As per Ezra's instructions, the front liners slowly baited the zombies one by one away from the group. Ezra watched as they didn't seem to have a problem except when some of the member of the grouped ones hesitated when they've been given a perfect chance to stab its head, resulting in the other member to bash it away or stab it instead.

Ezra then looked towards Leo and Hikaru, for now they seem to be doing nothing out of ordinary. Hikaru was teaming up with a guy who seem to be a little bit muscular.

The guy's battle performances seems somewhat good because he could stab the zombie in its head with a single strike. One would know that when it was Ezra's first time killing a zombie, he struggled hard and even almost die before he manage to stab it deeper in its head.

'The difference in physical attributes were really vast, Sigh'

Then, he looked towards the direction of Qingyue and also found her doing good. She seems to be able to know how her opponent would attack and be able to halt it by striking the zombie's shoulders making its arms who were just about to raise and grab drop instantly.

'Amazing, even without being strengthened up she could predict the patterns.'

Turning to Leo, he found his performance too chaotic and forceful, He doesn't teamed up with anyone, although he followed the plan and was taking a zombie one by one, he seems like a barbarian who was only using its brute strength without using his mind and keeps on attacking in a different angle just to kill a zombie. His strength was around thrice or more when compared to Ezra so his stabs were penetrating in its body and making constant holes.

'Fuck! If this guy was this strong in the beginning how strong would he become when he absorbs more orb? Looks like I can't afford to be left out or else I'll die of carelessness later on.'

Looking towards the weak ones whom he was so called 'protecting' he knew that he should let them kill a zombie already or else he won't be able to go and be left out.

'Including those two professors, there were nine of them. I'll just cripple the limbs of those zombies and throw them here, that would be enough. The zombies who can't move won't be a threat anymore even to those who were weak and women.'

Deciding on what he should do, he looked towards Alice and found her not caring on the world and was just kicking stones in her feet. Seeing her like this makes Ezra unable to know how to react.

'There's a bloody festival in front of you and here you are, having fun like a kid and was kicking stones like you were in a park? I really don't know what to do with you!'

As if feeling his stares, Alice gazed at her and tilt her head curiously with her eyes opened widely like an innocent child asking for a lollipop.

"What is it? Why are you looking at me?"

Knowing that scolding her wouldn't go anywhere, Ezra conceded at her childish acts and told her about his plan. She also agreed with it without much thought with a reason 'As long as its your plan then everything would be good.'

After that he also told this plan of his towards the other six students and two professors who was also in the back line. When he told them this, some of them shaked from fear and wants to complain, but when they was faced by Ezra's cold glare they didn't continue to do it anymore.

Although they were aware that Ezra wouldn't protect them forever, they still are thankful that he would cripple a zombie first before letting it be killed by them. Ezra knows that they won't have a choice to say no in this matter so after he told about it, he instantly left and check if there's a zombie near them, only to found none.

After he ensured the safeness of those who were in the back he run towards the group of zombies and baited three at a time.

With his current strength and speed, he aimed at the zombie's shoulder and penetrate it, resulting in a big hole. He repeated it to make another hole just beside the first one. The living corpse doesn't care at all and continue to walk towards him as if it wasn't its shoulders that was injured.

Because of the big hole that passes through its bones, the zombie's shoulders was left hanging with only a bit of its muscles, making it easy when Ezra uses the metal bar as a machete and decided to strike it with full force to chopped its shoulder.

The shoulder of the zombie was severed from its body and was only left with a single arms to used. he backed away from the three of them and repeated the same process with the injured one having it loss both of its shoulders. After that he then backed away once again and repeat the very same process towards the other two who he attracts earlier.

Now that they can't use their hands anymore, the threat was lessened by about 70%, to be honest, their legs weren't that usable because of their speed, so it shouldn't be able to be of use when endangering a life of someone. But it was a different matter when it comes to those who were the killer of these products that results from his experiments.

Because he knew that this wasn't enough, he then knocked down the zombies by striking their legs to shift it into different angular posture making them unable to walk. With these, the helpless zombies were already at their mercy.

He then called the 6 students first and pick three of them to kill the first batch of his experiments. Ezra became glad and nodded when he found them really killing the zombie without his instructions anymore. At their first strike, they were shaking enough to be able to hit the zombies' heads, the zombies tried to bite them but failed because of the restrictions in their movements.

But at their second strike, they seem to be able to put much force and is able to put their aim in the right place and hitting its head, still it wasn't enough. In total, it took them about 10 strikes before they managed to kill one. They totally gasp for breath and became really scared because of the blood that sprays into their feet and even in their body. One of them even cried while striking saying something unrecognizable that seems like a chant.

After a few seconds, a tiny orb of light flown out from the zombies body, surprisingly, Ezra found it divided into two. The three orbs turns into six, when Ezra saw this he already have a hunch on what would happen, and as if agreeing to what he thinks, the three half orbs flew and submerge into his body. He, once again glow with a faint lights nad felt his strength surge once again.

'So the distribution of orbs would depends on your contribution when you killed a zombie. Then the effects that they recieve were surely lesser, but, it should be enough to allow them to protect themselves.'

He looked towards the first three person who were bathing in a light fainter than what he recieve when he first killed a zombie. He didn't ask them if they recieve an ability because they might found it suspicious and question him on how did he have an idea regarding an ability.

Ezra could deny it but what he fears for now, is that this info would reach Hikaru and Leo who were scheming against him-maybe. He would like to keep his ability a secret for it can be used as to save his life, or a deadly weapon to kill instantly.

He then proceded to repeat the baiting process but this time he baited six at a time to easily end his duty. The smae thing happened again, half of the orbs of every zombies that he crippled flew towards him and half of it flew towards its killer.

Ezra chuckled at Alice because when the orb was flying towards her, she stepped backed and ran away farther to make the orb chase her all around. A minute later, when she is finally exhausted, she decided to sit down and put both of her hands to block her chest.

"Waaaaah! No fun! No fun! That's cheating! I already blocked my chest so you shouldn't enter!"

Everyone who was watching her having a tantrum, felt their mouths twitch.


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