ago
Life 29 - Chapter 36 - Rondo ago
Life 29 - Chapter 37 - Engendered ago
Life 29 - Chapter 38 - Adventure ago
Life 29 - Chapter 39 - Integument ago
Life 29 - Chapter 40 - Clothing ago
Life 29 - Chapter 41 - Classroom ago
Life 29 - Chapter 42 - Outing ago
Life 29 - Chapter 43 - Gauntlet ago
NOT A CHAPTER. Waifu Labs is Hard. ago
Life 29 - Chapter 44 - Mandate ago
Life 29 - Chapter 44.B - Caprice ago
Life 29 - Chapter 45 - Corridors ago
Life 29 - Chapter 46 - Reflection ago
Life 29 - Chapter 47 - Shopping ago
Life 29 - Chapter 48 - Catoblepish ago
Life 29 - Chapter 49 - Kidnapped ago
Life 29 - Chapter 50 - Executive ago
Life 29 - Chapter 51 - Doubtful ago
Life 29 - Chapter 52 - She-nanigans ago
Life 29 - Chapter 53 - Revelation ago
Life 29 - SSS 001 - Spy ago
Life 29 - Chapter 54 - C.S.I. ago
Life 29 - Chapter 54 - Rethought ago
Life 29 - Chapter 54 - Phattest ago
Life 29 - Chapter 55 - M.I.T.H. ago
Life 29 - Chapter 56 - Coup ago
Life 29 - Chapter 57 - Meek ago
Life 29 - Chapter 57 - Children ago
Life 29 - Chapter 58 - Angst ago
Life 29 - Chapter 59 - Fateful ago
Life 29 - SSS 002 - Visitors ago
Life 29 - Chapter 60 - Butcher ago
Life 29 - Chapter 61 - Angel ago
Life 29 - SSS 003 - Wager ago
Life 29 - Chapter 62 - Deceitfully ago
Life 29 - Chapter 63 - Karmic ago
Life 29 - Chapter 64 - Expedition ago
Life 29 - Chapter 65 - Throbbing ago
Life 29 - Chapter 66 - Connections ago
Life 29 - Chapter 67 - Political ago
Life 29 - Chapter 68 - Symbols ago
Life 29 - Chapter 69 - Instrumentalization ago
Life 29 - Chapter 70 - Dreamy ago
Life 29 - Chapter 71 - UPGRADER ago
Life 29 - Chapter 72 - Hardened ago
Life 29 - Chapter 73 - Baked ago
Life 29 - Chapter 74 - Gardening ago
Life 29 - Chapter 75 - Flotation ago
Life 29 - Chapter 76 - Rock-Hard ago
Life 29 - Chapter 77 - Calling ago
Life 29 - Chapter 78 - Pranking ago
Life 29 - Chapter 79 - Gifts ago
Life 29 - Chapter 80 - Alliance ago
Life 29 - Chapter 81 - Bridges ago
Life 29 - Chapter 82 - Ferry ago
Life 29 - Chapter 83 - Renovations ago
Life 29 - Chapter 84 - Odds ago
Life 29 - Chapter 85 - Bloodlines ago
Life 29 - Chapter 86 - Punishment ago
Life 29 - Chapter 87 - Parenthood ago
Life 29 - Chapter 88 - Consolidation ago
Life 29 - Chapter 89 - Redemption ago
Life 29 - Chapter 90 - Nightclub ago
Life 29 - Chapter 91 - Determination ago
Life 29 - SSS 004 - Astrometaphysics ago
Life 29 - Chapter 92 - Conclave ago
Life 29 - Chapter 93 - Cobbled ago
Life 29 - SSS 005 - I Live to Two-Shot Priests ago
NOT A CHAPTER - Waylaid by life ago

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At the time of writing: Of the top 8 reviews, 7 are Negative and almost ALL positive reviews have at least a 50% downvote rating. 
HOWEVER, this story also has a 4.5 overall rating, has overwhelmingly positive reviews overall, and is the 5th most popular novel of this week!

