Who Killed My Body?

by SmolShrimpa

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

When college freshman Anna Tran is murdered while jogging home one night, an alien lifeform body-snatches her corpse and tries to catch her killer, all while attempting to keep Anna's fate a secret from her classmates, friends, and loved ones.

Prologue webcomic: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/who-killed-my-body/list?title_no=466937

(This comic depicts the first two chapters of the web novel. Reading the comic isn't necessary for understanding the story, but may help with visualizing the main character.)

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Fun and intersting story about a body snatcher trying find it's body's murderer

Reviewed at: Chapter 27: How to Tell a Lie

This story and interesting to read about as the story is about an alien body snatcher trying to find the murderer of the body's original inhabitant, though this seems to be the premise of only the first arc. If you're looking for something similar to the anime/manga Parastye, this story may be for you.


One of the better books I've read on this site, the characters aren't one dimensional and there's a solid plot. Although there is one thing you could improve, the title. It's pretty tacky and nearly made me turn away from the novel entirely before I really knew what the novel was about, but I'm glad I sucked it up and read it.


Who Killed My Body is so clever, and it doesn't fail in executing it's premise so far.

Alien comes to earth and assimilates into nearest body. The person in question? Murdered by an unknown hand-murdered deliberately, with malicious intent, it seems.

The characters are the strong point in this story, driving the plot all the way through.

I think the author does a god job of portraying the alien Anna's attitude but still mixed into the reactions and thought processes of a young woman. (Which is the origin body, so I do buy it.)

Our alien protag, doesn't have memories of her past, which helpfully lends itself to focusing on the murder mystery at hand. Though later on, bringing up Anna aliens roots will probably come up, and I look forward to exploring that aspect of the story.

Wally is portrayed is such a sympathetic, and heart wrenching way. His relationship with Anna, losing her, and then dealing with an alien imposter are really believably plotted out. He makes logical back up plans, and goes through real emotional turmoil.

I loved all the little logical missteps and concerns, like the aliens diet vs Anna's, her little brother sense that something is off with 'Anna', and the whole murder not being quite so random...

All in all, Who Killed My Body really delivers on its premise, but please note this is hugely relationship driven, so it has a but of slice of life feel as well. But I think that adds the the dimension of the cast, and the readers emotional response towards the story.

Please give it a try!

(And if you like body snatching books, a favorite author of mine is Daniel O'Malley's The Rook, which has a very similar premise but wildy different execution. It gave me good perspective on this particular story.)

Medium Dave

Loved it. I always loved parasyte and super minion. This 'combines' them, though I hate comparing these things directly. It is its own story, and reading it with another in mind feels like adultery to me. Anyway, it's still rather short but I loved just about every second of it. 


But of course - a flower of eyes and of teeth

Reviewed at: Chapter 27: How to Tell a Lie

I've read this story twice.

On my first run, I've jumped right into the thick of it - started to from Chapter 9 and on. While some aspects broke my suspension of disbelief - mostly it was about speed of learning - and how seamlessly alien untegrated into human society - I kind of accepted this, because I figured it's not important - relations between cast seemed like a nice mix of tragic and cute, with constant interesting complications popping up. It was a bit cringy with how unexpectedly frienfly alien was but not excessively so.

Recently, I had a time to read this properly, from chapter 1. And suprisingly, it felt like absolutely different experience. This story is very cleverly woven. Beginning chapters are loaded with emotion and motivation and longing. They hammer point down. They explain almost perfectly well why alien behaves in the later books, gives enough of explanation to make story believable and consistent for me. Complimented with Interlude between ch. 26 and 27 it paints a pretty consistent picture.

In the end, this is how I feel about this story... it feels like a clever and emotional strategy. It's requiem for a person that shows a hole that is left after person dies. It's a gleaming brook of slightly naive, yet refreshing girl going into labyrinth of choises head on.

It's not a story about bashing someone's head in. It's of a story of hiding in human society, while attemting to achieve certain goal - to find who murdered Annie's body.

And this story hates deers. I strongly suspect that deers will go extinct in this forest at some point.


Really, Who Killed My Body is what the hundreds of RR isekais where the protagonist is implanted into another person should feel like. The MC, an alien parasity thingymabob, takes over the body of a dead girl and is now on a quest to blend in and try and find her killer. And let me tell you: I'm absolutely hooked.

