I didn’t know what to do. Kid was already dead. He had healed me but it wasn’t time to mourn or do something else. It was a lake popular among children. Anyone who would see us was going to think I had killed him.

I watched my bloodied clothes. I couldn’t run like it. First I had to clean his clothes as much as he could.

No matter how much I tried, bloodstains wouldn’t go. Instead my clothes looked more drenched.

"Fuck it!" I said and decided to run how I was. I had forgotten I could run now. Or I even could ride on bicycle if I wanted.

I knelt down the corpse and prayed for the gratitude. Then I rose to my feet. When I moved his eyes off the corpse then I saw a very nasty thing. Someone was at the other side and had seen me but he didn’t show himself up from behind a bush. I was quiet sure than he wasn’t going to show himself at any cost.

The stranger's eyes looked pale and more terrified than me. Even though he hadn’t shown his face, I knew he was also scared as I was. He turned back and moved. Most importantly, he didn’t show his full face. I saw half of it but what good is a half face?

He then took steps back and climbed up to unpaved street. He ran from there as fast as he could. He was faster than me anyways.

It didn’t matter who had killed him or how he was killed. All it mattered was I was seen. And the witness was going to make things of what he had seen.

I also ran after it.


Neither cops came that night and nor the news of a child tore open from abdomen at shore of Lake Markeenz. I was made to forget my arthritis gone in the melancholy. All I had done with my feet was to walk around like a mad man with something stupid inside his head. I hadn’t rested for a while after changing dress and was just walking around the house.

It was my fortune, when I had come to my house then it was time of dusk and everybody had failed to notice my red colored clothes.

Perhaps someone was going to discover the corpse next morning. I couldn’t forget I had been seen by someone. I was sure the man who had run from there couldn’t be the killer. I hadn’t even seen anyone cross the lake at the time.

Either he had seen another man kill the child or had come at the time when I was checking if he was alive or not. But who could kill the child? There was no one else.

And was the kid so terrible that his intestines needed to be pulled out of his stomach?

Those questions were inside my mind. Who killed him and why did he run away?

I was in no condition to find answers of those. I just wanted to get rid of what had happened.

If only I had known who the man was then I could have talked to him and somehow resolved it. But how was I gonna explain it? Was I going to say the child was laughing and suddenly screamed to death?

The night was sleepless. I didn’t even remember my wife for a split of second.


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