Artificial Jelly

by Materia-Blade

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Tragedy Dungeon Female Lead GameLit LitRPG Low Fantasy Non-Human lead Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Born to die and be born again, Gell, the Jellyfae must discover her strange connection to the horrible monsters called humans, that speak with words she understands, but seem to want nothing but her death. Driven by a desire for safety and freedom, she ventures forth to Tread the Sky, and finds more worlds than one.

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Read it if you like the premise

Reviewed at: Another Kind of Flight

The main concept of the book: An NPC developed conscience and went exploring. So far, the story itself is interesting.
The grammar is good: there are no errors that are noticeable.
The characters are interesting to observe: they have their own needs and act accordingly.
The style is skippable: you will find yourself more than once in a situation when you don't want to read through a big paragraph that could've been changed to a short sentence without losing anything. This is the one annoyance that I had when reading this book.

Overall, that's a story with a good idea, interesting characters, invisibly good grammar, and sometimes boring paragraphs that could be skipped. I recommend it if you like the premise.




I love this story, the pacing is phenomenal and Materia Blade knows how to put emotion into her characters qnd thier dialogue. I heartily recommend it to anyone.

Blind Snot Dragon

The story is good, well written but should come with a slice-of-life tag. The story progression is there it's just slow, little bits and pieces that take a whole chapter and I hope that they mean something later bc they currently don't.

I'm happy to read it, happy to rate it, happy to follow it but I'm not excited and waiting for the next chapter to drop. There is too much hinting, not enough follow through on said hinting to really engage me in this story.


An AI with a conscience.

Reviewed at: Lingering Instinct

I try to not rate stories that high until the chapter count is much higher, but this is a wonderful story so far.

The MC is a 'monster' in a dungeon game, who hates her life of being abused as XP fodder... no. That's a bad summary that doesn't do the story justice. Read it yourself already!

If that didn't convince you yet: here are my thoughts (for a change before I read other reviews or opinions on the story)

Great and solid worldbuilding, or at least the start of it: 3/5, because we haven't seen much of the world yet. Most importantly, everything in the world seems consistent so far. The story score would be rated 4/5 at my current point of reading, due to its internal consistency, and its quite good originality. (others had similar ideas before, but this felt still like a unique approach) One point from worldbuilding spills over: 5/5

The MC is Gell who has gone through quite some hell, but other characters like Red Thorn, or that developer guy, were also totally believable in their characters, and more than just 2d cutouts, despite only meeting them shortly. Then the elderly couple... Yep, at least 4/5 again, and a worldbuilding point flowing over.

Style score. Hm, everyone has their own writing style. And I'm not sure if I've gotten the style of this story yet. This could still turn ugly, but the latest trend in the chapters has been uplifting Gell's adorability+innocence score a lot. No, in doubt I'm rating 4/5 in style. Yet. This slot gets the third worldbuilding point spillover.

Grammar? I didn't find any obvious mistakes, and the writing was excellent. Full marks on its own.

Well, this story isn't finished, or even fully started yet. Also not Mother of Learning, which is the only story I've given 5 stars yet, after it ended (albeit it deserved even a few more).

Time will tell: I'm bookmarking this story and will see if it rises up to that lofty level, or if I was just dazzled by that beautiful unicorn in the latest chapter. Yes people, there are dazzling unicorns to be had. Which are epic mounts, as I hear people saying.

5 stars in each category, 4.5 in total until the ending blows my mind.

Apple Juice was taken

if you can read try reading


if you cant then why are you here


i am apple juice


and i am a drinkable liquid that tastes like apple's juice


What the heck did I just read?

Reviewed at: A Friendly Chat

How did I not notice this story before?

It reminds me a bit of Dark Skies in the description of the MC's reactions.  That is to say, strongly written.  The writing style is solid, there are few if any grammar issues.  The actual premise is excellent, and even the real world ops reactions are totally believable.

It's captivating.  Now on my list of best to-read stories.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the story so far. It is cute and well written, a very entertaining read. I will update my review when I have read to the current chapter. Need fifty words topost this review gah... so annoying... I guess this should be enough now.


P.S.    Mr. Wing please don't remove my too-short/non-review review! :P


Rating is hard.

Let me just start this review by saying that Artificial Jelly does many things very, very well.

It's a very 'pure' story (so far), by which I mean that's it's context, scale, and setting are very condensed, simple and easy to work with. When in the hands of a poor author, this results in an incredibly bland story, when in the hands of a good author, like Materia-blade it results in something very special. 

And Artificial Jelly is certainly special, it's one of the few novels i've read on RR that legitmately tugged on my heart strings. I'm a bit of a crier with both films and books, that said, the only ones that managed to get my old weepers watering was this and Delve. 

It's a beautifully minamalistic story that allows the author an immense amount of time to work with the mental and emotional state of our very young and very ignorant MC, and the author does it masterfully.

So considering all the praise, why do I say it may not deserve 3rd place? 

One very simple reason. It's still to early in the story for the story to have earned it's place in the top rankings. Frankly speaking, very, very little of any major note has occured in the sense of a progressive plot line, in 33 chapters. And that's fine, i'm absolutely okay with stories that take their time. I'm one of the few sods whose happy to read shit like The Wheel of Time or LOTR or even scroll through the chapters of pure mathematics in Delve because i'm interested enough to see where things are going that i'll put the effort in. 

Artificial Jelly has yet to display it's direction. In many ways, the story is barely out of it's prologue, and as such I do not think it's fair to have it sitting on the top 3 or even top 5 of RR. The quality of what we do have is truly good. I had a blast reading this story and I'd recommend it to any, but there's just to little of it. 


Takes a premise and really runs with it in a thoughtful way.

Such an interesting story that the writing falls away as you devour the words to get to the next  part.

Looking forward to the character development as the story unfolds.

It turns out that reviews need at least fifty words to make it so you can actually post them, who knew, I didnt until now so have made this ridiculously long run on sentence as I am too lazy to count. 


Right in the feels. You know a story is good when it makes you feel like that.

Gel is an AI which has gained sentience in a VRMMORPG, where she was born as a jellyfae in a dungeon. She eventually encounters player adventures, but being an NPC, she doesnt know much about the world, and you get to see what she eventually experiences!