The American Dream: An Alternate, Time-Travel Timeline

by okmangeez

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Due to a mysterious transcendent being, United States Marine Corps First Lieutenant Samuel Kim from the year 2016 is thrown back in time to the year 1775. To make matters worse, he wakes up near Bunker Hill, mere hours before the famed Battle of Bunker Hill is set to begin. Realizing the unique situation he finds himself in, the lieutenant takes the opportunity to change the fate of the battle and ensure an overwhelming American victory. Guided by his "patronizing" "God" and the American revolutionaries, Lieutenant Kim embarks on a journey to help America gain its independence and to ensure the nation uphold its "most promising" ideals from the very beginning. 

Author's Warning: The story is very rough in the first few chapters (and as some readers pointed out, some parts are laughable, such as "American idealism"). However, the pace and quality of the story improves from chapter four and onwards. You will enjoy the story if you have some interest in history, worldbuilding, and the butterfly effect (along with a few badass characters). So even if you are a bit turned off in the beginning, I promise that the story improves quickly.

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Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Start of Something Revolutionary ago
Chapter 2: God is a Yankee (?) ago
Chapter 3: The Battle of Bunker Hill (1) ago
Chapter 4: The Battle of Bunker Hill (2) ago
Battle of Bunker Hill Aftermath ago
Chapter 5: The War Must Go On ago
Chapter 6: The Birth of the American Marines ago
Chapter 7: George Washington, Commander in Chief ago
Chapter 8: For a Better Tomorrow ago
Chapter 9: The (Not Yet) American Founders ago
Chapter 10: The Major General and His Reward ago
Chapter 11: Benedict Arnold, Patriot or Traitor? ago
Chapter 12: Just Native American Things ago
Chapter 13: The First Step into Canada ago
Chapter 14: One Last Step ago
Chapter 15: A Reformed Colonel Arnold ago
Chapter 16: The Battle of Quebec City (Part 1) ago
Chapter 17: The Battle of Quebec City (Part 2) ago
Chapter 18: A More Perfect Union ago
Chapter 19: Farewell, Canada ago
Final Draft of the Declaration of Independence ago
Chapter 20: The United States of America ago
Chapter 21: Down with the Traitors, Up with the Stars! ago
Chapter 22: The Swamp Devil ago
Chapter 23: Surprise, Surprise ago
Chapter 24: A Hero's Fall ago
Side Story: General Arnold's Death ago
Chapter 25: Semper Fidelis ago
Chapter 26: What We Are Fighting For ago
Chapter 27: The Emancipation Proclamation ago
Chapter 28: The Free South Carolina Regiment ago
Chapter 29: Catching a Fox ago
Chapter 30: Looking a Bit Orange ago
Chapter 31: All-American Sports ago
Chapter 32: Battle Cry of Freedom! ago
Chapter 33: The Hammer to Break Them ago
Chapter 34: A Very Peculiar Meeting ago
Chapter 35: The Verdict ago
Chapter 36: Public Opinions ago
Chapter 37: Liberation ago
Chapter 38: We the People ago
Chapter 39: First Marine Regiment, Sixth Company ago
Chapter 40: The March to Savannah ago
Chapter 41: Indians and a War Belt ago
Chapter 42: Lafayette is Here ago
Chapter 43: The Journals of Lafayette ago
Chapter 44: Lord Rockingham, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ago
Chapter 45: The Battle of Cambridge ago
Chapter 46: The Victors of the Revolutionary War ago
Chapter 47: Drafting the Constitution ago
Chapter 48: Naval Invasion ago
Chapter 49: Battle of Bermuda ago
Chapter 50: Formalizing the Occupation ago
Chapter 51: Securing the Island ago
Chapter 52: Into "Kentucky" ago
Chapter 53: A Timely Rescue ago
Chapter 54: The Constitution of the United States ago
Chapter 55: The Watchmen Society ago
Chapter 56: Uncovering the Truth ago
Chapter 57: I Need a Drink ago
Chapter 58: Napoleon, the Lion of Naples ago
Chapter 59: Peace in Our Time ago
Chapter 60: Remembering an American Hero ago
Chapter 61: Meet the Adams ago
Chapter 62: Delaware, the First State ago
Chapter 63: Damn Yanks ago
Chapter 64: Discharge ago
Chapter 65: After the War ago
Chapter 66: The Ratification of the Constitution ago
Chapter 67: Planning for the Future ago
Omake: To the Future ago
Chapter 68: Operation Paperclip ago
Chapter 69: President (of the Continental Congress) Washington ago
Chapter 70: Oath of Allegiance ago
Chapter 71: Harsh Lessons ago
Chapter 72: Native American Diplomacy ago
Chapter 73: John Paul Jones was a Fighting Man ago
Chapter 74: Alexander Hamilton ago
Chapter 75: Election of 1780 ago
Chapter 76: The First Cabinet of the United States ago
Chapter 77: The Secret Service ago
Chapter 78: The First Administration ago
Chapter 79: Volcanic Eruption ago
Chapter 80: Senators and Conspiracies ago
Chapter 81: The Land of the Free ago
Chapter 82: A Peek at the Future ago
Chapter 83: Immigration ago
Chapter 84: Restaurant Culture ago
Chapter 85: The (First) French Revolution ago
Chapter 86: Thomas Jefferson, Second President of the United States ago
Chapter 87: Unwavering ago
Chapter 88: Washington... the Prophet? ago
Chapter 89: Rebellion ago
Chapter 90: Shoot, if You Dare ago
Chapter 91: Jefferson's Cabinet ago
Chapter 92: The Long Journey Ahead ago
Chapter 93: Anchors Away! ago
Chapter 94: Lafayette and Samuel Reunited ago
Chapter 95: Fort Hope ago
Chapter 96: The Common Man and the Monarch ago
Chapter 97: Slave Revolt ago
Chapter 98: Journey to Asia ago
Chapter 99: Jackson's Journal ago
Chapter 100: The Lanfang Republic ago
Chapter 101: An American Martyr ago
