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The northernmost continent of the world known by many names of legend, but is most commonly reffered to as Athora, has, for eons, served as the land of exiles.

Human criminals, dark elves, grayskinned orcs and dwarves that preffer mining with machinery over the traditional pickaxe alike, have come to call this half-frozen hellhole their home.

It is a land of great strife, calamity and crisis, where one legendary tale ends only to begin the next, heroes fall down and villains find themselves thrown into lava.

Around seventy years ago, a legendary figure appeared out of seemingly nowhere and conquered three human nations, forming a kingdom worthy enough of being called a small empire.

However, at the eve of his heirs ascension, the legend breathed his last, leaving this same bloated, chaotic realm without the pillar that kept it together.

Already, the carrion nobility, still spiteful for being denied their "rightful" place below the sun, rise up and gather at the court, each eager to consolidate their own power in these troubled times.

Tempers flare, power is exercised without restraint and no one expects the hedonistic prince to succeed at keeping the realm together.

Alas, as is often the case with such tales, not everything seems to be as it might at first appear and the vain lords of the realm may yet come to regret their carrion will.

--- The Content Warnings are there for a good reason. ---

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Alllriiiight so I don't normally review anything or anyone's story

Gotta say that I kinda don't wanna review this either but since this is a treasure find, I M O, I'll do it since I sort of, maybe, not really, but yeah, agree with the author on this one.

Guy legit asks people to send him a msg if people don't get chapter 1 like, which makes zero sense since he also calls it a "filter chapter" in a comment response, which means its literally made to keep specific people away, right?

Kinda hypocritical, if you ask me. Anyways, that's not the point here. Chapter 1 is incomprehensible, but that's because it is meant to be, not because the main character is "mad" in any way, shape or form, but because his entire situation is bullshit and just what-the-fuck in general.

Like, how would you react if you suddenly got reincarnated into another world and made a king since your dad, from this new world, suddenly and unexplainably got diagnosed as ded?

Pardon my memeing, but this entire situation is just hilarious to me.

Also, I bet some of you read that last part and went WAIT WHAT?! THIS IS A REINCARNATOR STORY?! (yes, I'm sorry, spoilers)

Uh, yes. It is. If the author has anything to work on, it would be his ability to write a proper summary with which to introduce the story he wants to write. Still, what's been put on the front page isn't exactly false, just not as "fun" as it could be if properly written.

Now, onto the actual "review", which I will give to the best of my ability.

Overral, I'm giving this 5/5 stars not because of the hilarity which just ensued, but because the story legit deserves it. Exuperius has: worldbuilding, politics, "romance", cold-hearted logic, detailed fantasy elements, impressively realistic characters and dialogues apart from 1 instance, grammar mistakes are negligible in 99.9% of cases.

One thing I want to specifically point out is this story's REALISM! Like, its a fantasy world, right? But everything just feels right and I've only experienced one deus ex machina moment so far and EVEN THEN, there's a somewhat decent explanation for it. (talking about Asmodeus for those interested)


Style's fine. Previous stories did some things better and I miss the line breaks. On the other hand, removing them was probably a good idea.

Story has a lot of things going for it, all of them good. Like someone said before; it only gets better as you read it and if you can push through the first few chapters, this'll be so damn worth it you'll wonder why you ever wanted to give it up. Another thing worth pointing out is that this is a very slow paced book, with multiple chapters describing the events of a single day. This is fine though, because it gets evened out by the weekly time-skips and beautiful description of the world reacting to the MC's actions. The timing and styling of it is just impeccable.

When it comes to grammer well theres a buncha mistakes. Author usually fixes them after posting though, so reading this a second time might be better than the first lol

As for the characters = I ain't spoiling shit.

Nobles are justly arrogant. Peasants are reasonably stupid. Everyone that's been introduced is colorful and powerful. Plus, Joyde's never had a problem with going full rainbow mode with LGBT relationships, if anyone of you cares about that.



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At least attempt it with an open mind.

Reviewed at: 11. Otherworldly Technique

Somepeople should be sued for lack of taste. In other news, its a very intresting and refreshing book but definately not for everyone. just read till chaper 3 at least before making your opinions known.

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So i haven't really done a lot of reviews so my apoligies if its a bit vague.

In short i believe you should at least try Exuperius. The first few chapters might be a bit confusing (tho i did not found it that confusing) it does show a fun and entertaining premise.

In regards to grammar I have yet to spot a mistake tho I am not picky about it so i would give it a 5 out of 5.

The characters are fun and feel like characters. They do not feel like cut-out cardboxes. They seem to have dreams and the like so I see no problem at all.

I enjoy the style and the story and will rate both of those a 5/5.

The only 'problem' that I had was that I skipped one or two paragraphs as I felt like it was a bit too slow however this only happened once or twice.

Hopefully this was helpful

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Like "Release that Witch" except the MC is much smarter and Lawful Evil

Reviewed at: 19. Attractive Wounds

Best MC I've read about in a while.

Grammar good.

Characters are gud, think logically (or die quickly so far) and the MC is a good catalyst for growth. If anything I'd like character growth from the MC, but there's plenty of time for that, and I'm not sure it's needed at all.

For now the story is best summarized as "how the fuck did you guys fucking survive until I transmigrated? Lemme fix that or die trying to stop me". But so far most challenges are "easy fixes". 

I hope some struggles for the MC are coming.

I read all of it and instant favorited it.

And yes the first chapter makes very little sense, but that's really not a problem once you read chapter 2.

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I'm usually really picky about stories but this one is amazing! The first few chapters are a little confusing but it gets better as u read more. I love the concept and the mc's personality. 

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The beginning is a bit confusing, but that doesn't make it bad. It only gets better as you read.


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Stream of Consciousness Style Is Incomprehensible

Reviewed at: 3. Tainted Memories

This story is a mess.  The author tries a stream of consciousness style, much like William Faulkner's Sound and Fury which I read in High School, and there isn't enough context.  Author specifically asks readers not to give him/her low reviews in chapter one, to message them first.  I did not do that.  The story has to stand on its own merits, of which I found lacking.  Sure your mad king is supposed to be mad.  Writing random snippets without context is not showing.  

If this is a passion project, you keep on doing your thing and don't let me discourage you.  If it's not and you want to commercialize it, try paying an editor and best of luck.   

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It is a good story with great main characters. The setting is very in depth, but could use a little more explaining. The author doesn't waste time on how the main character got to the new world which I liked, and the main character is for the most part a True bad guy, and not like a bad guy that still has some like moral code, that makes them somewhat a good guy, and defeats the purpose of the main character being crazy, or a villian. The grammer is is pretty good, there are a few mistakes, but there rare. Overall the story is 4 out of 5. Its a good story so far and I hope it continues.

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Wonderful book, well written, edited, and plotted, even if the beginning is a bit confusing.

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I wont say anything bcuz the last time I did I got my favorite author mad at me so... ummm, its just great.

Not really what I'm used to reading by Joyde though! Sometimes new stuff can also turn out good.

for older reader of his like me, just expect less "chaos" and more "fear"? I'm not really sure how to explain.