Artificial Jelly

by Materia-Blade

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Tragedy Dungeon Female Lead GameLit LitRPG Low Fantasy Non-Human lead Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Born to die and be born again, Gell, the Jellyfae must discover her strange connection to the horrible monsters called humans, that speak with words she understands, but seem to want nothing but her death. Driven by a desire for safety and freedom, she ventures forth to Tread the Sky, and finds more worlds than one.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Cycle After Cycle ago
Raiding Party ago
Follow the Instinct ago
Fighting the Tide ago
All Askew ago
Another World: One ago
Dexterity Check ago
The Thorn's Bite ago
Hidden Gell ago
Tricksome ago
One Yoke Less ago
A Tide of Invaders ago
Twisting the Knife ago
Another World: Two ago
Treasures ago
Experience Points ago
Another World: Three ago
Form of the Enemy ago
Another Kind of Flight ago
This Hallowed Sky ago
A Friendly Chat ago
Combat Zones ago
Lingering Instinct ago
A New Sense ago
Tread the Earth ago
A Player's Wrath ago
A Horrible Plan ago
Player Killer ago
Scramble ago
Chapter Thirty - A Look Back ago
Chapter Thirty One - Over River, Through Woods ago
Chapter Thirty Two - Another World: Four ago
Chapter Thirty Three - Another World: Five ago
Chapter Thirty Four - The Crossing at Bluebell Bridge ago
Chapter Thirty Five - The Archer and the White Mage ago
Chapter Thirty Six - Talk of False Gods ago
Chapter Thirty Seven - Twisted Wronkle Woods ago
Chapter Thirty Eight - Traitors ago
Chapter Thirty Nine - Safe Within the Flames ago
Chapter Forty – The City ago
Chapter Forty One - Another World: Six ago
Chapter Forty Two - Unusual Attention ago
Chapter Forty Three - Insidious Instinct ago
Chapter Forty Four - Class and Profession ago
Chapter Forty Five - Stealing Things ago
Chapter Forty Six - The Value of Money ago
Chapter Forty Seven - Another World: Seven ago
Chapter Forty Eight - Talk With a God ago
Chapter Forty Nine - A World of Nothing ago
Chapter Fifty - Another World: Eight ago
Chapter Fifty One - Rose ago

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So Cute It Will Ruin You Forever

Reviewed at: A Tide of Invaders

Okay, so maybe not forever, but it did toss a wrench into my sleeping schedule.

This story is without a doubt one of the cutest things I’ve ever read on this site. The fact that its delivered with a quirky prose that’s not riddled with mistakes, and at a pace that is slow and yet not meandering is just the cherry on top. 

Speaking of things that look like cherries if you squint. Gell is, without doubt, the most huggable protagonist ever. 

Honestly, just give it a read.


The harsh Virtual Life of a sentient Jellyfae

Reviewed at: Tricksome

Ouch, this story hurts a lot more than i thought, i actually felt bad for the MC, it is also a lot better than i initially expected, im not surprised anymore at this story being on the first page best rated, it wholly deserves it all!

It just has so much emotion, which is a rather rare thing to find on this site, the author has written this story exceedingly well in that aspect. And the rest of the writing is also great, aside from the side chapters, wasnt too interested in the one side chapter so far, but that may be since Gell's story is so much more interesting.

I also like the idea of a dungeon mob gaining sentience, with some additional powers to go with it all, those scenes involving the players were fun, aside from Red Thorn, may she be slaughtered!

Seriously a story worth reading, as early as it may be, it certainly is showing a lot of promise! With a skilled author it seems, i hope the author can keep this story as good, or somehow even improve on all that!



And so is Gell. Great protagonist, great voice. The set up is fun- an NPC jellyfae is special and understands speech and human words, but doesn't understand she's in a game. She finds interest in the humans, the players, but quickly sours on them when they kill her family and want to kill her. And yet they still interest her.

Grammar and storytelling is lovely and cute, characters are a highlight.


As you know, all fictions need to have a certain level of eloquence for them to be readable. Proper grammar, nice syntax, good spacing, etc. This has that. It flows nicely, and nothing is awkward.

Next, little has been revealed about the story so far. However, Materia-Blade seems to have decided to pace it iut instead of choosing to info dump it into a few chapters. Fantastic.

I will say one thing, and that is that the author makes one of the characters easy to dislike. Which is a good thing! This means that they have a good grasp of character design. Hopefully future characters will also be crafted in such a way.

Strange how this is on the first page of best rated but not on trending (as of now). Hmm 

Toby Ziegler

Immediately Lovable, Enduring Depth

Reviewed at: Form of the Enemy

Gell the JellyFae is instantly relatable and adorable. Gell's character gradually builds from a solid base of knowing language and terms while knowing almost nothing else. Gell's cyclic existence may have lasted centuries, for all Gell knows.