Chapter 102: China and Political Games ago
Chapter 103: Lewis and Clark ago
Chapter 104: The Dragon and the Eagle ago
Chapter 105: Samuel's Homeland ago
Chapter 106: Meeting with President Jefferson ago
Chapter 107: (1791-1792) ago
Chapter 108: Asian Immigration ago
Chapter 109: Surviving in Exile ago
Chapter 110: The Trail that Never Was ago
Chapter 111 (1793-1794) ago
Chapter 112: (1795-1796) ago
Chapter 113: (1797-1798) ago
Chapter 114: Financial Crisis ago
Chapter 115: A Couple of Years on the Erie Canal ago
Omake: The Founders of the French Republic(s) ago
Omake: The French Revolution ago
Chapter 116: The Crown Prince of China ago
Chapter 117: The Haitian Republic and President Toussaint ago
Omake: The Beginning of the French Civil War ago
Chapter 118: 1799-1800 ago
Omake: The First French Republic ago
Chapter 119: (1801-1802) ago
Omake: For the French Republic! ago
Chapter 120: Congresswoman Abigail Adams ago
Chapter 121: A Pair of Rookies ago
Chapter 122: (1803) ago
Chapter 123: The 1804 Presidential Elections ago
Chapter 124: The American Special Forces ago
Chapter 125: The First President of the Second French Republic ago
Omake: The Beginning of the First Coalition War ago
Chapter 126: The Death of George Washington ago
The American Military and Intelligence Agencies ago
Chapter 127: In Exile ago
Chapter 128: The Presidency of Alexander Hamilton ago
Omake: The French Offensive and Bloody Saturday ago
Chapter 129: Raise a Glass to Freedom! ago
Chapter 130: The End of the Second Coalition War ago
Chapter 131: The Wild Wild West ago
Chapter 132: Father and Son ago
Chapter 133: The Death of a King ago
Chapter 134: The Society and France ago
Chapter 135: The Venezuelan Revolution ago
Chapter 136: Singapore, the American Pearl of Asia ago
Omake: Prostitution in the United States and American Territories ago
Chapter 137: Andrew Jackson, Fifth President of the United States ago
Chapter 138: Regret ago
Omake: The End of the First Coalition War and the State of France ago
Chapter 139: Viva la Mexico! ago
Chapter 140: ‘Tis Not the End ago
Chapter 141: The US in the 1810s ago
Chapter 142: A General and an Admiral ago
Chapter 143: Colonel Lewis and Businessman Austin ago
Chapter 144: The End of an Era ago
1820 United States Census ago
Chapter 145: The 1820 Presidential Elections ago
Chapter 146: President Crockett ago
Chapter 147: Defending the Argentinian Republic ago
Chapter 148: The Mexican and American Republics ago
Chapter 149: The League of American Nations ago
Chapter 150: Revolution in Jamaica ago
Omake: The Culture of Singapore ago
Chapter 151: The First African American President ago
Chapter 152: Eliyah Peters, Seventh President of the United States of America ago
Omake: Interwar France and the Second French Revolution ago
Chapter 153: Civil Service Exams ago
Chapter 154: The Golden State ago
Chapter 155: A “Minor” Skirmish ago
Chapter 156: To War! ago
Chapter 157: The Anglo-American War Begins ago
Omake: The Second Coalition War ago
Chapter 158: No Quarter ago
Chapter 159: Argentinian Guerillas ago
Chapter 160: Intelligence Leak ago
Chapter 161: Invasion ago
Chapter 162: Battle of New Orleans ago
Chapter 163: America under Siege ago
Chapter 164: Resistance ago
Chapter 165: The War Cabinet ago
Chapter 166: We Shall Never Surrender! ago
Chapter 167: Battle of Alligator Town ago
Chapter 168: Enlistment ago
Chapter 169: The Army Rangers ago
Chapter 170: A Violent Clash in Texas ago
Chapter 171: Siege of Washington ago
Chapter 172: Into the Trenches! ago
Chapter 173: Traitor ago
Chapter 174: Concentration Camps ago
Siege of Washington Wikibox ago
Chapter 175: This War of Mine ago
Chapter 176: An Aging General ago
Chapter 177: The American Foreign Legion ago
Chapter 178: Not “These United States” but “The United States” ago
Chapter 179: Push for the American Republic! ago
Chapter 180: The American Colossus and the French Giant ago
Chapter 181: Haha, Brrr ago
Chapter 182: The Advanced Research Projects Agency ago
Chapter 183: The Empire in Peril ago
Chapter 184: The American Advance ago
Chapter 185: America Rules the Waves! ago
Chapter 186: Death ago
Chapter 187: This is the End ago
Chapter 188: The Society Without Kim ago
Chapter 189: Loss ago
Chapter 190: Strike the Heart of the British Empire! ago
Chapter 191: The Treaty of Reykjavik ago
Chapter 192: The War’s End ago
Chapter 193: The Trial of the Decade ago
TAD Timeline Spotlight: The Republic of Mexico and the Mexican Independence War ago
TAD Timeline Spotlight: The (Unitary) Republic of Mexico and the Mexican Constitution ago
TAD Timeline Spotlight: The Mexican Economy in the Post-Independence Era ago
TAD Timeline Spotlight: The Formation of the Federal Republic of Central America ago
Chapter 194: The Great Recession ago
TAD Timeline Spotlight: South Africa, Fort Hope, and the Xhosa Nation ago
Chapter 195: Until Every Brit is Gone ago
Chapter 196: Congress and Debates ago
Chapter 197: The Watchmen Society in the Post-War Era ago
Chapter 198: Timstown Service ago
US Map 1860 (Updated) ago
Chapter 199: The Kingdom of Hawaii ago
Chapter 200: A Revolution in Hanover and the Third Coalition War ago
Chapter 201: The Rebellion in India (Part 1) ago
Omake: The American Cameroon Archipelago ago
Chapter 202: A Private Conversation in New York ago
Chapter 203: A Cold War ago
Chapter 204: Mahjong in San Francisco ago
Chapter 205: The True "King" of Britain ago
Chapter 206: The Tale of Bonaparte ago
Chapter 207: The Indian Rebellion (Part 2) ago
Chapter 208: It's Election Day! ago

