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In the unending war between good and evil enters the chaotic element of a prankster. She is summoned to this world with the sole purpose to mess with the hero and the demon lord. But one world is not enough to satisfy a prankster of the caliber of the God of pranks, so he gifts his champion the power to travel to any world in the multiverse.

This is my first try at writhing anything published. English isn't my first language, so expect gramatic errors, tense errors, punctuation errors and more.

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Greener ThanGreen

Greener ThanGreen

1st Anniversary
Word Smith (IX)
Group Leader (II)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Prank 1: How to summon a hero and a demon lord ago
Prank 2: MMORPG ago
Prank 3: The first prank ago
Prank 4: Things getting real ago
Prank 5: Clothes make the man ago
Prank 6: Chilling like a villain ago
Prank 7: There is no I in Team, but there is one in A.I. ago
Prank 8: Smile for the camera ago
Prank 9: Show me the money ago
Prank 10: The born identity ago
Prank 11: Boards and systems ago
Prank 12: Net working ago
Prank 13: The chapter without a name, because I couldn’t come up with one ago
Prank 14: What the army wants, not what it needs ago
Prank 15: Date date ago
Prank 16: Mixing magic ago
Prank 17: Good Company ago
Prank 18: Hard decisions ago
Prank 19: The future of gaming or a total flop ago
Prank 20: Slapstick comedy ago
Prank 21: NSA and waterboarding ago
Prank 22: Is it wrong to pick a girl and explore a dungeon? ago
Prank 23: Size matters ago
Prank 24: Mini vacation A.K.A. filler chapter ago
Prank 25: Magic hobby of a bored researcher ago
Interlude: The well of wisdom ago
Prank 26: Plan progression ago
Prank 27: Finally the press conference ago
Prank 28: Making preparations ago
Prank 29: Good will haunting ago
Prank 30: New toys to play with ago
Prank 31: Real fake magic ago
Prank 32: Playing to study magic ago
Prank 33: Third date ago
Prank 34: Wasting time to save time ago
Prank 35: The car of your dreams and nightmares count as dreams ago
Prank 36: Not just toys ago
Prank 37: Equipped for the zombie apocalypse ago
Prank 38: Work and zombies and aliens ago
Prank 39: Prankster strikes again ago
Prank 40: Unexpected accident ago
Interlude: G.I. Joe ago
Prank 41: What a bookworm wants ago
Prank 42: Fantasy weapons ago
Prank 43: An ordinary day ago
Prank 44: Some health issues are only skin deep ago
Prank 45: Space and its waste ago
Prank 46: Just robots ago
Prank 47: Playing tabletops ago
Prank 48: Everything is ready ago
Prank 49: A very badly written chapter ago
Prank 50: The big global prank ago
Interlude: Other places ago

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There is nothing too serious in this story, full of great ideas and nods to all sorts of genres.

Its written with little regard to character, conversation or deep plumbing of detail..

What it does have is an OP MC unleashed upon the multiverse by a god little acquainted to the voracious appetite of humans given a taste of power


it is a light story, so nothing is truly serious.

Reviewed at: Prank 25: Magic hobby of a bored researcher

to the author:

you just need a diffrent color for the author speaking and it would be fine

to anyone else be awear there are alot of forth wall breaking and no real reason for anything the mc does