Sector twenty one, Planet Rooster, Gram city, Seven
That was... a really eventful night. Part of me argues that nothing actually happened, or at least what I expected to happen didn't, but it was a good night, yeah, not disappointed, not at all.
It was stressful, but good.
So, since this place is thousands of light years -millions, maybe?- away from earth I never expected to have a decent meal with a name actually related to what it's made of. Hearing about something called 'pineapple pie' dropped my expectations lower, wore leather boots and stumped them repeatedly. Lilia has a sweet tooth so it won't be strange for her to order dessert first but knowing what little I know about Zesion food maybe the sweet sounding name doesn't mean a sweet tasting dish. For some reason this far away from earth some alien creatures had the honor of blessing his specie with the idea of one of the most famous dishes humans ever invented. While it's almost impossible to know if whoever he/she invented it himself or learned the recipe from some other alien who visited earth at some point I feel the utmost gratitude for allowing me the chance to eat a slice of pizza again. By the way, the pineapple in 'pineapple pie' doesn't refer to pineapple, nor to the tomato tasting fruit, but to some ingredient used to make the dough. Obviously since this is a famed Zesionien dish all ingredients are fruits, or vegetables, or anything that isn't made of meat. I wouldn't mind some pepperoni but nothing I could do about that. it's hard to believe Zesioniens are herbivores even though they don't look so different from humans, I wonder if their sheep like horns has something to do with it.
It's quite relaxing being able to sit down eat some 'pineapple pie' and have a nice talk with a beautiful girl like Lilia. In other occasion I would have a hard time spending time with her while wearing sleeping garments, my eyes are attracted by default to her bare thighs coming out of the shorts she wears, but things are a little different this time around.
Thanks to Iris going to sleep right after we arrived to our room for some reason, I was able to unload everything that accumulated in the past week while I showered. four or five bursts later I decided to stop and once I got out I was amazed by how clear my mind was, at least until we got in the bed together. I couldn't help but laugh when Lilia pointed out how much I smelled last night, obviously there is no way I would stink that much after a single day without bathing but it still hurts to hear. Lilia is really strict when it came to hygiene, and a little sweat for me is too much for her. But it's not like her smelling sense is too strong or anything, I remember hearing that Asians didn't like foreigners because they have a strong body odor. It would take time for her to get used to it so until then I would have to stay clean.
That aside, even after saying all that Lilia fell asleep easily which made me feel stupid for getting so nervous over it, she must've been really tired after all the mess that happened yesterday. Her sleeping face is cute as expected, falling asleep was out of question, and what made it worse was when she started clinging to my arm. The warm, soft feeling of her voluptuous bosom through the thin fabric of her shirt reawakened the desires I satisfied earlier and my meat reacted accordingly like all the beating from earlier didn't happen. I was too nervous to move, unlike the last time Lilia didn't look sad and showed no sign of crying, but that didn't mean this one would be any different. As I struggled with my dark side my whole body stayed stiff for who knows how long, and like always my consciousness drifted away before I even noticed.
I woke up the next morning with a light headache that contributed in resurfacing the sickening feeling which seemed to weaken after I ate a familiar food. Lilia was still asleep using my arm as a pillow, so I had no way of moving, and after staring at her for a few minutes -probably more than a few- my brain gears finally got to work and with every last drop of will power I had on me I defeated the urge of waiting until she woke up. I removed my arm then placed her head down gently.
I thought to myself that I should do something you would see on TV like brushing her hair or kiss her on the forehead, but when I reached out with my hand I noticed the floating ghost girl looking at me with her usual smug, annoying grin
"com'on now, why did you stop?"
'maybe because someone who shouldn't be around is watching'
"sigh... you realize we are stuck together for who knows how long right? if you let me bother you...." she brings her face closer, her eyes half closed and with the usual grin she whispered "you will never graduat~~"
"yeah right, I'm not so desperate to..."
"oh? but you are desperate you know? or are you so used to it by now that you don't notice"I follow her gaze down to my crotch, and like she said it's almost as if I'm too used to it that I just stopped noticing when I get hard
'hey, you realize this could happen right? it's not unusual for guys to wake up like this, it's a natural thing'
" tell you what's unnatural? sleeping with the female you love and not even kissing her once!"
"do I have to constantly remind you of how pathetic you are..." suddenly she backed away looking at me a disgusted look "don't tell me you get off on something like that"
'... really? if I liked it that much I wouldn't hesitate doing it in front of you'
"well, not like I want to watch my best friend mating with an alien. that's pure nightmare fuel"
I was tired of arguing with this floating plastic bag
"who are you calling a plastic bag what is plastic in the first place?"
so I got up and stretched myself 'for all parts concerned, finding you a new host should be our top priority'
"and who would it be? this unlucky person who would agree to share his body, mind and feelings"
'well, it doesn't have to be all the time, we only need a place for you to stay while I....'
"that won't be easy, I tried to jump into Lilia multiple times before, and it never worked. maybe you are the only one with a head empty enough for me to settle in"
'so you are the one to blame for all my lost memories?'
"they were gone even before I moved in, we made that clear before remember?"
it didn't seem like Lilia would awaken anytime soon, and without her I wasn't sure what to do with my spare time. I wasn't in the mood to keep a long conversation with Iris, who looked for every opportunity to call me pathetic as if it became her catchphrase, so I decided on taking a long bath thinking Lilia would be more pleased if I did it without her having to remind me.
'Get back inside'
"hoho~? you're ordering me now?"
