The Dark Lord Gillian - Tales of Prompted Madness (Complete)

The Dark Lord Gillian - Tales of Prompted Madness (Complete)

by wercwercwerc

There's an evil wizard.

A dark knight.

An elf with a shovel.

There's a dude with a car.

And there is a lot of just complete and total chaos.


As an explanation for those mildly interested or mildly confused: this is a story that was crafted from the beloved-madness that is r/writingprompts. From one prompt, to the next prompt, to the next, with no other way to progress except taking a new prompt and using it.

Far as stories go, this one was spawned by a mix of blind-clicks, and dice-rolls, more than any true selection process. Fantasy driven, it was written mostly in my spare hours between work-projects and on lunch breaks (whenever I was lucky enough to get those) by clicking on reddit writingprompts that I could find within those windows of time.

Title is notable cliche, and I'm far more than just open to alternative suggestions.

This story is complete and will by copied and pasted in with minimal to no clean-up. It will not be held to much in the way of quality standards. So if you have corrections, just keep that in mind... But, on the brighter-side of things, there will be an awful lot of it.

Apologies ahead of time.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter I: Gillian Arc - The Beginning of it all ago
Chapter II: Adventure Arc - The Arrival ago
Chapter III: Adventure Arc - Old Tom ago
Chapter IV: Adventure Arc - .308 vs Goblin ago
Chapter V: Adventure Arc - Goblins: Prevention and Control ago
Chapter VI: Adventure Arc - The Gravekeeper ago
Chapter VII: Adventure Arc - Old Nan and the Fae ago
Chapter VIII: Gillian Arc - The Dragon's thoughts ago
Chapter IX: Gillian Arc - A Passage from History: The Story of Gillian ago
Chapter X: Adventure Arc - Holy Knights: Procedure and Scribes ago
Chapter XI: Adventure Arc - Thunder Bolts and Lightning, Very very frightening. ago
Chapter XII: Gillian Arc - Hero Rodrick of the Black Sword ago
Chapter XIII: Gillian Arc - In vino veritas ago
Chapter XIV: Adventure Arc - Lions and Tigers and Ghouls ago
Chapter XV: Gillian Arc - The Bell Tower ago
Chapter XVI: Adventure Arc - High-Undying across the land ago
Chapter XVII: Adventure Arc - Debts, Bounties and Adventurers: Jarl Congrad ago
Chapter XVIII: Adventure Arc - Dark Twist ago
Chapter XIX: Adventure Arc - Morbid Wonder ago
Chapter XX: Adventure Arc - That Instant ago
Chapter XXI: Gillian Arc - Fear and Tempest ago
Chapter XXII: Adventure Arc - The 'Oar and Swindler ago
Chapter XXIII: Adventure Arc - Dogs and Bats ago
Chapter XXIV: Gillian Arc - The Abyss ago
Chapter XXV: Adventure Arc - An Introduction to the workings of Magic ago
Chapter XXVI: Adventure Arc - Superstition ain't the way ago
Chapter XXVII: Adventure Arc - Messing with Sasquatch, 308th Edition ago
Chapter XXVIII: Adventure Arc - The Subway ago
Chapter XXIX: Outside Arc - Main Terminal ago
Chapter XXX: (Lol) - Adventure Arc - Streets and Recessions ago
Chapter 31 (No more roman numerals) - Gillian Arc- The Dragon's Tears ago
Chapter 32: Gillian Arc - What's the Worst that could happen? ago
Chapter 33: Adventure Arc - On the Fritz ago
Chapter 34: Gillian Arc - He's a special sort of evil ago
Chapter 35: Gillian Arc - House Keeping ago
Chapter 36: Gillian Arc - The Painting ago
Chapter 37: Adventure Arc - Runner Gunner ago
Chapter 38: Gillian Arc - The Dragon's Roar ago
Chapter 39: Adventure Arc - The Tavern Keeper ago
Chapter 40: Gillian Arc - Mages in Cages ago
Chapter 41: Gillian Arc - Breathe it all out ago
Chapter 42: Gillian Arc - Nevermore ago
Chapter 43: Gillian Arc - Revenge ago
Chapter 44: Gillian Arc - POI - 53 ago
Chapter 45: Outside Arc - Abnormal Occurrence 14,903 ago
Chapter 46: Gillian Arc - What the Dark Lord taketh ago
Chapter 47: Outside Arc - Station (315) Audio ago
Chapter 48: Adventure Arc - Magic without the Magic ago
Chapter 49: Adventure Arc - Passing of Zahra the Wise ago
Chapter 50: Adventure Arc - Baron of the North: Start of the Crusade ago
Chapter 51: Adventure Arc - Tango down. ago
Chapter 52: Adventure Arc - Grave Maker ago
