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Jin looked down at his hands. The spatial ring... Right. It was obvious now. The answer had been in front of him all this time, or rather, on him. But can he be blamed? Who in their right minds would think of stocking the elements in their spatial rings? This is definitely not a thought that comes right away.

Spatial rings enabled one to effectively transport items in an efficient and easy way. It was like having a portable room with you at all times. It was, in fact, very similar as a room. The inside of a spatial ring was cubic and while they differed in sizes, all spatial rings were like so. To make it possible to stack things onto each other over a flat ground. It was also easier to make them this way.

And that was problematic for what he needed it to do. If he let huge amounts of extreme-cold water in his ring, everything would freeze. That was no-go. But then again, what stopped him from getting more rings? Nothing but money. In the end, everything comes down to money.

He looked at his Master. That guy seemed to be on the verge of breaking into intense laughter. Guess his question had been quite stupid... But while he became familiar with this new world, his way of thinking was still halfway there. He couldn't forget the past that easily. That being said, being laughed at a little didn't faze him. He couldn't care less about his face as long as he could grow stronger.

He asked his Master: "Can I go get some more spatial rings, Master?"

Hae-Hyuk nodded as he waved away. This meant for him to go fetch an elder and have that guy deal with it. Jin took the cue and left. At that time, Hae-Hyuk looked down from the sky. Thanks to his incredible eyesight techniques and giant cultivation base, he could see very far. And he was seeing something expected yet saddening.

Someone was trying to mess up with his other disciple in some underhanded way. Since they hadn't managed to deal with him directly and learnt that they never would, it seemed like his rivals were trying new tricks now. He sighed and got slightly curious as to which of the idiots planned this... Then, he sent a spiritual message to one of the elders down there.

A second later, the first elder of the Ryu sect left his abode to rush after a group of puny idiots...




The day began as usual for Ryu Sol-Mi, Min-Su's big sister.

Since she had regained her freedom and her senses, the whole world changed for her. That was a given. She went from continuously-tortured prisoner to youthful fairy in her clan. Not only that but the clan was giving her extra allowance compared to her peers and many additional benefits. She even forgave the old bastard who put her through all that shit in her mind. She would still go spit on his grave tonight though. Anyways, business as usual.

She got up and cultivated for a bit. She loved to do so now that she could. The feeling of absorbing the energy was very refreshing compared to the feeling of being aggressively lashed by it she had gotten used to back then. After that, she took a shower and admired herself. She looked good indeed. She was really happy that old hag forced her to eat that pill back then. It had been stupid to refuse it back then.

She picked one of her new robes and put it on. It was still a bit weird to see herself looking like this, so much older than back then... She didn't even know how she looked through her teenage days due to being tied and all. Anyways, she looked good now and that made her happy.

Then, she left and found her new best friend, Sophia. She had been waiting for her, chatting with her mum to pass time. She was a disciple of Hae-Hyuk, the powerful and handsome old cultivator. He was her brother's master and the reason she was here now. She couldn't even remember her brother back then...He had been, like what, five years old when she got kidnapped? Anyways, she was grateful.

And now, she was going to go shopping with Sophia. The girl was loaded. Apparently she came from a very impressive family, the Crowe. Not like she knew them but money talks. A few of her new dresses were bought by her new friend. And aside from being wealthy, she was fun to hang with. She had so many weird stories to share...And she taught her a lot about being a woman and no longer a girl. Though she was still a bit grossed out by what she said about men/women relationships and couldn't quite understand everything.

She needed to work hard to get back the few years she lost. Without a doubt, it was only a small amount of years in the long life she would live as a cultivator but they were supposedly important years. She would get there eventually though since she had great support from her family, new friends and the clan itself.

After a fulfilling day of shopping, gossiping and mocking her brother for being a weak loser who couldn't ever win a single match at the arena, she went home. She was happily walking down the street with a few bags filled with expensive goods when she got surrounded by a group of ten men wearing black robes with dark hoods hiding their features.

She exclaimed happily: "Oh! You must be the secret forces of the clan! I'm a huge fan!"

And after that, everything went dark.

One of the ten man spoke to his leader: "Are you sure this dumbass is the target?"

The leader wasn't certain. They rarely had to go out for this kind of weaklings... He took out the picture just to make sure. Of course, his perfect memory wouldn't have allowed him to make a mistake but it was better to be cautious with these things.

He placed the picture, that was a painting so good it would have put printers to shame if they did exist here, near the face of the unconscious girl. All ten men nodded while murmuring that she was the one.

The leader then said: "Ok, take her. Wouldn't want to alarm the Ryu bastards"

"Yes, Sir!"

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