The American Dream: An American Marine Time Travels to the Revolutionary War

by okmangeez

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Historical Sci-fi Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Secret Identity Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Due to a mysterious transcendent being, United States Marine Corps First Lieutenant Samuel Kim from the year 2016 is thrown back in time to the year 1775. To make matters worse, he wakes up near Bunker Hill, mere hours before the famed Battle of Bunker Hill is set to begin. Realizing the unique situation he finds himself in, the lieutenant takes the opportunity to change the fate of the battle and ensure an overwhelming American victory. Guided by his "patronizing" "God" and the American revolutionaries, Lieutenant Kim embarks on a journey to help America gain its independence and to ensure the nation uphold its "most promising" ideals from the very beginning. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Start of Something Revolutionary ago
Chapter 2: God is a Yankee (?) ago
Chapter 3: The Battle of Bunker Hill (1) ago
Chapter 4: The Battle of Bunker Hill (2) ago
Battle of Bunker Hill Aftermath ago
Chapter 5: The War Must Go On ago
Chapter 6: The Birth of the American Marines ago
Chapter 7: George Washington, Commander in Chief ago
Chapter 8: For a Better Tomorrow ago
Chapter 9: The (Not Yet) American Founders ago
Chapter 10: The Major General and His Reward ago
Chapter 11: Benedict Arnold, Patriot or Traitor? ago
Chapter 12: Just Native American Things ago
Chapter 13: The First Step into Canada ago
Chapter 14: One Last Step ago
Chapter 15: A Reformed Colonel Arnold ago
Chapter 16: The Battle of Quebec City (Part 1) ago
Chapter 17: The Battle of Quebec City (Part 2) ago
Chapter 18: A More Perfect Union ago
Chapter 19: Farewell, Canada ago
Final Draft of the Declaration of Independence ago
Chapter 20: The United States of America ago
Chapter 21: Down with the Traitors, Up with the Stars! ago
Chapter 22: The Swamp Devil ago
Chapter 23: Surprise, Surprise ago
Chapter 24: A Hero's Fall ago
Side Story: General Arnold's Death ago
Chapter 25: Semper Fidelis ago
Chapter 26: What We Are Fighting For ago
Chapter 27: The Emancipation Proclamation ago
Chapter 28: The Free South Carolina Regiment ago
Chapter 29: Catching a Fox ago
Chapter 30: Looking a Bit Orange ago
Chapter 31: All-American Sports ago
Chapter 32: Battle Cry of Freedom! ago
Chapter 33: The Hammer to Break Them ago
Chapter 34: A Very Peculiar Meeting ago
Chapter 35: The Verdict ago
Chapter 36: Public Opinions ago
Chapter 37: Liberation ago
Chapter 38: We the People ago
Chapter 39: First Marine Regiment, Sixth Company ago
Chapter 40: The March to Savannah ago
Chapter 41: Indians and a War Belt ago
Chapter 42: Lafayette is Here ago
Chapter 43: The Journals of Lafayette ago
Chapter 44: Lord Rockingham, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ago
Chapter 45: The Battle of Cambridge ago
Chapter 46: The Victors of the Revolutionary War ago
Chapter 47: Drafting the Constitution ago
Chapter 48: Naval Invasion ago
Chapter 49: Battle of Bermuda ago
Chapter 50: Formalizing the Occupation ago
Chapter 51: Securing the Island ago
Chapter 52: Into "Kentucky" ago
Chapter 53: A Timely Rescue ago
Chapter 54: The Constitution of the United States ago
Chapter 55: The Watchmen Society ago
Chapter 56: Uncovering the Truth ago
Chapter 57: I Need a Drink ago
Chapter 58: Napoleon, the Lion of Naples ago
Chapter 59: Peace in Our Time ago
Chapter 60: Remembering an American Hero ago
Chapter 61: Meet the Adams ago
Chapter 62: Delaware, the First State ago
Chapter 63: Damn Yanks ago
Chapter 64: Discharge ago
Chapter 65: After the War ago
Chapter 66: The Ratification of the Constitution ago
Chapter 67: Planning for the Future ago
Omake: To the Future ago
Chapter 68: Operation Paperclip ago
Chapter 69: President (of the Continental Congress) Washington ago
Chapter 70: Oath of Allegiance ago
Chapter 71: Harsh Lessons ago
Chapter 72: Native American Diplomacy ago
Chapter 73: John Paul Jones was a Fighting Man ago
Chapter 74: Alexander Hamilton ago
Chapter 75: Election of 1780 ago
Chapter 76: The First Cabinet of the United States ago
Chapter 77: The Secret Service ago
Chapter 78: The First Administration ago
Chapter 79: Volcanic Eruption ago
Chapter 80: Senators and Conspiracies ago
Chapter 81: The Land of the Free ago
Chapter 82: A Peek at the Future ago
Chapter 83: Immigration ago
Chapter 84: Restaurant Culture ago
Chapter 85: The (First) French Revolution ago
Chapter 86: Thomas Jefferson, Second President of the United States ago
Chapter 87: Unwavering ago
Chapter 88: Washington... the Prophet? ago
Chapter 89: Rebellion ago
Chapter 90: Shoot, if You Dare ago
Chapter 91: Jefferson's Cabinet ago
Chapter 92: The Long Journey Ahead ago
Chapter 93: Anchors Away! ago
Chapter 94: Lafayette and Samuel Reunited ago
Chapter 95: Fort Hope ago

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Clint Ramsey
  • Overall Score

 Really has some potential but I wished the author hadn't leaned into the whole "god" giving out everything he needs angle but it still was an enjoyable read.

Irradiated Slag Heap
  • Overall Score

As stayed in the title, it’s somewhat cheesy in the first chapter or so, but it still holds up.

I’ve often wondered what the impact of a single modern soldier would be on the outcome of the revolutionary war. In this story, I can find out.

  • Overall Score

Keep up the good work. Don't drop this novel also a timely  novel on what happening in usa today. 

  • Overall Score

A truly enjoyable read, a sort of  alternate historical fiction where, as the name says, a marine officer goes back in time, the story goes into enough detail to place you in the moment, without so much to feel like a history book. 

While the story is a bit fantastical, the "magical" elements are kept to occasional "supply drops" by the diety/benefactor and otherwise limited to narrative flavor such as 


Spoiler: Spoiler


The dude who cook
  • Overall Score

This is a very good story ... But to much naïve for my taste . The author forgot the only true principe of the State ( There are no principe only interest )And the USA the mc help building is gonna be The empire of the future cause no République have not fall ...  Sry i forgot to say english is not my first spoken languege