A Goblin's Tale

by IamGoblin

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Dungeon GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is the story of a nameless Goblin.

He lives alone in the dark dungeon, battling Mimics and Slimes in the darkness. Everyday in the dark dungeon is to live with Death breathing down your shoulder. It is a place where only the strong survive and the weak is devoured. 

But this particular Goblin is different. He raids the dungeon not for weapons and armor to arm himself, but for books and knowledge stashed away in some forgotten corner. 

But life isn't that simple. What happens when adventurers that fight monsters for a living and a Goblin that avoids adventurers to live accidentally stumble paths with each other? 

This is the story of a nameless Goblin and how his life changed. Both for the worse, and for the better.

Word Count: 

Prologue: 1,500 words.

Chapters 1 - 10: At least 2,000 words.

Chapters 11 - 20: At least 3000 words.

Update Schedule:

Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays.

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It's all about a goblin who was currently striving to live in the dunguen. The goblin knows magic and runescraft. The goblin is also hostile to the dungeon's monster because he don't want to be killed. Then one day, some adventurer stumbled on his spot and for unimaginable idea, he welcomed them in. And for unknown reason, the goblin starting nursing the adventurer by giving them potion and healing magic so that their damaged state wouldn't endangered their life.  Because the goblin is super smart, he and the adventurer chatted like a lost friends. And lastly, deep in dungeon, the goblin and the so called adventurer are finally best friends.

Overall, it's okay if you don't have anything to read, just give it a try. 

  • Overall Score

Good Goblin! What a story!

Reviewed at: 1.27 Epilogue

Well, since this is the epiloge, I guess this is the end of the tale.  Interesting, thank you for  the entertainment!

  • Overall Score

I have tentatively given this story 5 stars. Two of those stars are contingent on a pair-bonding romantic relationship between the MC and a SO in the near-ish future of the story. Stories following a highly social species MC that does not include this most important feature is, in my opinion, a huge plothole unless extenuatng circumstances are provided by the author. e.g. severe emotional/psychological trauma, cognitive disability, etc. 

Story has gotten a bit stale and the pace is plodding...if it doesn't pick up soon I'm gonna stop reading.