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Dei ex machina, with a supplement of Cheese

Reviewed at: Chapter 73: John Paul Jones was a Fighting Man

Pro : Interesting plotline based on serious historical studies.

Cons : "Shadow" protagonists with no personality; cheesy plot heavily dependent on literal divine interventions and convenient plot devices; at least a couple of very obvious grammar mistakes per chapter.

A read I would only recommend to alternate history fans and strong American patriots. Being only the former, I could not help but drop it quite early in - the story may get better, but it failed to captivate me.


First chapter, MC wakes up and finds himself tied to a chair, and gets interrogated by some weirdly dressed dudes in an unknown place.

Deduces that his interrogators are revolutionary war era soldiers from their attire and accepts that he has time traveled into the past. 

Proceeds to convince interrogators that he is a soldier of the USA ( which hasn't existed then ) and they believe him.

All within a single, short paragraph.

Nope, no questioning if the dudes got a few screws loose or anything. They are revolutionary soldiers alright, no doubt about it.

Yea this dudes definitely a time traveler, no need to question him. Lets believe him like he's the second coming of Jesus.

Can't get hooked to a book that claims to want to be historically accurate and such when the characters present don't even behave like sane humans.

God knows if this is just some cringey fantasy of a patriotic teenager or an actual book due to how unrealistic that first chapter alone is. 


RE Druin

An interesting and thought-provoking alternate world story...

Reviewed at: Omake: Interwar France and the Second French Revolution

The premise of this story is a bit different then most, which tend to center around this or that key event happening to throw things off track, alien invasions, or different rules of reality.

