In Loki's Honor

by MDW

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Psychological Female Lead Gender Bender Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Subtitle: I'm cursed to die 100 times.



This fiction contains gore, sexual violence, torture, brutality, psychological and physical trauma, and no plot armor whatsoever. Portrayals of racism, misoginy, prejudice, and random violence will happen without warning. There won't be graphycal displays of smut or porn, however. That's important, somehow.

If any of the above can offend you or your sensibility, please don't read. The themes displayed are intended as criticism on why they are bad. The characters' reactions and opinions are their own and don't reflect the author's worldviews.

One more time: THIS IS NOT A SAFE SPACE.

Reader discretion is advised and required.

This work is not intended for people easily offended or minors. This is a non-commercial work and market viability is not a concern.



Plot synopsis:

Earth is in turmoil. Fiction of travel to other worlds through the use of magic take on airs of prophecy as youngsters all around the world disappear. Amidst this turmoil, one New Yorker is caught in a traffic accident and chosen by Loki to travel to another world. The god's offer was not a fair one.

But they came not as the Trickster's champion. Their purpose, a sinister one. One that will earn them the enmity of the world. A Heroic destiny is not in their future.

Their only ally is the impartial and pervasive System. Unable to be purged, they came to stay.

Thrown in a barbaric world where life is a dime a dozen, the intruder tries to survive and escape the wrath of the native deities. All the while burdened by divine curses imposed upon them by Loki.