Chapter 53: Adventure Arc - Work of Legends ago
Chapter 54: Gillian Arc - The Journey Home ago
Chapter 55: Gillian Arc (OR IS IT?) - The Drawing of the Three ago
Chapter 56: Gillian Arc - The King of Rust ago
Chapter 57: Adventure Arc - Jarl: The Northern Expedition ago
Chapter 58: Gillian Arc - The story writes itself ago
Chapter 59: Adventure Arc - R&R ago
Chapter 60: Adventure Arc - Great Credit ago
Chapter 61: Adventure Arc - Don't stop me now! ago
Chapter 62: Adventure Arc/Outside Arc - Message received ago
Chapter 63: Adventure Arc - This is madness! No... ago
Chapter 64: Gillian Arc - KHAAAAAAAAAN ago
Chapter 65: Gillian Arc - King of death ago
Chapter 66: Adventure Arc - Science Beeoch ago
Chapter 67: Adventure Arc - The Army marches ago
Chapter 68: Adventure Arc - Wolven Storm ago
Chapter 69 (hahaha) - Adventure Arc/Outside Arc - Can you hear me now? ago
Chapter 70: Adventure Arc - The Journey home ago
Chapter 71: Adventure Arc - Average day ago
Chapter 72: Adventure Arc - Average Hunt ago
Chapter 73: Outside Arc - Watching eyes ago
Chapter 74: Outside Arc - POI 864 ago
Chapter 75: Adventure Arc - Real Magic ago
Chapter 76: Adventure Arc - Make like trees ago
Chapter 77: Gillian Arc - When he cometh ago
Chapter 78: Outside Arc - Robert's morning commute ago
Chapter 79: Outside Arc - The Tree ago
Chapter 80: Outside Arc - I'm really not even sure what to call this one. ago
Chapter 81: Outside Arc - Festival ago
Chapter 82: Gillian Arc - Hollow Victory ago
Chapter 83: Gillian Arc - The Final March ago
Chapter 84: Adventure Arc - Collision inevitable ago
Chapter 85: Gillian Arc - Come to the Dark side... ago
Chapter 86: Adventure Arc - The gang gets hired ago
Chapter 87: Adventure Arc - Team Barnacle Battlefront ago
Chapter 88: Adventure Arc - Game of houses ago
Chapter 89: Gillian Arc - Remember, Congrad? ago
Chapter 90: Adventure Arc - Aurum ago
Chapter 91: Adventure Arc - Guard duty ago
Chapter 92: Adventure Arc - Most Dangerous ago
Chapter 93: Adventure Arc - The Wall ago
Chapter 94: Adventure Arc - The damned ago
Chapter 95: Adventure Arc - War Meeting ago
Chapter 96: Adventure Arc - For Glory... ago
Chapter 97: Adventure Arc - Sir Battlemage! ago
Chapter 98: Adventure Arc - Day-off ago
Chapter 99: Gillian Arc - Curse of the Congrad name ago
Chapter 100: Outside/Adventure Arc - Rob, Joe, and the Portal ago
Chapter 101: O/A Arc - Rob, Joe, and the Quest ago
Chapter 102: Gillian Arc - Jarl? ago
Chapter 103: O/A Arc - Rob, Joe, and the Strange old man ago
Chapter 104: Adventure Arc - Acting the part ago
Chapter 105: Adventure Arc - Lelams ago
Chapter 106: O/A Arc - Run Joe, Run! ago
Chapter 107: Adventure Arc - Purchasing Relics ago
Chapter 108: Adventure Arc - Barbaric Obstreperousness ago
Chapter 109: Adventure Arc - Outpost Visit ago
Chapter 110: Adventure Arc - All along the watchtower ago
Chapter 111: Adventure Arc - The Enemy of your Enemy, is still your Enemy ago
Chapter 112: Adventure Arc - Brick and Stone ago
Chapter 113: Adventure Arc - The Enemy of their Enemy- still their Enemy! ago
Chapter 114: Adventure Arc - Spill the beans ago
Chapter 115: Adventure Arc - Oh Captain, my Captain ago
Chapter 116: Adventure Arc - BREATHE! ago
Chapter 117: Adventure Arc - Brief Respite ago
Chapter 118: O/A Arc - Childhood ago
Chapter 119: Adventure Arc - Last .308 ago
Chapter 120: Adventure Arc - Worst day ever. ago
Chapter 121: Adventure Arc - Git Gud ago
Chapter 122: Adventure Arc - Car ride ago
Chapter 123: Adventure Arc - Cliffhanger ago
Chapter 124: Adventure Arc - Pending medical leave ago
Chapter 125: Adventure Arc - Dottera Capital News ago
Chapter 126: Adventure Arc - Price ago
Chapter 127: Gillian Arc - Secret Meeting ago
Chapter 128: Adventure Arc - Execution ago
Chapter 129: Adventure Arc - Hunted Faith ago
Chapter 130: Adventure Arc - Rest in peace Mario ago
Chapter 131: Adventure Arc - Road Trip! ago
Chapter 132: Outside Arc - Goldfish ago
Chapter 133: Outside Arc - No sense ago
Chapter 134: Adventure Arc - Army ago
Chapter 135: Gillian Arc - Awaiting ago
Chapter 136: Outside Arc - Invasion ago
Chapter 137: Gillian Arc - Awaiting ago
The End ago

