Sector twenty one, Planet Rooster, Gram city, Lilia
Sometimes I find myself awakening for no reason. My body tells me I had enough and it's about time I start my day, even if in actuality I didn't sleep that much, and I never really considered it a bother.
But a second rule had to be followed in those occasions, to never go back to sleep once my eyes are open, and breaking that rule leads to oversleeping.
Today I broke that rule, and then I woke up to find out that Seven, who was asleep at my right last time I saw him, was now gone. I overslept, I actually overslept to the point that Seven woke up and left the bed!
The faint sound the water made came from the bathroom informing me of his whereabouts.
I felt frustrated, like I had lost some kind of contest, and was about to call him to ask why he didn't wake me up, but then I stopped.
Having made the order for my new spear fatigues caught up to us and we decided to call it a day -which had a lot of meanings and one of them is to end the tour and go back-. on the way Seven asked if we could take a ride back, we were a good distance away from the hotel and walking all the way was more of a mental pain than it was physical. Most vehicle stops are towers with the height of four story buildings. To avoid wasting space or any other reason many buildings near the center of the city have their own stops, and since most hotels have one we would arrive directly and in a short time.
Seven looked astonished when I told him it's the first time I ride a vehicle for a less than a day's walk, except that time during our final exams. Transportations like this exist on Zesion of course but are mainly used by the elderly or the sick. If we wanted to go somewhere we walk, if we have to get there fast we run.
I could have walked back if I wanted, although I felt tired it wouldn't have bothered me in the least. But I wasn't alone, one glance at Seven and I could tell he would doze off at anytime, not to mention he wasn't feeling well to begin with, in addition to the strange urge to vomit he mentioned before suddenly returning.
Maybe it's something humans do, but Seven always seems to drift off in his thoughts.
I still have yet to ask him about it but... sometimes he would stare at empty air, I follow his sight but I wouldn't find anything worth looking in that direction.
Sometimes he would stare at my chest, but most of the time at my legs, and when he does my heart would beat faster and my face would heat up. Something in those dark brown eyes of his makes me somewhat... excited.
It took us a few minutes to arrive, fewer than I thought. Back into our room the first thing I did was taking a nice and long shower, washing away some of the fatigue I felt, I tried on one of the pieces I bought at the lingerie shop then wore my pajamas.
Seven fell asleep while I was in, sitting on the sofa with his arms crossed. I woke him up, obviously, there is no way I would allow him to skip on baths again. I heard a weird scream after he went in and when I asked he said the cold water surprised him.
The time Seven took wasn't long, but when he came out he looked refreshed and a lot less stressed than he was the whole day.
We realized that we made the mistake of changing into sleeping garments when we still have to go out to get dinner, and we laughed it off for no reason. Room service was available and it didn't take a long time for the food to arrive. Seven said he didn't want to deal with it so he left the order to me, he wasn't going to get familiar with Zesion cuisine after just one meal so looking at the menu was pointless, added to it the fact that he can't read.
Anything sweet was out of question so I ordered a pineapple pie, and to my surprise seven knew what it was. As for the name the pineapple he knows of is a kind of fruit, and a sweet one at that so he wasn't sure about the taste. When the employee arrived bringing our order he was even more surprised, and after biting into his slice he was convinced, starting to call the pineapple pie "pizza".
He explained how the dish we call 'pineapple pie' is too similar to the pizza his people make that it would be strange to call it a coincidence. The only differences were the toppings and the different naming of the ingredients, he then went on saying it would be perfect with some kind of "meat" added to it.
That reminded me about the time he said something about eating fish, I can't wrap my head around the idea of humans being carnivores. We look so similar, yet the more I learn about him the more I realize how different we are.
As we ate he suddenly asked me a strange question.
"Should I leave the talking to you from now on?"
He explained that the short conversation we had with Jar at the shop earlier made him feel like any word he spoke could end in a big misunderstanding. He doesn't know anything about our laws and politics so he thinks that when it comes to dealing with authorities I should be the one taking the lead.
As much as I would like to disagree the time he almost massacred a whole squad of soldiers on the ZSFCO gave me a clear picture of what would happen in case his anger couldn't be controlled.
We can't be sure things would work out every time so for the better I should use my status as a warrior to deal with those kind of situations.
We chatted some more about what we saw today, we laughed at the time I addressed him with "Mr.Seven", then talked a little about what we should do the next day.
Having exhausted whatever strength was left in us we prepared to go to sleep. We brushed our teeth and drank some water then went to the bed, but when I turned around Seven was still standing at the door to the bathroom.