The silver lining is that they can come back. Again and again. Only to restart the chase.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue + Life 1 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 2 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 2 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 3 - "This wouldn't happen in Antioch" ago
Life 3 - Chapter 4 ago
Life 3 - Chapter 5 - An albino rabbit is a natural nurse. Just look at the coat. ago
Life 3 - Chapter 6 ago
LIfe 4 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 4 - chapter 2 - "It Cometh" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 3 ago
Life 4 - Chapter 4 - "Deathberry Vengeance" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 5 ago
Life 4 - Chapter 6 - "Lessons of the Tongue" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 7 - The Old Soul ago
Life 4 - Chapter 8 - "Thunder!" ago
Life 4 - Chapter 9 - "Bring me you daughter..." ago
Life 4 - Chapter 10 - My kingdom for a cardboard box ago
Life 4 - Chapter 11 - The way of the Samurai ago
Life 4 - Chapter 12 - Now playing: Rightfully, by Mili. ago
Life 4 - Chapter 13 - Dungeons sans Dragons ago
Life 4 - Chapter 14 - Le Saboteur ago
Life 4 - Chapter 15 - Beware the fae ago
Life 4 - Chapter 16 - Alone no more ago
Life 4 - Chapter 17 - John "Hannibal" Smith's favorite quote ago
Life 4 - Chapter 18 - Recruitment drive ago
Life 5 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 5 - chapter 2 ago
Life 5 - Chapter 3 - Assassin's Greed ago
Life 5 - Chapter 4 - Dead men tattle no tails ago
Life 5 - Chapter 5 - Flood Gate ago
Life 5 - Chapter 6 - Show of force ago
Life 5 - Chapter 7 - Master ago
Life 5 - Chapter 8 - Apricot's Darkest Hour ago
Life 5 - Chapter 9 - A brand new life ago
Life 5 - Chapter 10 - Assassin's Credo ago
Life 5 - Chapter 11 - Gut-Wrenching Screech ago
Life 5 - Chapter *01 - Growth (*) ago
Life 5 - Chapter 12 - Big Girl Murders ago
Life 5 - Chapter 13 - Royally Screwed ago
Life 5 - Chapter 14 - The meddler awakens ago
Life 5 - Chapter 15 - Finding Prince Charming, part I ago
Life 5 - Chapter 16 - Finding Prince Charming, part *NOPE* ago
Life 5 - Chapter 17 - Bare your Core ago
Life 5 - Chapter 18 - Connecting those damn dots. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 19 - Apricot's morning guests. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 20 - A cat walked into a temple... ago
Life 5 - Chapter 21 - Hail the Hero ago
Life 5 - Chapter 22 - Cities! Burn one, get one free. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 23 - A wild Chad appears! ago
Life 5 - Chapter 24 - Boomerang Quest Hooks. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 25 - Rescue one, get one free. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 26 ago
Life 5 - Chapter 27 - Cloak, Dagger, and a bottle of rum. ago
Life 5 - Chapter 28 - Summer Halloween ago
Life 5 - Chapter 29 - Now playing: I'm on a Boat by The Lonely Island ago
Life 5 - Chapter 30 - Right of Parley ago
Life 5 - Chapter 31 - Oh Brother! ago
Life 5 - Chapter 32 - Going with a bang. ago
Life 6 - Chapter 1 ago
Life 6 - Chapter 2 - I Stole a Pie. I Stole a Pie. I Stole a Pie. ago
Life 6 - Chapter 3 - Jail Blues ago
Life 6 - Chapter 4 - Spending quality time ago
Life 6 - Chapter 7 - Three Wise Men ago
Life 6 - Chapter 8 - Slavery ago
Life 6 - Chapter 9 - Altered Beast ago
Life 6 - Chapter 10 - Accomplices ago
Life 6 - Chapter 11 - Fairy Goddaughter ago
Life 6 - Chapter 12 - The Noble Hunt ago
Life 6 - Chapter 13 - An Empress, a Queen, and a Princess walk into a bar ago
Life 6 - Chapter 14 - And it'll take a long while to thaw. ago
Life 6 - Chapter 15 - Woe is you, princess. ago
LIfe 6 - Status ago
Life 7 - Chapter 1 - Glitched Speedrun. ago
Life 7 - Chapter 2 - On my own way. ago
Life 7 - Chapter 3 - The Gildedest Cage ago
Life 8 - Chapter 1 - A prisoner in a foreign body. ago
Life 8 - Chapter 2 - Sunny with a chance of lewdness ago
Life 8 - Chapter 3 - Now playing: Montage, by DVDA. ago
Life 8 - Chapter (*) 1 - To own oneself ago
Life 8 - Chapter 4 - Holding out for a Hero ago
Life 8 - Chapter 5 - The great orc hunt ago
Life 8 - Chapter 6 - Uninvited guests ago
Life 8 - Chapter 7 - Swim City ago
Life 8 - Chapter 8 - Elder fairy ago
Life 8 - Chapter 9 - Cold Geas ago
Life 8 - Chapter 10 - The truth is, _____ are space elves. ago
Life 8 - Chapter 11 - Now Playing: You'll Play Your Part ago