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No Longer A Probationary Review

Reviewed at: The End

wercwercwerc has been workworkworking hard to bring us an incredible amount of new content.

Although a writing prompt premise from reddit is what starts this story out, history has shown that werc can spin those simple premises into engaging worlds and stories.

This seems to hold true as the main Villains are fun characters I'd like to learn more about.

As this book progresses I'll be sure to update this score/review to ensure its accuracy.

Jesus Christ. That's a hundred new chapters in less than 12 hours.

It's 11:54 P.M. and I've been struggling with this for the past 2 hours.

Fuck it.

The ending was limp but the characters and scenes were fantastic.

Reading this is fascinating because I can see Werc's style shift and grow before my eyes.

The moments of wonder and terror as reality breaks on someone's command, the visceral action scenes, and the tiny human moments that make it all feel real. Everything that makes Gilded Hero and Snek Report so good is here in some form or another.

However, because these moments are so good it makes the lack of closure (due to the chaotic nature of writing prompts) all the more bittersweet.

If you can get past that you'll love it.

Hell. I recommend it even if you can't because of what an interesting exercise it is.

Good luck and take care of yourselves.


An entire book ex nihilo, something to read in this long and lonesome summer of 2020. It is made from my dear sub of writingpromts so you know that there will be a lot of Death and Devils involved.


I Cannot Summarize How Amazing This Was

Reviewed at: The End

The Dark Lord Gillian is exactly as advertised: A mess of stories with different styles and restrictions attached to them, strung together into a mostly coherent story. It's a load of fun to read, and knowing exactly what the writing prompt was that inspired that section of the story offers an odd sense of tension or comedic effect to what is already fantastic. The characters are fun, the pacing is great, and the way things are left off is... interesting.

I hope that this will one day be expanded upon, but alas, even if it is never done, this is already enough of a work of art.