Respice Post Te: An unusual Apocalypse

by Felix Acroama

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead GameLit Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Mythos Post Apocalyptic Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

There are some days when life seems set on mocking you. And then, there are those days. Days when everything goes to shit and the Apocalypse decides to fall down overnight.

Rather understandably, almost everyone panicked when it did. Others though...

In any case, Earth became a world under the laws of a System that doesn't seem to work that well. A revamped Earth, where monsters can hide behind every corner!

No, scratch that, who are we kidding? They always did, right? But these are monsters of a different kind! For one, they tend to have really long fangs. For another, they might come straight out of myths and legends. Perhaps they're not the only ones?

Follow Athan as he learns to, hopefully, thrive in this new reality. However, he might first need to learn how to set some order in chaos, or the other way around. But, even before that, the cynical dog might need to put on some clothes.


Hey, maybe most everyone may have died, but at least the System that came later was kind enough to gift every survivor with a skill, right?



Schedule: I'll try to come up with at least a weekly chapter, there might be more if I find the time.

Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Please mind the tags!!! (And consider that 'strong lead' means 'op from pretty much the very beginning' here)

This story won't have any extremely dark scenes (torture, rape, etc) but it might get rather gory. On the other hand, do expect the MC to have an extremely dark sense of humor. This story might not be for you if you are very sensitive or easily offended.

Also, don't expect to see any harems or whatever here.

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Felix Acroama

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I'm loving this, the chuckles are real!

The main character really is a sarcastic bastard, but the author somehow manages to make him likable anyway.

Grammar's really good, just an occasional typo.

By all means, give it a try!

All hail the donkey!

  • Overall Score

First of all: DONKE!

Second of all: Sarcastic Protagonist? Check. Monster donkey mount? Check. Eldritch Powers of Chaos? Check!

That is the beginning of the end my desr friends, and i csnt wait to be there for the ride xD

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Reviewed at: 14-Run?

Apocalypse as witnessed by arsehole given godhood by accidentally glitching THE SYSTEM. OPMC is the standard cynical bastard variation 3, subtype c) - making fun of everything and himself.

Mildly piqued my interest. Not the greatest story ever told, but if you have nothing to read and are otherwise bored it probably won't offend anybody but people who hate OP. But that's what descriptions are for and this one warns you in advance.

  • Overall Score

Super funny and well worth the read.  Lead is an amusing take on the “evil” OP hero.

  • Overall Score

 A story that does not take itself seriously and won't ask you to do so either. No heavy topic, except the dynamics of the story weighing heavily in favor of the MC. 

The pervasive sucking up to the Mc with anything that is inked black, might feel irritating to those who aren't either new or desensitized enough to the "I wish" genre.

I light read recommended when tired and your neuron batteries are left charging, and you just need to go with the flow.

  • Overall Score

I swear to god, i love this so much. The sarcasm, the humor, the grammar, it's all very well done. love this man, havent laughed so much in a long while.

Blind Snot Dragon
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First off this story made me laugh, many times, and I think it has the potential to make many of you laugh too and for me that's largely enough to give the story five stars. Now to the actual review.

The story, style, characters, and I suspect author are straight up chaotic neutral with a heavy dose of intelligence and cynicism behind the viel of the ridiculous main character.

The author also had me googling so many words which I always respect in an author. Have no fear though if big words scare you there are enough small words and petty actions to sink a small ship. 

The humor relies heavily on the reversal of expectations which is all well and good but it concerns me for the longevity of the story, that and I guess there might maybe be a plot but the story doesn't seem driven by it because as any DM knows, chaotic characters don't care about plot lures.

All in all I really recommend giving it a go, if nothing else you can get a smile on your face and then move onto something more erudite.

  • Overall Score

MC Doesn’t take himself seriously.

Reviewed at: 11-Leader

Absolutely fantastic. Simple but wonderful humour. Similar insanity and inspired by Quixote maybe. 

only complaint, though it is a personal one, is lack of real descriptions. I don't really know how anyone or anything really looks.  


  • Overall Score

Wish fullfillment disguised as satire

Reviewed at: 13-First Wave

Honestly speaking this story was quite disappointing. According to the synopsis and the tags it is supposed to be a dark comedy, but under scrutiny it's just like every other apocalypse story. It has a OP main character that's much stronger than everyone else because of a stupid reason, he leaves everyone he meets either annoyed at how unfair his powers are (if they were hostile), or in awe of his fighting prowess (if they are possible allies) and he also never comes close to suffering any kind of loss.

The fiction also tries repeatedly to make the readers laugh, but it didn't really work that well. Obviously commedy is subjective so take this with a grain of salt, but most jokes fell flat for me. The story made me chuckle only once (I'm not saying when because it would ruin the joke for those who will choose to read the story) but didn't manage to do more than that.

But the worst part was the wish fullfillment. I can't help but feel that the story is dishonest at its core. It seems to be trying to be ironic and self-aware but at the same time has some some of the same flaws of the genre it is trying to criticise. The most obvious example is the MC, he's always either put on a pedestal by other people or feared because of his strength.  He NEVER fails miserably. He's NEVER criticised. He's NEVER the butt of the joke.

Overall it's a really meh story. Its greatest failing is not managing to leave much of a lasting impression.