Artificial Jelly

Artificial Jelly

by Materia-Blade

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Born to die and be born again, Gell, the Jellyfae must discover her strange connection to the horrible monsters called humans, that speak with words she understands, but seem to want nothing but her death. Driven by a desire for safety and freedom, she ventures forth to Tread the Sky, and finds more worlds than one.

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This Has so much character and emotion and the mc is written so well. 

I just need MOORE


I love this story, the pacing is phenomenal and Materia Blade knows how to put emotion into her characters qnd thier dialogue. I heartily recommend it to anyone.

Blind Snot Dragon

The story is good, well written but should come with a slice-of-life tag. The story progression is there it's just slow, little bits and pieces that take a whole chapter and I hope that they mean something later bc they currently don't.

I'm happy to read it, happy to rate it, happy to follow it but I'm not excited and waiting for the next chapter to drop. There is too much hinting, not enough follow through on said hinting to really engage me in this story.


People are stupid and thats ok

Reviewed at: Chapter Forty – The City

Some times characters are dumb and thats fine as long as they have valid reasons for their stupidity. 

The main character Gell, the Jelly Fae, is plenty stupid. She doesn't understand why her fellow cave denizens always do the same thing over and over again because she doesn't know she is in a game. She finds invader (players) cruel for the same reason. In reality they are doing some PvE but tobher they are murderers 

Players are stupid when they make incorrect assumptions about Gell because who would expect an inteligent AI to be in the game so they make assumptions based on what they can see. Why is mob murder wrong when they are unthinking bits of code

SPOLIER And the people who learn she is an AI react badly because they don't truly know Gell herself

People are apparently down voting this story because characters make disagreeable decisions and I think that is stupid.  No character in this story has all the info. And guven what they know I think qctions taken are appropriate 


Really 200 words. . . Well Ibam enjoying the premise, charactersn and no spelling errors that take away from the story so I am enjoying this story. 

I really enjoy non human POV stories, as it is an interesting way to a diffrrent frame of reference


This is a fun story in by all standards.

Normally, I try to avoid fictions that center themselves around the LitRPG tag. I'm not typically a fan of the subgenre, and I've gone on numerous rants about how it affects the writing of a story.

Artificual Jelly works though. The author knows how to use the trope as a tool rather than simply writing it in because it's a popular cliche. Not only do the LitRPG aspects have a purpose (something that other athors ignore or gloss over) they don't interfere with the prose or writing quality.


The style is basically flawless.

The prose is descriptive, yet easy to read. Every scene is detailed enough to feed your imagination, without become long and drawn out.  When I read a chapter, I feel like I can picture exactly what is happening at any moment.


Story Score:

I am fully engaged.

The author has yet to delve deeply into the worldbuilding, but at the same time, they've given enough that everything feels consistent and logical. It's vague enough to adapt to any small changes the author might make going forward, but it's concrete enough to let me know that the setting has some logic to it.

One of my main problems with LitRPGs is that the author either overdevelops the system, only to have to retcon a reason for why their logic is flawed later on, or pay no attention to it and use [Skills] as buzzwords, relying on the rule of cool.

Artificial Jelly manages to hit that sweet spot where we can insinuate enough of the rules for us to understand the background logic, while also not setting them in stone so hard that plot holes become black holes.

It's also well written in the there are no, "the wizard cast [Fireball] and everything burned," sentences. LitRPG writing can easily become a crutch for the author, and I'm happy to see that this one hasn't fallen victim to that.

Also also, Gell hasn't spent an entire chapter fretting over how to spend her skill points or which ability scores need raising! Damn that's refreshing.

Grammar Score:

I have yet to spot a single typo.

The paragraghs are also neatly arranged, and easy to read on both my laptop and phone.

Character Score:

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

The author has done a great job of making the characters feel real. Even the background nameless nobodies like "the priest," or, "the party's mage," feel like sentient thinking people.

Nobody feels one dimensional.

Even the people that only show up for a single chapter are written to act like they could become a supporting MC at anymoment.


I reviewed this fiction as of chapter 34, since I consider thirty chapters to be far enough in to get a good idea of where the story is going, while aslo early enough that an author can still fix some issues if given constructive criticism.

For this one, I have no criticism to give.

It's just too well written to find fault with.

It's too early in the plot to tell where it's going, but you can tell it's going somewhere.

Gell is an adorable mix of cinical nievety. And everyone she talks to feels like a whole person.

The worldbuilding has yet to be expanded upon, but it all works realistically.

Artificial Jelly is a fun and well written story, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.


Good lord this is good

Reviewed at: Treasures

I am just astounded, this novel has surprised me time and time again. It's like a drug, I can't stop reading and I don't think I ever will be able to. I'm addicted to this. I love jellyfish I love jellyfae even more. I love LitRPG and Non-Human MC so this is just perfect for me. I would definitely recommend!


I very much enjoy the way the gel views the world and the game. It is imaginative, and due to how well it's written, it just makes you want to continue reading. I do have some fear of where the story will go, and I hope you have things well planned :D


This truly has been an exquisite read so far. The grammar is top-notch, which is quite the find amongst some of the fantasy webnovels on here. The style of writing is just masterful. The characters are fleshed out and believable.
The author brings you on a journey through Gell's awakening to the possibilities within an impossible setting and does a bloody swell job at it. I cannot get enough of the naïveté of Gell's perspective of this new world around her. On top of this, you get snippets of the lives of those involved with "Tread the Sky" that breathes an extra layer of depth to the overall story. Characters who are just as much bemused and bewildered by Gell as they are human and wholly complex. 
I recommend this tale with the utmost sincercity to all those who enjoy well written fantasy/ sci-fi with an awesome protagonist discovering herself and the truth around her. Give it a try and I am sure you will be quite enthralled. 


Surprising story, surprising author

Reviewed at: Scramble

Alright, so I've just caught up to the latest chapter so far.

I really like it, it's enjoyable and the world and characters seem rather interesting. I feel as if some of the sidecharacters are a bit bland, but it's still newly made and we haven't seen a lot of them yet. 


Now, what really surprised me was when I finished the newest chapter and went back to review and follow. I noticed the author was Materia-Blade. Damn, I've been reading their stories over on spacebattle and the like for years, they've always been some favourites of mine, and to think I can find a new story still in the infancy and follow from the beginning. Lucky me! 


Love the story, it's fun as heck

Cedrych Skye

Greatly enjoyed finding this story. I've been reading hundreds of LitRPG novels on Kindle Unlimited for a few years now and this one is a breath of fresh air that stands out from the typical MC you find in most LitRPG novels.

Style is good. Easy to read.

Story is great.

Grammar is good, but a few phrases here and there are a bit awkward. Not enough to dampent enjoyment of the story however.

Character's are well thought out. Gell is a delight and the concern shown by Amy and Iron Crock is touching.