We discover the world bit by bit. We cheer at Gell's successes, and shout at the screen when Gell makes the opposite decision we want made. Gell doesn't have our benefit of experience, and does a great job of trying to interpret the insane world of Tread the Sky.

With excellent grammar, character-building, world-building, and story, this should be a must-read for all litrpg and dungeon fans. Non-fans should be prepared to enjoy themselves anyway.


Not gonna a lie. Had me in the first half.

Reviewed at: One Yoke Less
Surprisingly fun and interesting. Very fun take on VR MMORPGs.

This cute VR dungeon mob will hit you right in the feels

Reviewed at: Treasures

(as of "Treasures", i.e. chapter 15)

Gell is a dungeon mob in some VR-MMORG. But not just any ordinary mob, because somehow she overcame her programming and gained sapience. You know, with independent thoughts and feelings, something a computer just can't have? Bodily and emotionally hurt by the players repeatedly slaughtering their way to the boss room, she chafes against the Instinct that sends her on the ever-same two-hour patrol route and keeps her confined to the dungeon. Poor thing. Will she be able to escape to the strange outside (the one with the far-away blue ceiling) and live a happy life? Or will she break free and take revenge on the cruel gamers?

Style/Grammar: This story is told in first-person style from Gell's point of view (and two short scenes in third person from somebody else). The descriptions of the surroundings might seem a bit simple but that is caused by the MC's very limited initial knowledge; those descriptions of actions and Gell's inner feelings are very good, and the prose has a vividness that draws you even more into the story. Grammar and spelling are excellent.

Story: Not much has really happened so far, just some one-sided conversations with other mobs, a number of dungeon runs by players, and exploring the collateral damage this all had on our MC. But that already painted a more realistic picture than other stories accomplish in a whole book. We can't yet say where the author will lead us but I think we will gladly follow. The pacing is rather slow and deliberate, but the plot is very solid and the hurts, which the readers have to share with the MC, come quickly.

Characters: There are only two characters seriously presented in the story so far. The MC Gell starts out as a small independent glimpse breaking out of a narrow programmed software routine, but over time we'll see a whole personality emerge; We're not fully there yet though, but taking large strides. Gell starts out with that innocent naivety that is so painful to watch for every caring person who knows what the world has in store for innocent minds that leave their mother's hand for the first time. The other person likewise starts out as a simple archetype but by chapter 14 cracks are already beginning to form in that façade. The other characters are only simple background faces. That's not a bad thing, they just haven't been needed for more than that yet. (preliminary subscore)

Other rating categories:
Suspense (higher is often better, but it depends of the type of the story; can be tied to predictability): (3?)
Predictability (lower is usually better but too low is bordering on madness): (3?)
Fun (do I laugh out loud while reading or at least chuckle? A low score is not bad, just different): jumping between 1.5 and 3.5
Happiness (does this story create happy feelings? NOT a higher-is-better score): jumping between 1 and 4, depending on the scene
Heartwarming: 5
Sexual content: 0

Most relevant story tags: VR, GameLit, Non-Human lead. And I hope the 'Tragedy' one that is listed will not be explored too much in later chapters.

This lovely story shines a light on an issue gamers never think about. What if the in-game mobs, which we slaughter by the thousands for XP and a chance of loot, were not just bits and bytes but had feelings? Would YOU enjoy being forced to stay in the same place forever, painfully killed again and again for the stuff you drop on death? 'Artificial Jelly' manages to turn your view on monster farming completely around and will have you never kill a virtual entity again (okay, probably not, tomorrow we'll be back to grinding. But at least for today). All in all, a cute and heartwarming story that is written very well. But you shouldn't read it right before you plan a dungeon raid with your online friends, because it will hit you right in the feels.


Jelly of people who havent read this yet, because i want to be able to reread

Reviewed at: Twisting the Knife

 holy shuzzz. this is one of the greatest written stories i have read here on rr so far. sure not alot of chapters have come out (so far 14) but every last one of them has been a pleasure. Daumn i couldnt help but writing a review for this as soon as i binged them. thanks alot for creating this


Sci-Fi Meets Magical Jellyfish

Reviewed at: A Tide of Invaders

A.k.a. sci-fi jellyfish meets sci-fi world? Either way, this story goes way beyond nearly every other litrpg in terms of early character development, smooth and witty word choice, and interesting story in only the first few chapters.

Keep an eye on this one; it's on best rated #20 at ten chapters for a reason.

Edit: I mean, it's on best rated #4 at 13 chapters!


Awakened MMORPG monster made with thought behind it.

Reviewed at: Twisting the Knife

Every chapter so far has been compelling, if a bit short. The setup is interesting, MC is not as generic as it might initially seem, and the conflict seems to develop naturally, if so far slowly.


Materia-Blade has the experience to pull off a long-lasting fic, and so far, he seems to have put in the work to get there.