This is arguably one of the most controversial Novels on Royal Road and while I personally enjoyed the novel, I can 100% understand why people wouldn't like it:
Story Summary:

Spoiler: Spoiler

Here are (some of) the controversial parts of this Novel:

  • The story has no 'Plot' and no 'End Goal' the MC(Main Character) is just going to live for 1 to 10,000 years, and maybe get some happiness along the way.
  • The author has straight up admitted he has NO-PLAN for how the story will progress and is MAKING IT UP AS HE GOES ALONG. This automatically kills the story for some people.
  • It can definitely be argued the story has no 'true' stakes, as worst comes to worst the MC dies and the story simply goes on.
  • Each 'Lifetime' is disconnected. Most of his actions in one lifetime don't make a large impact on his subsequent lifetimes.
  • Lifetimes have WILDLY different themes and story genres. From survival, to city building, to base defending, to murder hobo, to less murdery prankstar, to moddy princess, to Hobbit. And while you like one Lifetime you might not like the others.
  • Spoiler: Spoiler
  • The supporting characters all serve a purpose but don't get any screen time or development outside their role in the MC's Lifetimes.
  • I can't say I have gotten attached to any of the supporting characters shown so far. I've basically forgotten about all the ones from the MC's old Lifetimes.
  • Rape, Slavery, Prostitution, Murder are all depicted here. While it always depicts these as bad things, I can see people looking at this and not liking the depictions either because the MC doesn't react enough or because of the events being depicted as 'normal' in a medieval fantasy world.
  • The MC is the type to hypocritically care ONLY about the evil that is happening directly in front of him, this trope is disliked by many (including me)
  • Moments where villains are extremely cruel or cartoonishly evil happen frequently, to the point it becomes unbelievable that all these characters could coexist within a civilization.
  • This is one of the novels where there is a seemingly infinite supply of disposable goons and human stupidity.
  • Disability is a constant topic, as one of the MC's curses garanties he is disabled at the start of every lifetime. The in-story solution is usually to get more Skills to circumvent or mitigate the issues. From my perspective as someone who is Autistic, I found the depiction respectful, with the disabilities each bringing their unique challenges that the author tried to think though and talk about.
  • The MC is an intentionally flawed character who makes mistakes and those mistakes have consequences, oftentimes resulting in his own death or the death of others close to him.
  • The MC gets a LOT OF SKILLS, like 40 to 100 in the first 20 chapters. Nether we the audience or the Character owning these skills can keep track of them. Most of these skills are never used.
  • The MC is dam overpowered. And it doesn't REALLY make sense for him to be overpowered given his Curses. Yah, he has a lot of skills but his attributes are hard capped at 11 and all skills are capped at beginner rank. So how EXACTLY is he powerfull given most of his skills don't synergise?
  • This is fundamentally a Path-to-Godhood Novel. Expect the MC to get powerful fairly quickly.
  • The MC is cursed to be female for some reason... And I don't know why is that even considered a curse? It doesn't seem to add anything aside from keeping the 'Harem' tag off this isakki novel.

Here is why I LOVE this Novel:

  • The CHAOTIC nature of it all keeps me guessing. Because literally noone knows where the story is going:
  • 1) Both good and bad events keep happening as a result of the MC's actions/inactions.
  • 2) I genuinely don't know if a lifetime is going to have a good or bad ending or if a character I like/hate is going to get what they deserve.
  • Some lifetimes can last 30 chapters and some lifetimes can last 3 chapters, when the MC fights a powerful opponent there is a genuine chance he could DIE if he messes up.
  • The 3-4 skills per chapter make my brain produce the happy-chemical. I don't why this is the case but there is just something uniquely satisfying about reading a character becoming more and more OP.
  • The lack of overarching end goal means the story can take a slower-pace and focus on the problems of each Lifetime, and that allows each 'ark' to feel important in their own moments.
  • As I already discussed I like how the disabilities and unique challenges of each of the lifetime shapes the MC and keep the story feeling fresh.
  • I like the flawed MC, yes he's not truly optimal or moral but there is character growth even if all that growth isn't strictly beneficial or 'sane'.
  • The minimum amount possible is given to the interpersonal relations between characters, this is a personal preference but I like the focus on combat and growth.
  • The combat is creative and uses unique styles. It is definitely head and shoulders above the "I Just have to hit X harder!" trope that most writers fall into. The environment is used creatively with poison and digging being some of the MC's main go to skills.
  • There is a clear explained reason and purpose behind the MC's reincarnation and the world being built feels 'real' even if it's a 90% generic fantasy world.
  • Decent Comedy throughout! I personally enjoy the MC's wisecracks and attitude towards their situation.
  • The Author goes the extra-mile to keep the setting more historically accurate, the fact that locks are a relatively recent invention, how armor worked, talking about misconceptions that people have about early medieval warfare and life. It adds a good 'polish' to the world building.
  • The novel updates FAST like 2-4 CHAPTERS PER DAY!!! Which (especially during this pandemic) makes it a highly valued part of my daily entertainment.