This one is much simpler: What if you were sent back in time to make America a truly better place? A place where the ideals matched the reality behind them, instead of constantly being subverted by greed and bad decisions here and there?

This kind of biased view may well turn a lot of readers off, but that's fine, I'm a sucker for stories where good men try to do good things, as opposed to greedy folks just out to profit for themselves knowing what is coming.

While there's some handwavium to make certain aspects of this possible... hey, there's already time travel, so it's all minor stuff.

The writing isn't polished, but that's okay. It's solidly grounded in actual history, which it has to keep subverting (and that is not a simple task). It could use an editor (or a pass through Google or Grammarly, at least), but I wasn't expecting perfection, and the flow of the story remains easy to follow, even with the occasional typo.

I find that people chipping in to help the story move in OTHER countries, particularly France, to be inspiring on its own face. Just what would you change in the past to help the future be better, after all?

If you've had your fill of survivors enduring or profiting off future knowledge, or alien invasions or the coming of magic changing world history, and want an intelligent protaganist who is actually trying to make the world a better place, give the story a try.

If you're not too big on history and how things are being changed, you might want to give it a pass. If you like seeing characters from history changed for the better, you might enjoy it.

The story is specifically made BECAUSE it realizes that America didn't live up to its own ideals in many cases. A whole secret society devoted to it being worth that dream, instead of grabbing for power, is the perfect antithesis of those that so often do so for themselves.


 Really has some potential but I wished the author hadn't leaned into the whole "god" giving out everything he needs angle but it still was an enjoyable read.


There are a few stories on royal road that are so different that I struggle to give them proper gradings. This is one of them. 

This work rather then being an adventure is an imagining of the u.s if it was founded with a clear understanding of its origional future and large amounts of additional resources.The main character is not the focus, their development is insignificant and really only acts as a catalyst to the changes the author brings in. That said the imagining is done by roughly following the MCs life and provides an extra level of engagement. 

In terms of review, there are few grammatical mistakes  with only the occasional misspelling or wrong tense. In terms of details, the author is clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to the history of the u.s and the rest of the world atleast for the period they cover. 

My only points of critic is that it's very clear the plot was heavily forced to allow for rampent imagination. The MC was given nearly infinite gold, unlimited access to modern information, and large quantities of vaccines for illnesses that could cause issues. This was done in a clear and reasonable manner with the idea that god was taking a form of active engagement in this timeline. That said it heavily emphasizes that characters are secondary to history changes. 

Ultimately I suggest giving it a read, the first few chapters can be a bit difficult as it's where most of the ground work for unlimited changes are introduced and it might grate you. If your still not enjoying it after the first 10 chapters though this work is not for you. 

Update: in later chapters the book improves with the story jumping between different characters. 

This story has now become a personal favourite. 


A progressively better read

Reviewed at: Chapter 99: Jackson's Journal

The book has a fresh idea that most really don't tackle. Traveling back in time and help building a modern nation. It's good because nearly no books are on this topic which is a shame. As it's a proverbial goldmine for any reader. The book starts off as naive in the first few chapters and the whole supply drop god thing was making me think that soon we would have a historical isekai but, the book stopped doing that after a while. It may be that the author forgot about it or that he thought the MC had enough supplies to take on the British by himself with his army. Either way, the book starts off kind of meh at the beginning but as it goes on the book gets better. The reason for 4 stars is because the plot hasn't advanced much now and they're are a few typos every few chapters. But other than that it's a good book. Also the characters are a bit bland. I can't really relate to any of them but they have gotten better.


A truly enjoyable read, a sort of  alternate historical fiction where, as the name says, a marine officer goes back in time, the story goes into enough detail to place you in the moment, without so much to feel like a history book. 

While the story is a bit fantastical, the "magical" elements are kept to occasional "supply drops" by the diety/benefactor and otherwise limited to narrative flavor such as 


Spoiler: Spoiler



Keep up the good work. Don't drop this novel also a timely  novel on what happening in usa today. 

The dude who cook

This is a very good story ... But to much naïve for my taste . The author forgot the only true principe of the State ( There are no principe only interest )And the USA the mc help building is gonna be The empire of the future cause no République have not fall ...  Sry i forgot to say english is not my first spoken languege


I still feels a bit weird that the MC understood the situation so dang quickly. Honestly, there was next to no real time before it was sinked in. And the others also understood it way too quickly for me to really feel that it was realistic.

Writing is okay enough. Grammar is above average and the style is good. There might be some points where the conversations feel fake, but that is fine enough. 

4.5/5 from me