Life 8 - Chapter 12 - Heavy is the head... ago
Life 8 - Chapter 002 (*) - Once more, unto the breach ago
Life 8 - Chapter 13 - The Great Griffin Hunt ago
Life 8 - Chapter 14 - Question: In the fantasy genre, this fantastic creature is the apex predator. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 1 - In a hole in the ground... there was darkness. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 2 - Now, we need a scale and a duck. But it's a fair cop. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 3 - To the Big City! ago
Life 10 - Chapter 4 - Down the dark hole. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 5 - Dungeon Proclivities ago
Life 10 - Chapter 6 - Hostile Takeover ago
Life 10 - Chapter 7 - Playing House ago
Life 10 - Chapter 8 - Enchanting ago
Life 10 - Chapter 9 - Deliverance ago
Life 10 - Chapter 10 - Home's not Home ago
Life 10 - Chapter 11 - Kill Zone ago
Life 10 - Chapter 12 - The (s)way of the Sith ago
Life 10 - Chapter 13 - Making Damocles Proud ago
Life 10 - Chapter 14 - The Wandering Magician ago
Life 10 - Chapter 15 - Wholesome ago
Life 10 - Chapter 16 - Uncursing ago
Life 10 - Chapter 17 - Now Playing: Something with "my favorite cheese" in the lyrics ago
Life 10 - Chapter 18 - E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 19 - A Shopkeeper's Woes. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 20 (*) - A Lady's Best Shield: More Ladies. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 21 - All hail the King ago
Life 10 - Chapter 22 - Save the Queen ago
Life 10 - Chapter 23 - Securing the Keys to the Throne ago
Life 10 - Chapter 24 - Cleaning House ago
Life 10 - Chapter 25 - The Immersive Woes of Abandoning a Quest Chain. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 26 - And that Feeling of Failing a Quest Without Even Noticing It ago
Life 10 - Chapter 27 - Negotiations from a position of power ago
Life 10 - Chapter 28 - Do it like they did in Calgary ago
Life 10 - Chapter 29 - A Cheater Cheating was in Dire Need of a Beating. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 30 - ... and a sore loser needed two. ago
Life 10 - Chapter 31 - The Wasteland King ago
Life 10 - Chapter 32 - The Most Tedious Duel Ever ago
Life 10 - Intermission and Status Page ago
Life number... what the...!?!?! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 2 - Please stand by. Your call is very important to us ago
Life 26 - Chapter 3 - Acting in a Professional Capacity ago
Life 26 - Chapter 04 - Unchangeable Nature ago
Life 26 - Chapter 5 - Now playing: That fight theme you all know. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 6 - Recycled Crown Jewels. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 7 - A wild side quest appeared! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 8 - Imposing Dominance ago
Life 26 - Chapter (*) 01 - Snake Snack. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 9 - All Hands Hoy! Maroon ye landlubbers! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 10 - Just Beat It ago
Life 26 - Chapter 11 - To each their own. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 12 - Upon the Throne. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 13 - A Betrayal of Thrones ago
Life 26 - Chapter 14 - Now playing: That song about stalking your S.O. and trolling your friends. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 15 - What Time is it? It's Timeskip o'clock! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 16 v2 - Visit Scenic Dragonfall Valley! ago
Life 26 - Chapter 17 - Just Bear It. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 18 - You can't spell "Hospitality" without "spite"... wait, huh? ago
Life 26 - Chapter 19 - Now playing: TIme's Scar. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 20 - It's an E(L)ffing Quest. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 21 - How to (_not_) Dodge your Side Quests ago
Life 26 - Chapter 22 - Let my People Go ago
Life 26 - Chapter 23 - Dabbling ago
Life 26 - Chapter 24 - The Price of Freedom ago
Life 26 - Chapter 25 - Recruitment from the Grave ago
Life 26 - Chapter 26 - ... but sometimes they don't want it even if you pay. ago
Life 26 - Chapter 27 - ... Then you force it down the throat because you know it better. ago
Life 26 - Intermission - MAP & Status ago
Life 26 - Chapter 28 - That's a lot of snakes. ago