Overall whether you love or hate this novel depends on what you are looking for:

I wanted a way to spend time binge-reading a story while I am 'working from home' and I got it! 
If you wanted a story that was too the point and a quick read you aren't going to get it...


I enjoyed this story alot in the beginning, then found my opinion changing with each new life the MC started. The lack of structure really hurts the story here, it just reads like a writer experimenting with random nonsense. The action is nice whenever it happens but the dialogue outside of those scenes is honestly cringeworthy.

It may be the drastic genre shifts between lives or the sheer nonsense that the MC is immediately agreeable to (life 8; honestly, all of that crap with the suicidal elf using her body to imprison the MC), but this story just isn't for me anymore. 


First and foremost, there are no heroes in this story, or anti-heroes, or even proper villains. Every character, from rabbits, to village girls, to gods, and dragons, every single one of them are fundamentally- and extremely selfish.

Even the mc- who in power tripping stories like this would usually be some paragon of good in a cruel world for the author and readers to circle jerk over, is a venomous snake of a woman, devoid of any redeeming charsitics beyond that holding family ties dearly. Those family members of course also being, manipulative, treacherous, or downright monstrous.


This is, by some measure, realistic (though frankly, even accepting that the world is a terrible place, this pushes the envelope of what's realistic.)

The character are often shallow, and are never anything more then the worst of humanity, which as a reader is both demoralizing, and even worse, predictable.

This story is not much more then a power-trip, but the nature of everyone being such enormous assholes, makes the power trip funny, and the stories selling point.

Pukas O

This web novel is such a good litrpg, I kind of want a new genre based on it! The idea of having the character cursed to 100 reincarnations on the same planet spread out by a few centuries is genius! It makes it so you can enjoy multiple zero to hero level ups at early levels and since there is carry over of skills and such from one life to the next, there is a broader sense of getting more powerful over a longer stretch of time. Having tons of curses to compensate for all this also doesn't get in the way of any of this either which is great. The pacing of the levelling and such is also great, the author doesn't bog the story down with getting skills for and levelling skills for every little thing like walking, eating, and ass wiping so good job Mr. Author! The levels are also not so spread far apart that the story can barely be called a litrpg whcih I find great. Although the author is creating the story on the fly, there is still decent structure to the story and isn't too noticable for me. The 100 reincarnations thing is also very interesting because it allows for multiple different personalities of the main character, and almost a new main character each life, although it's the same person each time, their priorities and goals change each time as they themselves decide on goals or the world around them makes them. Also so far the author has an insane update schedule. They started around 2 months ago and they already have 1.1k pages worth of words like what? Great job author keep it up! Even if the update schedule slows done it's fine, the story is still great! (The only criticism I have is the imperfect gramar, which is noticeable and you'll have a few errors each chapter but it doesn't get in the way of the reading experience really, and isn't nearly as bad as those translated stories, and if that's the cost for this ungodly update schedule then I have no complaints, zero!)

TLDR: The 100 reincarnations element keeps the story constantly fresh and exciting as there are always new zero to hero situations and mc priorities to come spice the story up when it slows down, and the author knows how to pace it well.


Yeah... so this 'story' is really bad (anthology would be more fitting). It has got terrible characters who are either too accepting or too lackluster.

The style isn't too bad.

The grammar needs correction but is readable and mostly fine.

The 'story' is living from life to life so it would kind of deserve the slice of life. Hehe slice of life, cause she has got multiple slices of life.

Anyway, why am I still reading this? Frankly, I don't know. The early chapters were preeetty good almost full 5 stars there. BUT about the point where apricots life was in full swing. There I think was were it went wrong. She was too overpowered, she was a legend, she had too many personalities merged.

