The Immortal Mutant Teen

The Immortal Mutant Teen

by AinzOolGown0601

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

100,000 years ago, a meteorite crashed into Earth, granting a 17-year-old caveman the power humans have craved for millenniums, immortality. Though originally a savage and cruel caveman, millenniums have let Acheron refine himself and surpass the epitome of Humanity,  basically, a god on Earth. With his power, he mastered all forms of combat, every language, all the arts, and much more. He sometimes helped create empires, sometimes built empires, sometimes destroyed empires, at times, even his own. Today, mutants with superpowers walk among the public, it is kept a secret by the governments throughout the world, and events pertaining to them are covered up but doesn't stop Acheron from interfering with their plans.

2 months ago, his oldest adopted daughter passed away, she was 96 years old. Though he cherishes all the children in his family, she was without a doubt, one of his favorites. 

"Her last wish was for me to have a normal life but what do children do in this era?" Acheron asks one of his adopted sisters. "They go to school, Lord Acheron," she says. "School? Right!... Will it be entertaining?" he asks, "It would at the very least be a new experience" she replies. "Make it happen!" he orders. " Yes! I will do it immediately, Lord Acheron" she says.
He, who was there when the first Homo Sapiens migrated out of Africa and existed way before the wheel was created, will let nothing interfere with his daughter's last wish and will slaughter anyone that stands in his way.

P.S this is not a Marvel or DC fanfic

I am the original author. 

(Cover photo was taken from Google)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Introduction ago
Character Index ago
Chapter 1 – 100,000 BCE ago
Chapter 2 - Time Passes ago
Chapter 3 - The Origin Of The Belaus ago
Chapter 4 - First Day Of School POVs ago
Chapter 5 - Saegusa Sakura POV ago
Chapter 6 - A Shinobi And A Swordsman ago
Chapter 7 - Introductions ago
Chapter 8 - Seeking Trouble And The Bet ago
Chapter 9 - The Rules And The Bro-Con ago
Chapter 10 - Music Opportunity ago
Chapter 11- Shallow ago
Chapter 12 - Delusions and Another Bet ago
Chapter 13 - The Colosseum ago
Chapter 14 - King of Jujitsu vs King of Thugs ago
Chapter 15 - Acheron Wins The Bet ago
Chapter 16 - Unparalleled In Archery ago
Chapter 17 - Going Home With Rose ago
Chapter 18 - Home ago
Chapter 19 - The Trio's Questions ago
Chapter 20 - Holding A Country By The Gonads ago
Chapter 21 - The Power Of Just One ago
Chapter 22 - No Need To Be Afraid ago
Chapter 23 - Trying To Pierce The Heavens ago
Chapter 24 - The Ninja And Her Love ago
Chapter 25 - Grim Reaper Of The Battlefield ago
Chapter 26 - Respect People's Privacy ago
Chapter 27 - 'Welcome To Hell' Mode ago
Chapter 28 - The Musician ago
Chapter 29 - 1475 CE ago
Chapter 30 - The Day Has Finally Arrived ago
Chapter 31 - Lets Get Ready To Rumble ago
Chapter 32 - The Monster Underneath The Clothes ago
Chapter 33 - Pankration Appears After 1500 Years ago
Chapter 34 - The Amazonian Warrior ago
Chapter 35 - The Main Event Begins ago
Chapter 36- Monster Unleashed ago
Chapter 37- Horror ago
Chapter 38- Touring ago
Chapter 39- New Exhibit ago
Chapter 40- Godly Zither Play ago
Chapter 41- Mt Oeta, 1226 BCE ago
Chapter 42- Children ago
Chapter 43- Trouble in London ago
Chapter 44- Motel ago
Chapter 45- Limiters ago
Chapter 46 - An Old Friend and Vampires ago
Q & A ago
Chapter 47 - Leon Belau ago
Chapter 48- Club and The Bratva ago
Chapter 49 - Nightmare ago
Chapter 50 - The Forgotten Vow ago
Chapter 51 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 52 - The Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 53 - No Leads ago
Chapter 54 - Date ago
Chapter 55 - Lessons ago
Chapter 56 - Childhood Friend ago
Chapter 57 - New Rival Appears ago
Chapter 58 - Vampires Are Trash... ago
Chapter 59 - Bunker ago
Chapter 60 - Another Race Bites The Dust ago
Chapter 61 - Her Death ago
Chapter 62 - Why Is My House Trashed?! ago
Chapter 63 - Thalia Dracul's Worry ago
Chapter 64 - Egypt 3420 BCE (18+) ago
Chapter 65 - Athena Is Too Dangerous To Be Free ago
Chapter 66 - The Werewolf Arrives ago
Chapter 67 - Is That You, My Love?! ago
Chapter 68 - 50 Years Has Passed Since Then ago
Chapter 69 - Wanna Hear My Story? ago
Chapter 70 - Under Arrest? You're Kidding, Right? ago
Chapter 71- Going Home to Japan ago
Chapter 72 - Unknown Evil ago
Chapter 73 - Reason ago
Chapter 74 - Sensei's Reaction ago
Chapter 75 - The Fake White Boy's Near Death ago
Chapter 76- The Oncoming Festival ago
Chapter 77- Meeting The Extraordinary Student Council President ago
Chapter 78- Closet Pervert ago
Chapter 79- The Interview ago
Chapter 80- Ghosts ago
Chapter 81- Wishes Do Come True ago
Chapter 82- Crippled ago
Chapter 83- Late To Class ago
Chapter 84- Preparations ago
Chapter 85- A Love Letter?! ago
Chapter 86- Egypt 3420 BCE Part 2 ago
Chapter 87 - Self Study ago
Chapter 88- Who Sent The Letter? ago
Chapter 89- Shall We Get Started Then? ago
Chapter 90- This Is So Much Fun! ago
Chapter 91- Fighting Amazoness ago
Chapter 92- Rivalry Spanning Thousands Of Years ago
Chapter 93- The Peak ago
Chapter 94 - Why Are You So Mysterious? ago
Chapter 95- Wednesday ago
Chapter 96- Another Main Event ago
Chapter 97 - Mutants ago
Chapter 98 - Mutants Part 2 ago
Chapter 99 - Halloween Day ago
Chapter 100 - Flex On 'Em ago
Chapter 101 - Enjoying The Festivities ago
Chapter 102 - Brutal As Always ago
Chapter 103 - Snap ago
Chapter 104 - Birth Of A Virtuoso ago
Chapter 105 - Uncultured Swine ago
Chapter 106 - Now That I Have Your Attention ago
Chapter 107 - Promise Kept ago
Chapter 108 - Behind The Veil ago
Chapter 109 - Demi-Humans ago
Chapter 110 - Underground Cafe ago
Chapter 111 - Akin To A God ago
Chapter 112 - Pandemonium Is Coming ago
Chapter 113 - The Last Olympian ago