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At the time of writing: Of the top 8 reviews, 7 are Negative and almost ALL positive reviews have at least a 50% downvote rating. 
HOWEVER, this story also has a 4.5 overall rating, has overwhelmingly positive reviews overall, and is the 5th most popular novel of this week!

This is arguably one of the most controversial Novels on Royal Road and while I personally enjoyed the novel, I can 100% understand why people wouldn't like it:
Story Summary:

Spoiler: Spoiler

Here are (some of) the controversial parts of this Novel:

  • The story has no 'Plot' and no 'End Goal' the MC(Main Character) is just going to live for 1 to 10,000 years, and maybe get some happiness along the way.
  • The author has straight up admitted he has NO-PLAN for how the story will progress and is MAKING IT UP AS HE GOES ALONG. This automatically kills the story for some people.
  • It can definitely be argued the story has no 'true' stakes, as worst comes to worst the MC dies and the story simply goes on.
  • Each 'Lifetime' is disconnected. Most of his actions in one lifetime don't make a large impact on his subsequent lifetimes.
  • Lifetimes have WILDLY different themes and story genres. From survival, to city building, to base defending, to murder hobo, to less murdery prankstar, to moddy princess, to Hobbit. And while you like one Lifetime you might not like the others.
  • Spoiler: Spoiler
  • The supporting characters all serve a purpose but don't get any screen time or development outside their role in the MC's Lifetimes.
  • I can't say I have gotten attached to any of the supporting characters shown so far. I've basically forgotten about all the ones from the MC's old Lifetimes.
  • Rape, Slavery, Prostitution, Murder are all depicted here. While it always depicts these as bad things, I can see people looking at this and not liking the depictions either because the MC doesn't react enough or because of the events being depicted as 'normal' in a medieval fantasy world.
  • The MC is the type to hypocritically care ONLY about the evil that is happening directly in front of him, this trope is disliked by many (including me)
  • Moments where villains are extremely cruel or cartoonishly evil happen frequently, to the point it becomes unbelievable that all these characters could coexist within a civilization.
  • This is one of the novels where there is a seemingly infinite supply of disposable goons and human stupidity.
  • Disability is a constant topic, as one of the MC's curses garanties he is disabled at the start of every lifetime. The in-story solution is usually to get more Skills to circumvent or mitigate the issues. From my perspective as someone who is Autistic, I found the depiction respectful, with the disabilities each bringing their unique challenges that the author tried to think though and talk about.
  • The MC is an intentionally flawed character who makes mistakes and those mistakes have consequences, oftentimes resulting in his own death or the death of others close to him.
  • The MC gets a LOT OF SKILLS, like 40 to 100 in the first 20 chapters. Nether we the audience or the Character owning these skills can keep track of them. Most of these skills are never used.
  • The MC is dam overpowered. And it doesn't REALLY make sense for him to be overpowered given his Curses. Yah, he has a lot of skills but his attributes are hard capped at 11 and all skills are capped at beginner rank. So how EXACTLY is he powerfull given most of his skills don't synergise?
  • This is fundamentally a Path-to-Godhood Novel. Expect the MC to get powerful fairly quickly.
  • The MC is cursed to be female for some reason... And I don't know why is that even considered a curse? It doesn't seem to add anything aside from keeping the 'Harem' tag off this isakki novel.

Here is why I LOVE this Novel:

  • The CHAOTIC nature of it all keeps me guessing. Because literally noone knows where the story is going:
  • 1) Both good and bad events keep happening as a result of the MC's actions/inactions.
  • 2) I genuinely don't know if a lifetime is going to have a good or bad ending or if a character I like/hate is going to get what they deserve.
  • Some lifetimes can last 30 chapters and some lifetimes can last 3 chapters, when the MC fights a powerful opponent there is a genuine chance he could DIE if he messes up.
  • The 3-4 skills per chapter make my brain produce the happy-chemical. I don't why this is the case but there is just something uniquely satisfying about reading a character becoming more and more OP.
  • The lack of overarching end goal means the story can take a slower-pace and focus on the problems of each Lifetime, and that allows each 'ark' to feel important in their own moments.
  • As I already discussed I like how the disabilities and unique challenges of each of the lifetime shapes the MC and keep the story feeling fresh.
  • I like the flawed MC, yes he's not truly optimal or moral but there is character growth even if all that growth isn't strictly beneficial or 'sane'.
  • The minimum amount possible is given to the interpersonal relations between characters, this is a personal preference but I like the focus on combat and growth.
  • The combat is creative and uses unique styles. It is definitely head and shoulders above the "I Just have to hit X harder!" trope that most writers fall into. The environment is used creatively with poison and digging being some of the MC's main go to skills.
  • There is a clear explained reason and purpose behind the MC's reincarnation and the world being built feels 'real' even if it's a 90% generic fantasy world.
  • Decent Comedy throughout! I personally enjoy the MC's wisecracks and attitude towards their situation.
  • The Author goes the extra-mile to keep the setting more historically accurate, the fact that locks are a relatively recent invention, how armor worked, talking about misconceptions that people have about early medieval warfare and life. It adds a good 'polish' to the world building.
  • The novel updates FAST like 2-4 CHAPTERS PER DAY!!! Which (especially during this pandemic) makes it a highly valued part of my daily entertainment.

Overall whether you love or hate this novel depends on what you are looking for:

I wanted a way to spend time binge-reading a story while I am 'working from home' and I got it! 
If you wanted a story that was too the point and a quick read you aren't going to get it...

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

You should give this story a chance. If I had missed out on this story because of some bad reviews, I would've unknowingly deprived myself of an AMAZING reading experience. In Loki's Honor has everything you could want in a reincarnation story, and a lot you didn't even know you wanted. It's only after reading this that I've realized how sterilized a lot of the isekai/portal stories on RR - and fantasy more broadly - are.