There are many good ideas in this story, even though the author most likely used the idea from The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation, another story on RR which had a brilliant idea but fell in popularity due to Hiatus.

But it developed into a mishmash.

Well I wrote my random thoughts till now. Now my main problems with this story:

1. The Author. 

While the author already has got a collection of stories he wrote most of them were fine, but not very good, I think there was a point where those stories also went wrong?

Anyway in this story he releases chapters day by day, which is pretty good. What isn't though is, he isn't correcting mistakes, or reading the comments which show mistakes. There is a pretty simple way to check if the author has edited this story earnestly or if he read reviews at all. There is a 3 chapter gap in Life 6 Chapter 4-7. 

No content is missing, just the chapter numbers are wrong. But it is these small mistakes which often decide between a good story and a fantastic one.

2. Secrets? Are those edible?

Yeah, so died I reincarnated in my previous life I was always fighting in that life. Guess I should lay back in this life. Huh, someone in danger! Let's rescue them. ?! They speak with me. Lets tell them all my secrets and fall in love with them. So this is what happened at least once. But what I hate here is the lack of secrets, sure you can tell someone you trust some secrets. But saying for example:"I was a rabbit once." is just unnecessary. That just really bumps me personally. Buut it would be fine if the MC won't trust some random stranger again, as much (Spoiler alert: She did.). 

2.1 NSFW

It is simply unnecessary and boring, doesn't really add anything to the story other than maaaybe making the MC more feminine and secure in his/her gender? Don't really have a problem, I just don't enjoy it and skip it.

3. Story

Simply said, it is barely there. The action scenes also aren't that good. This is the problem with such stories. The Ascendant while it only had 17 Chapters even had a better story I think. It had a premonition, a slow but steady progression and strong opponents. 

While this story does have strong opponents after the first couple of lifes the biggest threat are dragons and gods. The progression got upped to fast, and learning things was too easy. The Ascendant didn't even have LitRPG I think but with a hundred chapters even a simple begger would be able to become a king. Here though it went from an amoebe to a God.(Though the becoming a God isn't certain yet.)

The OPness got nerfed in life 27, so it will most likely take a while until she'll get her strength back.

All in all I still read this story because of the status page. I just want to see the stats grow. (Edit: There is some story there, but it doesn't really belong together) But I will most likely quit when the 'story' or the characters become too unbearable. The main problem this novel has. Are the short lives and the fast release rate.

Some random Dude:!!! Fast release rate? How come?

Well random Dude. Sometimes Quality and Quantity can be balanced, sometimes one wins over the other. But if one sinks too much it doesn't matter how good the other one is. It inevitably will make its popularity and 'worth' plummet.

I think through the mistakes in the early chapters even new readers could give up fast thinking: "The author doesn't care about us! Even though there are hundreds of comments with corrections, they haven't been implemented at all.

So if some other author would try his best with such a reincarnation story that author most likely could become even more famous than this one if he/she would be able to create a good enough story. Simply said, the ideas are good, the execution, while not at all bad is a bit lacking.

Edit 2: I finally decided to abandon this story. My reason? First, it got a bit repetitive. But the main reason why I quit now is because the characters aren't good enough anymore. They were '2-dimensional' kind of. Like, they had different personalites and goals etc. but they weren't that unique. But now I am at life 27 and I think they became '1-dimensional' if that is even a thing, they truly became mob-characters maybe they already were earlier in the story, but then I could ignore it. Because this story had other good qualities. But now it just doesn't work anymore. Not every character can just become a follower, a yes-guy or change from enemy to neutral and then to friendly within a short amount of time.

That was badly explained but that's it. Looking at the stars I gave and give now... many can write the beginning of a good story, but it doesn't happen often that they can also write a good middle and ending of a story. Sadly the two later parts make 2/3 of the story and while the beginning can lead you to a good story, it can only take you so far until the middle and final part change your mind. Either to the positive or the negative. This story wasn't too bad halfway through either, but it just wasn't enough anymore. Ideas can only get you so far and for me the idea got pumped dry.


Nobody can deny the author puts a lot of work into this story. Frequent updates, expansive character sheets, world building, etc.