He stood there holding his chin, his eyes fixed at me. His mouth opened and closed a few times before he took a deep breath and asked me where I slept yesterday.
The question woke me up with a surge of embarrassment and a feeling of guilt.
I don't want to lie to him but I feel like admitting to doing it would hurt his feelings, I just couldn't help myself.
there was a brief moment of silence as we avoided looking at each other, but as time passed I started to think I did nothing wrong and as his wife I had every right to do what I did.
I told him everything about it, how instead of sleeping by his side I went and slept on the sofa because he smelled too much.
I didn't know how he would react to it but I never expected he would burst out laughing like what I told him was just a really nice joke.
He then told me that I have no obligation to sleep with him unless I myself wanted to and asked if he should sleep on the sofa if I still don't feel comfortable about sharing a bed with him.
It wasn't until after I told him it's fine since he showered and that I don't mind that I started to understand how embarrassing it actually is. Seven rarely showed any emotions so seeing him blush even slightly told of the intensity of the situation.
Now that I think about it we never had the chance to discussed the... the mating subject. I want to know how Seven feels about it but... how should I react if he said he wants to do it? It's not unusual for females my age to get married then give birth not long after, but after making all those efforts to graduate and become independent I thought why not enjoy life some more? All those responsibilities could wait for now so I should go out and see the world!
Funny enough I winded up leaving the planet not even a week after graduation, with more than half of it still unseen.
Getting married and starting a family, giving birth and... all of that was outside my expectations for the next few years.
I couldn't think of anything any longer, my accelerating heartbeat settled even as I felt him awkwardly coming closer.
I expected him to take a more aggressive approach yet...
I must have been really tired last night, or I wouldn't had drifted away at a time as important as that. I open my eyes to find myself in a state much like the first time we slept together; Seven still in the dream land stretching on his back not moving the slightest like a dead body while I rest my head on his arm.
I pull away the blanket and sit down waiting for my brain to worm up, then did the obvious thing and checked myself. It's somewhat disappointing but I don't think Seven did anything weird while I was out. Well, I don't think I would have slept so soundly if he were to do anything, and Seven isn't the type to take advantage of me being in that state.
Looking at it again, my horn left a clear mark on his arm. I wonder how we ended up in that posture to begin with.
As I sit there staring at him absent mindedly I reach for my book wondering what time is it. turns out I didn't sleep as much as I thought, about five hours had passed, and knowing Seven he wouldn't wake up before another five. Leaving the room isn't possible, I can't risk him waking up and going berserk just because he couldn't find me. Maybe I should read a book until he wakes up, I haven't been reading as much after Seven and I met.
I open my library and start looking for the last book I read, but sadly the interest I had in it died long ago so choosing a new one seemed like a better option. As I go through the titles and descriptions to see if there is anything to help me pass time I sense Seven moving and my eyes turned his was without much thought. Be didn't wake up, as expected, and didn't even turn on his side. He only kicked the blanket away, pulling up his shirt and scratching his belly. Seeing how carefree he is makes my eyelids feel heavy again, and I slowly submit to the temptation to place my head on his arm. Just then I noticed it, the clearly visible protrusion in his lower body, in the aria between his legs.
All the images from the first time we met returned, and I was glad my mind was capable of blurring anything I didn't want to see. But that was back then. curiosity threatens my thought process which makes me wish those images were clearer, I should have taken a good look when I had the chance.
No no no, that doesn't just feel wrong, it is wrong. We didn't have that kind of relationship back then, we had just met. Furthermore I wouldn't had imagined in my wildest dreams that I would marry an alien so it wasn't surprising that I didn't think about it much.
My throat felt dry. "why not? just a quick little peek" I thought to myself at first, and then "best get mentally prepared you know"
It was getting hot, and my own saliva wasn't of any use anymore. Seven wouldn't know, he doesn't have to know, this is something I have to do, this is something I have to do.
As a newly wed, this is something I have to eventually do!
I glance his way for a single moment, then slowly move my hand, experiencing a kind of stimulation I never felt before. My heart felt like it would burst out any time, I was everything but calm, who could have guessed even this much would be so difficult to pull off.
Finally, I force my fingers to touch the belt, unintentionally looking at him again. Seven said the full body underwear I gave him before was impractical and somewhat annoying, so he got a new type. a new type that is easier to remove, easier...
I didn't think about it at the time, but it being easier to remove makes it useful in many situations, including that... was that the reason...
Doesn't matter now, I made up my mind, and I'm going to do it, I'm going to... I'm going to
I pull them up, both the shorts and underwear, slowly, then...

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