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Jack Blank

This is bad writing, with entertaining content.

Reviewed at: Chapter 39- New Exhibit

Op MC, Harem building, secret global domination. Scarred main protag, generally an ass, but his people love the dude. What tropes can I say now, you've already read this story bro. Regardless of that fact I'd still recommend this story for consumption. It's good enough. A guilty pleasure read. 

This story won't change your life, you won't be inspired by the characters, the plot is nothing to write a Symphony about, and ultimately suspense is just not in the authors vocabulary, but despite that, there's something about the story that makes me wanna read on. There's no depth here but I'm still having a good time. There's no secret that isn't quickly brought to light or sudden mindfucks. It's pretty cut and dry, actually. But that being said, it's only that way because people love the process.

Ultimately if you suspend your disbelief and don't think too hard about any given protagonist that acts like our Main Protag, then yeah, you'll fuck around and enjoy yourself. So give it a shot.


Word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word couut word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count word count


I like the concept of this novel, the best parts have been as the author blends the MC into the history of the world, explaining how his influence affected the state of the world and how hes gotten as strong as he has. To be honest, despite being called OP, I still don't think the MC is as strong as he should be considering how long he's lived but maybe thats my overestimation on how useful extra time is, it probably plateaus after a certain amount. Anyways, if the description hadn't already warned you away that this was an OP harem story, then ill say it definitely is. Even if those things arent your cup of tea, this is still worth a read.


Not gold but decent among its peers

Reviewed at: Chapter 10 - Music Opportunity

 Neat to get another story like these. 

But if you're a seasoned reader of urban op school fantasy litrpg, you will find that this one doesn't change the mould these stories come in.

In other words it is full of cliches.

Don't expect a masterpiece or anything exeptionell  and enjoy a few laughs.


So yeah I like the story. I think it is awesome. For some reasons authors can't grasp immortal or overpowered charachters all that well but here thats not the case. I find he captivates how an 100 000 still good looking dude would act. Of course ya gotta go to school and have some awesome secret bases, ..... 


I very much liked the background story side arcs where you give more depth in his past. 

The harem is OK. To bad he couldn't stay with the first woman.


What is truly geniusly written but kinda sad is that his sperm draws lifeforce so he can't concive children. You gotta see him as a kinda perfect being so he has no need for children (blood related children cause his need for procreation is nullified.) He solves this by adopting other children and raising them. 

It would be cool to see a Blood related child of him.


Ch 33 The mc is god, the mc is love, the mc is self insert in the sense that the universt turn around the mc.

You remember a japanese story where the mc hide his power but at one point he show his power and everyone can't help to comment on how impressive he is?

This novel is this, with the mc don't hide his power.

This is unique but i know if the story don't put a chalenge to the mc i will be bored and this is not a story for everyone.


So far so good. I am very interested in the way this will progress. Seems like it will turn into a harem story which isn't bad in my mind but slightly over used. My only real complaints at the moment are occasional grammatical and wording mistakes. Not enough to make it impossible to understand, but enough to brake the flow of reading and give me pause as I take a second look to correctly understand that sentence. My score is based off my overall feel and enjoyment of the story far more that the technicality of writing. The MC feels kinda like saitama from one-punch, just not as naive or oblivious. He doesn't hide what he can do, but also doesn't throw it in your face. I would strongly recommend giving it a read. You can probably tell if you will like it or not in the first few chapters.


Great to see this story on more sites,
A bigger audiance is always great.


Story is amazing with an immortal character whose gone through life in interesting ways. He didn't start out as some god he suffered 90,000 years of loniless and torment. Before making his family and did I mention he absorbs other Mutants powers. He also ain't no simp MC he gets them girls but isn't like every Mc in harem story seducing ever woman he sees. The romance build up happens naturally and there's a good amount of detail on his past and the overall history of this parallel earth and his interaction in it over the past 100,000 years. Goes into a fair amount of detail around the world and its interactions shows a lot of emotion but still keeping it hilarious. The action scenes are incredible a lot of fighting and Mc is brutal. Has a wide cast of characters who play important roles whether it be in his past or in the present and how they defined him. Including on why he's attending a super high school occasionally rest of time he's traveling the globe. The Mc also loves trolling people  It shows he intreracted with famous historical figures and people from legends his growth as person and his desire to die but being unable. This world is full of mutant characters. If I were to describe it those Universe is like the X-Men universe and a fantasy world had a kid who then had a kid with Sci Fi Elements and had Martial Arts/Wuxia ancestry.