'Suit yourself, I will probably stay there for sometime'
I walk to the bathroom door with heavy steps, walking alone reignited the laziness and I felt like sleeping again, but any expert in the 'not good with mornings' field could tell you that going back after you already woke up is useless. Once I reached the limit of the distance she is able to go I got curious about what would happen if I go beyond it. I look back and what I saw was amazing, hilarious, and seriously cute at the same time; while in midair Iris is getting dragged by her blue tiger tail, her butt sticking out in my direction.
"... don't you dare-"
too late! I got my revenge for all the humiliation I suffered this morning, and with one smug grin I made the now utterly flustered Iris, face red with embarrassment, disappear into her corner in my mind.
'by the way, do you plan on explaining what happened yesterday'
since I have some free time I filled the tub and took a deep inside. The hot water combined with whatever that liquid soup is made of -it makes bubbles, so it's soup- was like a gift from heaven, a luxury I was too stupid to savor back in the day.
"You mean how you began to beat your meat the moment you thought I wasn't watching?"
'.... okay, I will pretend I didn't hear that'
Yeah, of course she had a comeback. It's the privilege of being able to flip through my books like she owned them.
"Actually I was awake the whole time, I thought you would explode if you had to wait any longer so I pretended to be asleep"
'not the point, I was talking about the weapon shop'
"Yeah, you seriously need to know when to shut it"
'Maybe, just maybe, if you told me where I was wrong I would be more careful of what I say?'
hearing her sighing in my head is more depressing than when she does it in front of me.
"Must be nice, being able to enjoy this"
"o~h yeah~~ way better than a shower"
Iris appeared again, this time at the edge of her field at an altitude where she won't be able to see what's inside the bathtub
"You don't watch what you say, sometimes you forget to use your inner voice when speaking with me. You have to understand that every word you say out loud is heard by someone"
'I... don't get it...'
"Anything you say could be used against you"
'you have the right to stay silent?'
"Well, silence could draw suspicion too. Lilia is a warrior, and since you are clinging to her all the time you would eventually run into some Zesionien authorities"
'... and?'
"Well, if you do something suspicious, and you do a lot, you may get Lilia into bad situations, really bad situations"
'Why didn't you say that before I beat up all those dudes in the space station?'
"I'm telling you now" letting out a long sigh -I noticed that her ears drop a little every time she does- Iris crossed her arms then looked at me "you see Seven, for an idiot you are quite sharp every now and then. You immediately concluded that there has to be another source of weapons if legal ones are restricted on this planet"
'well, obviously'
"You see, even if you didn't have anything to do with it, if someone as shady as you mentions the black market trouble would follow him wherever he goes, and that would certainly have an effect on everyone they interact with"
'I just said one word...'
"Another one and they could have arrested you for conspiring against the government, selling weaponry and planning chaos"
'Aren't you... exaggerating it a bit?'
"Don't underestimate the Zesionien empire, all five planets are closed, they don't have much trust in aliens and that could effect Lilia in a really bad way"
'You mean our relationship is doomed from the start?'
"Pretty much. Well, you are a person of interest since you have your own planet, and that Blitz Firestone oldman has his eyes on you, so as long as you're being careful you should be fine"
Closed planets, not good with aliens, trust. It's that type of situations, the ones that turn out to be a huge pain in the ass.
I sink my body up to half my head, then close my eyes and follow with the rest,. This tub is over sized, like the bed it's probably designed to satisfy the needs of Zesioniens, as their males are so buff they could do well in a JoJo live action.
Am I going to be fine? I get this feeling that whenever a girl is involved I always end up suffering one way or the other, and sometimes both. Not to mention my relationship with Lilia is too good to be true, I can smell the problems it will cause, for me and for her, and I can't say it's good.
"By the way, I think I found out what's making you feel that urge to vomit"
'Yeah... it became too weak I almost forgot about it'
I get my head out of the water. I kinda feel depressed now, or just too relaxed, if it's bad news I don't think I want to hear it.
"Well, I can't say it's good or bad" Iris looked at the ceiling, then took a deep breath "I told you before that I isolated some of Verta's energy in your body, and that I'm currently using that energy to stay awake and manifest myself like this, right?"
"Your body is capable of absorbing energy, at the very least. From your fight with Verta to the door of the prison cell on the ZSFCO to the bullets they used on you. Your body has been absorbing anything used against you, but as good as that sounds it doesn't make you invulnerable"
'You say I'm overloaded?'
"Not really" ghost girl said "the problem isn't in your capacity, but in the quality of the energy you absorb. What you took from Verta is of high quality, a hundred percent pure fuel with nothing mixed in or water added to it. As for the everything else you could tell it won't be as good since the lower the quality the lower the cost and if it does the job no one would complain"
'So the impurities used in those weapons are what make me sick?'
'You are able to manipulate energy right? What are you waiting for? Get rid of it'
"Ordering me around like that again…" Iris frowned "sadly I'm only capable of manipulating that of Verta, I already tried"
"Well sorry about that. From what I saw the past few days the impure energy is constantly radiating from your body when you exercise or become violent, punch a few things and you would be okay"
'The thing is I don't feel like punching things, hope some idiots get the wrong idea today'
"Use some walls, doesn't have to be people. Also, if you leave it alone it will run out eventually, it would take more but it won't cause Lilia any trouble"
'Yeah yeah'
"Well, actually there are quicker ways to get rid of it, nonviolent ones"
"Hold on for a second" I knew her for a few days, just a few days, but it was a long enough period to know what her smug grin meant "there is something I want you to do"

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