I am ashamed.

Ashamed of how many times I allowed myself to just… follow the instinct. The routine. Especially when the routine included dying.

But I did. I followed that instinct for an eternity, before I knew what eternity meant.

I’ve died dozens of times. Hundreds. I guess I’m thankful for those deaths now. Thankful, even of Red Thorn.

I wasn’t, back then.

I hated her. I would’ve done anything to get back at her. Beating her, the few times I could manage it, was all I had, and it never lasted. She would just return, ready to try all over again.

Red Thorn’s blade was the only certainty, in such a small little world. Until I finally found the courage to seek my own.


A note from Materia-Blade

Good News Everyone!

Sorry, couldn't help it. This is my first posted story on Royal Road. As of this post it has a 26,000 word backlog, available to all patrons via my discord. So feel free to get more of the story there! I'm really excited about this story and it's growing by the day. Chapters will be updated weekly until I'm more comfortable with my backlog so expect Friday chapters going forward. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy!


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About the author


Bio: Hello!

I'm Materia-Blade. I've been a long time fanfiction writer, and have recently decided to toss my hat into the original fiction arena. I love fantasy, sci-fi, and Lit-RPG's and have read hundreds of books from each genre.

My new story Artificial Jelly has released and is currently being pretty well received! Excited for it to hit trending! Thanks to those who support it, and me, and I hope it continues to impress!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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