But the story is so, so boring. It's the same thing again and again, with a slight variation every arc or so. The problem with overpowered main characters is there is limited growth and development, so you have to compensate with the story - and the story is the same every "life". MC starts out weak. MC is looked down on by arrogant people. MC is actually strong and kills everybody. Rinse and repeat. I think the author thinks he's changing it up, but the end result is the same every time. It gets stale, ESPECIALLY because the MC doesn't suffer any consequences. We all know the MC is going to be fine, there's virtually no excitement because the MC always relies on deus ex machina to win in the end.

As for the main character...she's not realistic at ALL.

Everybody calls her "Old Soul", so why does she have the mentality of a delusional eighth grader? Her solution to EVERY problem is brute force, and only does things different to show off how powerful she is. We get it, she can do anything she wants and nobody can beat her.

MC does not come off as intelligent or wise, only egotistically powerful. A character her age should be giving off Gandalf vibes, not a smug omnipotent magic girl. She's just annoying at this point.

Supporting characters only exist to make MC more powerful or sexy time. Enough said, they're even more shallow and boring.

The only arcs i REALLY liked was the killer bunny and elf queen. Bunny was original and had growth cause MC was weak then. Elf Queen was one of the few arcs where the MC faced REAL adversaries - the Broodmother - and lost.  We felt MC's frustration, the unfairness, and it was REALISTIC...unlike most of the other arcs where MC gets her way.

When Bundeus was still alive, I was intrigued by the story. Her arch nemesis was a GOD, so I thought there was potential for real conflict...except the writer makes Bundeus a 2-dimensional idiot that consistently makes the worst move every time. Come on, really? Not to mention that all the other gods are always friendly to MC whenever it's convenient for her.

The story feels like it was written FOR the main character, and the whole world is her oyster. It had potential in the beginning, but it didn't deliver. If reading about a character that gets to live out all of her power fantasies is your thing, then this is the story for you.

Ice Man

This is done on the fly by a really sly guy

Reviewed at: Life 29 - SSS 002 - Visitors

Oh looks here a more than 300 chapter interconnecting storyline! It truly is fun and enjoyable.

Rebirth, as a curse now that cans set the tone pretty fast but this book is just way more than that.

There are gods at play and many dominoes in place. Now watch as the universe expands from a microscopic level to a pantheon changing scale.

Every rebirth is unconnected to the last yet the experiences of the other lives keep influencing the outlook on life. Finding true love only to lose it, watch your sisteres grand children kill eatch other for more power. How would that affect a person.

Oh yeah and a guy as a girl curse is just pretty funny at first but also has affect on the viewpoint of the MC.


This person knows North mythology. Þór and Loki make an appearence but at different scales :D


This novel isn't exceptional in any way. It's one of those novels that you just read if you have some extra time.

  • The power system is all over the place. 
  • Everything happens because of the MC, there is no other character that influences events.
  • A lot of stupid decisions in the story that make no sense.


You should give this story a chance. If I had missed out on this story because of some bad reviews, I would've unknowingly deprived myself of an AMAZING reading experience. In Loki's Honor has everything you could want in a reincarnation story, and a lot you didn't even know you wanted. It's only after reading this that I've realized how sterilized a lot of the isekai/portal stories on RR - and fantasy more broadly - are.

This story takes life by the horns in a very real way, confronting the realities of life. Whether they realize it or not, most stories quietly exclude things they find unpleasant. This is an understandable proclivity - who would want to read about unpleasant things? But as you read more and more of the same, you gradually forget that what you're seeing is only part of the whole. That life has much more variety, in both happiness and despair, than are commonly shown in fantasy stories. And without knowing it, your subconscious idea of what humanity narrows in scope. This story blasts that wide open. It contains all the stuff you come back for - fantasy, adventure, growth, magic - but it also includes the part of humanity that we often shy away from in fiction - sexual violence, sexual pleasure, prejudice, poverty, privilege, psychological abuse, gender, the complexities of human psychology and how our identity is shaped. All of these things combine to create the full spectrum of human experience, and as a result I feel like the characters in In Loki's Honor feel more real and human than in a lot of other stories I've read.


Reading this is unique because while the setting constantly changes, it's pretty damn fun to read. The story moves forward depending on the enviroment of each life, and seeing how the mc changes by how they solve their problems is always fun to read. The unexpected situations can be laughably absurd and make a nice balance with the dark themes present.