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Jessamine Baxter has grown up in a peaceful society where parapsychs and non-parapsychs - widely known as ‘laterals’ - are treated equally, but when Jessa’s own parapsych abilities begin to strengthen in unforeseen ways, she starts to suspect that parapsychs and laterals might be more different than anyone could have imagined. As she grapples with the responsibility of her increasing power, Jessa’s abilities lead her to discover mysterious activity within the parapsych world. She teams up with her best friends and a history teacher to investigate further, and when they unearth the identity of the perpetrator, they learn that his intentions could have utterly devastating consequences. Ultimately, Jessa and her friends are left with only one option - to bring down their new and dangerous adversary. If they can, a great tragedy will be prevented. If they can’t, the age-old peace between parapsychs and laterals will swiftly unravel.

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A fun coming-of-age, psychic mystery

Reviewed at: 24

I am very glad I discovered and checked Psy out. Based on the author's origins, it's written with a comfy, familiar flair that brings me back to a childhood filled with Harry Potter rereads. In truth, while aspects of the settings have a few similarities, they are very different works. Psy closely examines a world where psychic powers are well-known and prevalent in weaker amounts. This results in a world that’s closer to our reality, with some intriguing additions, such as how parapsychic are treated alongside the powerless laterals, and enigmatic figures from the past who used their powers to do wrong (which from the first chapter, you’ll see is a prominent conflict in the narrative).

The Style is curt and efficient, more beige prose than purple, but effective at conveying information. I personally found the Story a bit slow to really start, and despite the Characters being mostly parapsychic, I was sad they don't use their abilities or see others use them as often as I'd expect, to the point where it sometimes feels like a non-factor. The Grammar is consistently thorough, no issues that I could see.

Overall, Psy is well-worth a read. If any of what I said intrigues you, I request that you begin it immediately.


A Magical High School!

Reviewed at: 5

Overall 4.5/5: This is a fun story so far about a girl with powers going to high school.  So far, it is primarily focused on school, social drama, and worldbuilding, but I’m guessing there is more plot coming soon. I like the main character and her group of friends—they remind me of the Harry Potter Golden Trio.


Style 5/5: There is something interesting and fun about the tone of this novel. “Quick-stepping and going-places adults.” It has a ring to it, and there is something almost poetic about some of these lines, but I’m not sure how it adds to the general story, besides giving me a playful vibe. The author gives interesting detail in the small moments, but it’s not always clear how those small details affect the larger story. 

Story 4.5/5: I like how Jessa’s nervous chatter helps provide some backdrop for the magic system in a casual way.  I think it would be nice to have a bit more of a sense early in the story what the main conflict is going to be.  I’m getting a few hints, though…

 Grammar 5/5: Very few mistakes, overall well-edited.


Character 5/5: We have a good cast of characters, friends that remind me of the Harry Potter Golden Trio.



From the start, readers are immersed into a contemporary world where those with paranormal abilities (parapsychs) and those without (laterals) live side by side. However, as the story progresses there are hints that not all is as it seems. Amidst the trappings of a typical Y/A story (high school life, friendships, and rivalries) the author weaves the tale of a dark secret.

Not only is the world well-developed, but so are the characters. Jessa, the main character, is particularly well done as she deals with not only typical teenaged problems, but also faces unusual feelings and perceptions that she can't explain or understand. You can feel the tension building in her as unexpected events cause persistent suspicions and fear to grow within her.

The writing flows smoothly with detailed descriptions and character interactions which make sense in the story. For me, one of the author's strengths is that even within seemingly mundane events, the seeds for what is to come are being planted. Plus, the grammar is near perfect.

Overall, I highly recommend this story not only to Y/A fans, but to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted story. This may be Y/A, but its Y/A with an edge.


Ms Fiction

Does the Charles Xavier pose

Reviewed at: 66

Ms Fiction says...
I like it. Psychic high school drama and MORE. Makes me wish I could develop psychic powers. Snappy main character. Mysterious and suspenseful with occasional slow beats. Cliffhanger happy. A likeable trio. Underlying plot that seems planned out. Well-built world. Quippy and quicky writing style. Consistent updates but short chapters.