This story takes life by the horns in a very real way, confronting the realities of life. Whether they realize it or not, most stories quietly exclude things they find unpleasant. This is an understandable proclivity - who would want to read about unpleasant things? But as you read more and more of the same, you gradually forget that what you're seeing is only part of the whole. That life has much more variety, in both happiness and despair, than are commonly shown in fantasy stories. And without knowing it, your subconscious idea of what humanity narrows in scope. This story blasts that wide open. It contains all the stuff you come back for - fantasy, adventure, growth, magic - but it also includes the part of humanity that we often shy away from in fiction - sexual violence, sexual pleasure, prejudice, poverty, privilege, psychological abuse, gender, the complexities of human psychology and how our identity is shaped. All of these things combine to create the full spectrum of human experience, and as a result I feel like the characters in In Loki's Honor feel more real and human than in a lot of other stories I've read.

Pukas O
  • Overall Score

This web novel is such a good litrpg, I kind of want a new genre based on it! The idea of having the character cursed to 100 reincarnations on the same planet spread out by a few centuries is genius! It makes it so you can enjoy multiple zero to hero level ups at early levels and since there is carry over of skills and such from one life to the next, there is a broader sense of getting more powerful over a longer stretch of time. Having tons of curses to compensate for all this also doesn't get in the way of any of this either which is great. The pacing of the levelling and such is also great, the author doesn't bog the story down with getting skills for and levelling skills for every little thing like walking, eating, and ass wiping so good job Mr. Author! The levels are also not so spread far apart that the story can barely be called a litrpg whcih I find great. Although the author is creating the story on the fly, there is still decent structure to the story and isn't too noticable for me. The 100 reincarnations thing is also very interesting because it allows for multiple different personalities of the main character, and almost a new main character each life, although it's the same person each time, their priorities and goals change each time as they themselves decide on goals or the world around them makes them. Also so far the author has an insane update schedule. They started around 2 months ago and they already have 1.1k pages worth of words like what? Great job author keep it up! Even if the update schedule slows done it's fine, the story is still great! (The only criticism I have is the imperfect gramar, which is noticeable and you'll have a few errors each chapter but it doesn't get in the way of the reading experience really, and isn't nearly as bad as those translated stories, and if that's the cost for this ungodly update schedule then I have no complaints, zero!)

TLDR: The 100 reincarnations element keeps the story constantly fresh and exciting as there are always new zero to hero situations and mc priorities to come spice the story up when it slows down, and the author knows how to pace it well.

  • Overall Score
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Life 10 - chapter 22 / 1103 pages

If I had to sum this story up in one word [chaotic]

Stay here for the grimdark / comedy and not for the litrpg part which is totally botched.


✅ Interesting premise.

MC is killed by a 🚚 and meet the Norse God Loki.

"You'll go to another world. I'll give you three mighty boons. Immunity from the other gods and their servants' divine powers. Reincarnation, at least a hundred times. If you die, you'll gain another life. You'll carry your achievements, memories, and growth from one life to the next. Keep in mind, where you're going they are making a strict no-second-life kind of world. You'll be unique."

The deal comes with a dozen curses to balance the boons. The main character is sent to the Divine Power Factory of the Gods in the neighborhood.

Of course, it's not out of charity. Our favorite god of the Avengers wants to leech some divine power from their dimension. You remember the scene with Morpheus and Neo in The Matrix, when he shows him a battery. The souls of living things serve to fuel these gods and the system they have set up. The MC with each death overloads this system and pumps juice towards Loki. This one has set up some curses/rules that the Fight Club would be proud to display in the underground rooms. He can't talk about them and plenty of other nasty restrictions. Forced gender bender and random specie everytime.

✅ Our hero is a shape shifter like Loki. Fight against the gods. Is a trickster, lie a lot. I think "Forgotten Identity" could be a key point of the story. What if all along it was an incarnation of Loki that we follow and not the human from the beginning ? 🤔

✅ Very good release rate.


It sounds promising so far, but major things are coming to ruin this reading experience for me.

