London, Great Britain
March 25th, 1777

"You heard the recent news?" Stanley Jones asked one of his shipmates.

Marcus Wilis snorted, "Which one? There has been plenty of news these days."

The two men were sailors on the British ship HMS Prince George, a 90-gun second rate that was undergoing repairs after an extensive naval battle against the French Navy in the Caribbean. They were currently in a tavern drinking and chatting amongst themselves while they enjoyed their time on land. While they were mere enlisted men and on the bottom rung of the social ladder, even they have heard the rumors and news swirling around in the capital of the British Empire.

"I've heard from one of the officers that Lord North is going to be tried for his failures against the Yankees," Jones whispered defensively, "Apparently, the former prime minister attempted to cover up his mistake and shielded his blunders until the end to His Majesty. His Majesty was in a frothing rage after discovering his treachery and basically threw him out of office!"

"Wouldn't surprise me. Hell, even the news sent by the Americans were more reliable at times than the news given to us by Lord North," Jones replied.

"And look what that damn fool has done. We're about to lose the entirety of North America because of him. I'm sure the French and Spanish are laughing hysterically as we lick our wounds and attempt to beat them back."

Wilis frowned, "Careful there Stanley. I'm sure we'll defeat the French and Spanish after some time."

Jones sighed, "I'm sure we will. But the losses against the Americans however..."

"Can't be changed. Those damn Yanks rolled the army over and the army is a laughingstock now. General Burgoyne... I mean former general Burgoyne is getting tried to for butchering a bunch of troops in Boston."

"Good riddance. Serves him right. I heard he ordered charges into enemy fortifications suicidally."

"I don't blame him. That damn Hun and his men are the reason why we lost I tell ya. It was announced the other day that General Carleton was being appointed as the Commander in Chief of the British Army in the Caribbean since he has the most experience against the Hun and actually managed to bloody that Chinaman's nose," Wilis mentioned casually.

"It seems like all we talk about are the Americans now," Jones said with a laugh, "Even us."

Wilis drank the mug filled with beer in front of him, "Can't blame us. The things they have done have turned Britain on its head. I mean just two years ago, they were still British subjects. Yet in two years, they've managed to basically take all of North America. Not only that, but they're attempting to create a republic of all things."

The sailor spat out this word like it was distasteful, but Jones didn't comment on it, "I haven't managed to read whatever that law document they made in North America is."

"The Constitution, they call it. I've read parts of it, but it feels like they're trying to capitalize on their revolution and create a radical government, something that is completely different than the British government. They even have parts about treating Negros and women as equals!"

"I can't say much about Negros, but you and I were both sickened when we heard about that Colonel Marion fellow in South Carolina."

"It's completely different. He was executing surrendering soldiers. Even if they were Negros, they didn't deserve it. But giving them the same rights as a white man? It's absurd!" Wilis countered, "Thank God that Lord Rockingham had the steel to denounce that man. Lord North was spineless and let that man run freely as our "ally." I wouldn't mind him being hung."

Jones tried to calm the slightly drunk man down, "You might get shot by one of his supporters if you keep speaking like that. He still has plenty of supporters."

"You're right, but it needs to be said," Wilis stated.

"I'm sure the Americans will be out of hair for many years. But for now, we should talk about the war with France and Spain. After all, the war with the Yanks is done once that treaty is finalized..."


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