Sector twenty one, Planet Rooster, Gram city, Iris
Sometimes I wonder why I'm stuck with a stupid piece of turd like this human male, and it frustrates me to unbelievable extent that I feel that way just in some occasions.
Although his opinion of me is completely different, opposite to be clear, I'm a really quiet person. But since he is the only one I'm able to talk to at the moment it always seem like I don't stop blabbering.
To added something to the mix what drives me to the edge of madness is having to be considerate since I'm practically freeloading in his body. As a little example yesterday I decided to pretend being asleep so he could take care of his 'business' and I can't describe how disturbing of an experience it was. Was that my punishment for verbally abusing him this whole time? Well it's my fault for not closing my eyes when he started his solo playing.
'Hey, ghost girl'
"...what is it? human"
'is Lilia acting a little strange?'
"you think so?"
'yeah, she's avoiding eye contact and won't stop fidgeting in her place'
"Maybe sleeping with you wasn't so comfortable after all"
This 'guy' was so nervous last night that he thought of using the coach multiple times, but that option was taken away when Lilia who had lost to the so called 'sand man' caught his arm then hugged him.
He froze like a log, looking at the ceiling with eyes torn open while screaming inside 'how the hell am I going to sleep like this!!!!!'
Contrary to his expectations a few minutes later he was too drunk by the sensation of her exceptionally soft bosom that he lost consciousness unable to handle it anymore.
This reminded me of the last time Lilia and I slept together, which almost ended with me becoming a ghost far too early. It wasn't strange for Lilia to hug me while sleeping, but that became the last time we slept in the same bed after I was nearly murdered by the pressure from her breasts.
I was fascinated by her sudden growth. Well as a female myself it was more envy than fascination, for them to grow to that size is such a short time was abnormal. In a matter of five months she grew from the small/normal to the large size that none of her clothes would fit, and they were the kind that adjusted to the wearer's size.
Of course this change wouldn't go unnoticed in school and caused her to become a target for bullying in my stead, as a consequence the number of girls getting hospitalized increased. Lilia wasn't the kind of girl who would bear with it and hold her emotions inside, if someone bothered her she would challenge them to a duel then mercilessly beat the life loving crap out of them with her bare fists until they plead for forgiveness. Of course there were those who were smart not to accept the duel and since we had nothing on them we couldn't force them to -school forbids violence, duels exist to regulate it- what they didn't know was that refusing a duel also meant not getting any help from the teachers so when Lilia could no longer keep her anger under control things would always end up really ugly. Maybe I'm exaggerating things a little but one thing for sure Lilia didn't hold back when pummeling anyone she thought they deserved it.
Seven is trying to start a conversation with her, but Lilia is too nervous to speak, and it honestly makes me want to throw up. Despite encouraging him to make a move and trying my best to support their relationship I can't help but feel annoyed seeing their interactions right now.
This is the highest epitome of hypocrisy since I was the one who pushed her to change the way she acted.
When a single year became the only thing separating us from graduation I started to seriously become worried about her. Not only was it the time when we had to make important decisions regarding our careers, but it was also the time in every Zesionien's life where they start at least thinking of choosing a life partner.
As I had my plans of leaving the planet after graduation I had no interest in romance, but I couldn't say the same about Lilia. She didn't show any interest in males either but that is mostly because she saw them as punching bags rather than what they actually are. As for thoughts on her they were divided between those who admired her strength but kept their distance and those who were frightened by her strength and kept their distance. Unlike humans Zesionien females tend to be physically stronger than the males, that's why it's rarely considered a problem when choosing a partner. But when it comes to Lilia none of the males in our grade made an approach which made me worried. Lilia said she wasn't worried about it at that time but I knew her childish thoughts would cease at a point that would be too late to act on.
After much effort I convinced her to hold back her fists, I dragged her to a salon and got her messy hair fixed. She had practically no need for makeup as turns out her face is perfect as it is, I burned all her clothes and forced her to wear more fashionable ones, then trained her to tune down her violence tendencies. Except for the last part everything went well, the change was noticeable on the first day after all the results of what little I helped with surpassed my wildest imaginations. The first day after we changed her appearance no one recognized who she was, even the teachers had to ask for her ID as someone with such beauty couldn't possibly attend the academy unnoticed.
But, for the second time those consumed by jealousy saw her as a threat more than before and once more wasted their time on a hospital bed.
With a little training and in a few months Lilia turned from being the merciless warrior with bloody fists to the graceful spear wielder everyone was in love with. Though her reputation which she acquired through all those years still made a barrier too thick to break, her fans kept their distance and tried portraying their affection through letters and poems -that was the point in my life were I learned what the word cringe meant-
Sadly, in contrast with her body her mind didn't grow much and none of the males caught her interest, but that in itself was a huge improvement because she rejected them nicely instead of sending them to the hospital, at least those who weren't too persistent.
I don't really mean to brag about it but the number of males proposing to me increased too during that time, graduation was closing in and Lilia wasn't as intimidating as before so many of those who lacked the guts finally found the courage to say something - but I have to say the quality dropped considerably compared to before-.
I had my dream that continued pushing me onward, unlike Lilia I had no plans of staying on Zesion, which made me all the more worried about her.
Would she be fine after I leave?
At that time it never crossed my mind that leaving her behind would have been for the best, nor did I know my days were numbered and I would be separated from her no matter what I did.
Something are bond to stay a mystery, and the reason why Lilia fell for this idiot will stay like that, turning all my efforts to understand into a waste of time.
I'm well aware that it all started that night she slept in his bed, but I don't think that would be enough to steal her heart. If she wanted to, she could had kept quiet about the tradition and knowing Seven he would never forced himself on her -and if he did, she could had beaten him to death- then there was the time on the ZSFCO where she didn't choose returning to Zesion and stayed with him instead. Seven's way of thinking is simple; she is cute, beautiful, and has a nice pair of perfectly thick thighs. Lilia is the perfect woman he never dreamed of, and being with her is a blessing he still think he is unworthy of. But what Lilia sees in him, what made her decide on accompanying him is hard to guess.
Seven isn't exactly a person who could be called attractive -and he is well aware of that-, all the moves he made were backed up by me, he lacks confidence and courage, he can't handle night crawlers, and understanding him isn't easy. The only thing that may have been the reason for her staying with him is his unbelievable strength and the madness he unleashed on Verta -which is my body after I reincarnated by the way-
Could it be that being a male who is physically stronger than her was what turns her on? If so then she might be more of a Zesionien than I thought. If the right male had appeared in front of her she would have probably picked being a housewife like ninety percent of our females, it was only a coincidence that the condition to earn her affection has to be "stronger and more skilled" than her, and again none of the Zesionien males could hope to fulfill those conditions.
If this speculation is true then most likely what Lilia had on her mind the past few days is baby making. Seeing her being overcome with curiosity to the point of wanting to sneak a peek at his tool mentally preparing herself, I couldn't stop laughing. She actually fainted after one look. Well, it's not like I could blame her for that, I myself can't imagine how he is planning on making this work.

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