❌ It would be nice if the author stopped reincarnating the MC as a humanoid. Lack of imagination with so many species available in fantasy / sf folklore. Author give his character later in the story the ability to transform to any previous form used...

Spoiler: All the reincarnations so far

Just NO. The fun was to see the character struggle with his present race ! Not this s**t author. You sell us some monster story and AGAIN like in "Reincarnated as a Troll in a Dark Fantasy World" you add the infini switch. 🤦‍♂️

❌ Grimdark ok but things could have be done differently. Mistreatment, not feeding... but this in the spoiler goes too far.

Spoiler: Life 5 - Chapter 1

"The characters' actions and reactions are not a reflection of my own ideals.  This work is meant to entertain and foster civilized discussion when it addresses sensitive themes."

Nobody force you to write someone rape a child not even 1 year old... 

❌ The system is unnecessarily complicated. Classe/Race/Job1-2 level up and perks. Billions xp , all the multiplicators etc.

❌ What would have been interesting is that the main character is reset to 0 in terms of stats for each death. That she does not gain abilities from life to life. Obviously we remove some curses (-100 base stat) and the like. To see what happens to the character just with his knowledge. The struggle with a new race (And avoid the cluster in the blue box).

The goal of a litrpg is to see a deserved progression. To give little by little. Here it is just given to the character at each level up. The overdose. What's the point if she already has 200 powers after 1000 pages. If there were only 15 ~ but used with discretion and limitation it would be much more exciting. At this point you just have to add the Comedy tag.



Pedro Paulo Moreira de Andrade
  • Overall Score
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So, the story is about a guy that dies and is reincarnated by the god Loki with some boons and a bunch of curses. I like the idea, and it's fun to see the MC later on breaking some of the curses and barriers imposed on him, but in my opinion is way too fast paced and a tad bit too chaotic (although it's clearly a part of the story that the author really likes, so I'm cool with it). I didn't really enjoy Apricot's life in particular and even skipped some chapters, and I think the Elf Queen life in particular was way too rushed, like, really over the top. I give it to the author credit for posting usually multiple times per day, which is HUGE. 

All in all, it's pretty fun (apart from apricot's life, I don't like that part at all) and has a lot to read, which I really like since I have a lot of time to kill. Updates everyday, sometimes one, two or even three chapters a day and entertain me quite a lot, looking forward to some slower paced lifes since it seems that is still a lot to come, and the evolution of the system in the passing eras seems to open others possibilities. Thank for the fun time MDW.

(English is not my first language and I learned it exclusively reading books/novels and watching content on YouTube, etc, so don't be harsh on my writing in this "review")


  • Overall Score

This novel honestly isn't really that good. I guess the concept is cool, but it's not like it hasn't been done before, and the execution is pretty poor. A lot of things are all over the place, scenes don't make any sense, characters, especially the main character act completely unnaturally to how they should and the system just doesn't really work.

A bit spoilery, but it's pretty early and neglible to the story so I'll give an example. In the demon rabbit life, the 'village' that converted their belief from the God of the Hunt to a bloody rabbit, did it for almost no reason, infact the wrong reason. A rabbit killed 3-4of their men, ran off and was caccooned. Yes they slowly realised why the rabbit attacked them, but why in the world did they start worshipping it? When worshipping something, you expect benefits. Thats why they worshipped the God of the hunt, to bless themselves with luck to find a good meal. Why did they start worshipping a rabbit that killed thier people? Absolutley no reason at all..

Later, a random lonely girl gets picked by our main character to become the priestess of her religion... The girl gets wounded, punctured through the lungs, then suddenly the RABBIT starts commanding some random guy to do a bloody medical procedure on the girl to try to save her!? Think about it. A rabbit, that only recently become revealed to the people, a day later is giving commands to a random guy who probably only saw the rabbit for his first time, and is somehow able to understand a fucking nod of the rabbits head and a look in its eyes to mean cut open the girls chest and start doing some shit. Like what????? That literally makes no bloody sense.


