The Long and Exciting Life of Kreet the Kobold (Life 1)

by Blue Draggy

Original COMPLETED Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

This is a coming-of age story of a kobold, set in a rather generic D&D universe. It is adult in that it certainly touches upon some sexuality, but it is far, far from anything that might be considered porn. It is ultimately a tragedy, but so is life. That doesn't mean it has to end badly, just that it has to end.

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Blue Draggy

Blue Draggy

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Well written classic

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Very well written! Classics are classics because they work. Draggy pulls off a fantastic retelling of the orphan to hero story from an unusual and fascinating perspective that brings new life to it. 

Blurb doesnt really do it justice. I kinda of disagree with the sexual content tag in that its mentioned and an important part of the story (puberty us rough for all species) but nothing explicit is in story.

Good luck little kobold! 

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Coming of age fantasy

Reviewed at: Epilogue

In a classic fantasy world, after a kobold family is slain, their surviving daughter is taken in  by a human and grows up to be a Cleric...sort of.

This is a coming if age tale, but I felt the adulthood they reached still felt quite immature.

Some spoilers below but I don't give away the details of the story, skip to the last paragraph for my summation.

Our kobold heroine, Kreet, is very aware of what she is and isn't, and this the lens through which the story is told. Throw in a intolerant crowd in the higher ups of the monastery, and there you get the drama.

(I don't get what the hang up on marriage/relationships was, it wasn't as if that literally interfered with their magic as far as I could tell.)

Kreet's tale took some nice twists and turns, her upbringing thankfully quite tame and devoid of graphic horror. What horror there is is forgive.

I wasn't too keen on the fixation on opposite sex relationships, and this is ultimately what this coming of age focused, yeah. Wasn't really for me.

The characters of Brand and Karl were kind of bland. Apart from their areas of expertise, there was not much other characterization given. The bar's staff and customers were also stiff. 

Kreet's supposed 'mission' as well, gets waylaid for a convenient job which comes with a side of revenge. Now, realistically speaking, it actually works really well.

But I'm reading a fantasy novel with magic and monsters and demons and I expect more than the skilled main character making a choice that leaves her in a small town, doing nothing of consequence.

The only reason she leaves behind this life path is because the call to adventure literally drags her, giving death threats to her friends.

So, to sum up my opinion of this story:

If you like coming of age with a splash of fantasy and several heaping tablespoons of the sexual awakening (though it's kept mild while still being extensive) thats what this story is about. 

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Fantasy Slice of Life

Reviewed at: Epilogue

This is warm and fuzzy slice of life at its finest. That's not to say that it's devoid of conflict and sad times, but the focus is more on how the protagonist adapts and digs out her own little niche in the world. Gives me the same feeling as seeing a bunch of baby aligators chriping in a bathtub (look it up).


Some plot happens towards the end, and to be honest I think that is a weaker part of the story and would have wished for more scaly dayly life, but perhaps it is for the best that the slice of life part didn't overstay its welcome.


All in all, it's good. Give it a go.

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Better than you'd think

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Doesn't break any new ground per se but does almost everything well and does give some more depth to 'the baddies' and interesting perspectives from them that most other stories would either gloss over entirely or reduce to some sort of side character that is dropped in a chapter or 2.

This story very easily could've been crap but the author really did a solid job on it, absolutely give it a read!

  • Overall Score

This story is surprisingly good. Why dosent it get more attention?