Then later, the rabbit becomes a human baby, and refuses to acknlowedge her birth mother to be her 'mother', as she realises that she will die many times and doesn't want to care for everyone she meets. 3 months later, everyone dies, and there has not been a single mention of her caring about the birth mother. From this point forth, this leaves a gigantic mental scar on the MC because she feels sad about losing her mother, who she said she didn't care for, showed no love and there was no interaction the author depicted to show any care the mother gave the MC besides being a mother. My biggest problem here is that the majority of the feelings the MC should be feeling is PITY for the mother, not LOVE. But apparently its love.... even though it makes no sense.

I could go on and on, but I really don't understand why everyone likes this novel. Its badly written, grammar errors here and there, the writing style is pretty mediocre honestly. It does nothing amazing besides actually giving God character, even though its barely anything at all... Since most gods just call them gods and leave it be...

Tedious Tortoise
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Feels too strung together and improvised

Reviewed at: Life 10 - Chapter 11 - Kill Zone

[Spoilers Below]

I liked the initial lives, but by life 5 I was seeing a lot of issues. The MC has become a remorseless serial killer assassin, and every single person she meets is a terrible person. I think the author doesn't fully understand, or at least properly convey, grimdark - the stories atmosphere isn't grimdark, it's written lightly while every other chapter has a new fucked up occurrence. The world doesn't feel shrouded in darkness, just instead the men keep constantly acting like assholes. Through that life, I don't think apricot had literally met a single good person that wasn't family, and of course half her family was terrible. The world isn't evil, full of terrible things and monsters - its just generic tragedy, she keeps encountering rapists, murders, and disgusting perverts. The life has had more rape mentions than I can count, and the story has few mentions of anyone apricot had met without murdering.  

"Were Apricot to wield the power I have without my ingrained sense of ethics, sensibilities, and previous knowledge,"

Ingrained sense of ethics? This felt like a joke. She was way too willing to kill people and disregard any feelings about it - she killed a group or bandit victims, women who suffered, because they saw her face? She wasn't even near her assassination objective! What the hell could they have reported? She had just become a flat out monster hiding behind false morals, immediately murdering who she pleases for exp, like they're candies to gobble up rather than genuine lives. 

Can we also talk about how her fairy and the "freeze their pussy" comment/act? Where the fuck did that come from? It felt so out of place and weird, nothing like the fairy behavior indicated, or like her host.

I think the story's suffering greatly from the author improvising as they go, which isn't bad by itself, but it keeps leading to uncreative encounters that end up in someone being murdered for being bad. Apricot suddenly becomes bored, so she investigates her nieces fiance choices, all 3 of them are completely terrible people (of course), she murders them all, and ends up summoning a demon Lord. The assassins place a contract on her sister, and she just then gained the skill to share and receive shared contracts, despite the fact she had no shown intention to work with others? I don't think the "no plot armour" stands true, it seems like every other fight changes how dangerous she is to an enemy, and she has a laundry list of skills that barely get referenced. She started working for the "master" despite specifically telling them she wouldn't? Even though she could've, moved cities, or killed them all? And her mental "disability" that the author apparently made up themself, that started off as a weakness, but then turned into "being different" with an OP ability of putting contracts on anybody for no reason, with the MC behaving like Apricot is a different body and not true themself, despite being so beholden to the body's whims. 

Ultimately, the author is writing a lot of questionable stuff, and life 5 comes off as "tragedy porn" rather than grimdark with the atmosphere and constant tragedy that don't vibe with the world the author has shown us. I love grimdark, and I'm fine with fucked up stuff, but it needs reasons - this entire life arc just was too... forced, and all over the place. Also, that merchant scene from the start of life 5, really? While this is mainly focused on life 5, it's a big chunk of the story, and it highlights some issues from other parts that I ignored, like the complete moral-less dedication to murdering hunters simply for killing his rabbit family. I read up to life 10 so far, and while the story has improved after Apricot, there's still the previous issues. 

  • Overall Score

My only complaint is that I blew through this entire thing in a day and a half and didn't get ANY sleep as a result. I wish I had discovered this fiction on a Friday instead of being at work exhausted like a zombie because I couldn't put it down 

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Just suddenly want to write a review :I

Reviewed at: Life 26 - Chapter 22 - Let my People Go

Yeah... so this 'story' is really bad (anthology would be more fitting). It has got terrible characters who are either too accepting or too lackluster.

The style isn't too bad.

The grammar needs correction but is readable and mostly fine.

The 'story' is living from life to life so it would kind of deserve the slice of life. Hehe slice of life, cause she has got multiple slices of life.

Anyway, why am I still reading this? Frankly, I don't know. The early chapters were preeetty good almost full 5 stars there. BUT about the point where apricots life was in full swing. There I think was were it went wrong. She was too overpowered, she was a legend, she had too many personalities merged.

There are many good ideas in this story, even though the author most likely used the idea from The Ascendant: Endless Reincarnation, another story on RR which had a brilliant idea but fell in popularity due to Hiatus.

But it developed into a mishmash.

Well I wrote my random thoughts till now. Now my main problems with this story:

1. The Author. 

While the author already has got a collection of stories he wrote most of them were fine, but not very good, I think there was a point where those stories also went wrong?

Anyway in this story he releases chapters day by day, which is pretty good. What isn't though is, he isn't correcting mistakes, or reading the comments which show mistakes. There is a pretty simple way to check if the author has edited this story earnestly or if he read reviews at all. There is a 3 chapter gap in Life 6 Chapter 4-7. 

No content is missing, just the chapter numbers are wrong. But it is these small mistakes which often decide between a good story and a fantastic one.

2. Secrets? Are those edible?

Yeah, so died I reincarnated in my previous life I was always fighting in that life. Guess I should lay back in this life. Huh, someone in danger! Let's rescue them. ?! They speak with me. Lets tell them all my secrets and fall in love with them. So this is what happened at least once. But what I hate here is the lack of secrets, sure you can tell someone you trust some secrets. But saying for example:"I was a rabbit once."(that wasn't said) is just unnecessary. That just really bumps me personally. Buut it would be fine if the MC won't trust some random stranger again, as much. 

2.1 NSFW

It is simply unnecessary and boring, doesn't really add anything to the story other than maaaybe making the MC more feminine and secure in his/her gender? Don't really have a problem, I just don't enjoy it and skip it.

3. Story

Simply said, it is barely there. The action scenes also aren't that good. This is the problem with such stories. The Ascendant while it only had 17 Chapters even had a better story I think. It had a premonition, a slow but steady progression and strong opponents. 

While this story does have strong opponents after the first couple of lifes the biggest threat are dragons and gods. The progression got upped to fast, and learning things was too easy. The Ascendant didn't even have LitRPG I think but with a hundred chapters even a simple begger would be able to become a king. Here though it went from an amoebe to a God.(Though the becoming a God isn't certain yet.)

All in all I still read this story because of the status page. I just want to see the stats grow. (Edit: There is some story there, but they don't really belong together) But I will most likely quit when the 'story' or the characters become too unbearable. The main problem this novel has. Are the short lives and the fast release rate.

Some random Dude:!!! Fast release rate? How come?

Well random Dude. Sometimes Quality and Quantity can be balanced, sometimes one wins over the other. But if one sinks too much it doesn't matter how good the other one is. It inevitably will make its popularity and 'worth' plummet.

I think through the mistakes in the early chapters even new readers could give up fast thinking: "The author doesn't care about us! Even though there are hundreds of comments with corrections, they haven't been implemented at all.

So if some other author would try his best with such a reincarnation story that author most likely could become even more famous than this one if he/she would be able to create a good enough story. Simply said, the ideas are good, the execution, while not at all bad is a bit lacking.

Paul Boyle
  • Overall Score

So, this story reminds me of taco bell.

It has some creative ideas on the menu.  And there certainly is a lot of it on hand.

On the other hand, there are heaps of grammar and spelling errors, making the thing feel low quality. A lot of the ideas aren't very good, full of plot holes.  Eg: the bone-headed experience system is set up so the numerous high level characters the MC kills would each have had to kill half a planet to reach theier level. And the numerous random real world asides feel like doritos stuck in a taco - sometimes strangly good, but often out of place and jarring.

Definitely not the best you can find out there, but maybe satisfying.