And the blending in actually makes sense! The "I'm tired" explanation for why the MC doesn't know things actually works out in context, and they do frantic research in order to try and best imitate human behavior. Pieces of information are slowly revealed to maximize tension, and I've got to say the writing is beautiful.

The only tiny nitpick I have is that a little bit more description when it comes to the things that they're discovering about Anna would be great. Like the author already does at the beginning of some chaps, physically "seeing" the texts or images or videos through not-Anna's eyes more would make the exposition more impactful and tense. Still a brilliant job, though!

Oh, and I didn't notice any grammatical errors, so that's a 5 from me. 

The characters who aren't clueless parasite thingies are also likeable and distinct, and though the MC is completely foreign in terms of humans and culture, it's written in a way where the awkwardness is still... unawkward, so to speak. Perhaps it's their human-like way of thinking, which I'll attribute to them also hijacking Anna's brain ;)

Overall, this is a fantastic mystery drama that breaks the mold when it comes to the "isekai identity trope" and truly digs deep into the consequences. If you're in the market for something different that still manages to hold your attention every step of the way, maybe give this one a try!


Accustomed to Her Face

Reviewed at: Interlude

Who Killed My Bodybegins with a great premise: what if an alien took over a girl's corpse, gradually insinuated itself into her life in an eerie, disturbing way... and tried to solve her murder and bring the killer to justice?


The style of Who Killed My Bodyis excellent. It hides in the background without calling too much attention to itself, much like an alien body-snatcher. Generally speaking, when I consciously notice an author's style, that's a bad sign, unless I'm reading a very skilled stylist.

Here, SmolShrimpa chooses words that are neither too repetitive nor too ostentatious, deftly controls the pacing of scenes with long and short sentences and paragraphs, and mixes just the right combination of exposition, action, dialogue, and emotional heartstring-tugging. This is much harder than it looks.


Well-proofread and smoothly readable, Who Killed My Body? gives no cause for complaint on this score.


It's tricky to tell a mystery that balances character development with problem solving, but by and large, this story is pulling it off so far! The tension comes not only from the mystery itself, but also the main character's attempts to avoid being outed as an alien.

Stories about social deception frequently collapse into "Idiot Plots," in which people need to be ridiculously oblivious or the main character needs to make absurd mistakes to create drama. Here, shallow conflicts are avoided. Instead, the tensions that arise follow smoothly from the situation and the desires of the characters.

The only real weakness so far is a tendency of some of the red herrings to be too obviously red. There are false leads that most readers will quickly brush off, and that are dismissed in the space of a chapter or two, which makes them seem redundant. But it's also possible that some of these leads are meant to foreshadow later developments... so we'll have to wait and see.

Character score:

The characters are relatable and recognizable as human beings. With each plot beat balanced by character development, it's easy to care about what's happening in this story.

Perhaps the only real shortcoming here is that sometimes, the main character is too human. While an alien protagonist can't be too bizarre in worldview if readers are going to relate, and this protag is definitely likeable, I'd be happier with one that was just a little more psychologically bizarre. At the same time, my taste isn't everyone's taste, and it is fun to have an MC who is basically sympathetic and also can split open her head to devour an entire deer into a gaping maw of jagged teeth.


It might just be because this story suits my tastes (science fiction + mystery + fun cast of characters), but this is currently my favorite story on RoyalRoad. Strongly recommended!

Zenopath (AEV)

Deceptive Appearance, Killer Story

Reviewed at: Interlude

Much like the main character herself, this story has a bit of a deceptive cover. While at first I imagined that the rather goofy cover meant this story was going to be a slightly silly story, what you get when you read it is instead a deeply engrossing murder mystery told from the point of view of a hyper intelligent alien.

With that added problem of having fit in to the life of the body she's taken over, solving the murder proves rather difficult for this sympathetic alien. The many twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Well written, highly engaging, an unexpected gem. Well worth reading.


I think the title needs work, but the prose is solid. Some chapters have a sort of flash foward in the beginning which throws off the flow of the novel. I think it would be improved by moving those into the book, or removing/modifying them. The main character is solid though.


a story so good, you'll experience an indentity crisis

Reviewed at: Chapter 5: A Vanishing Flower

So, the premise is this: girl dies, alien snatches her soul, and then they are put in a foreign world that could mean the knowledge of a new place or the death of unknown enemies. Pretty routine, but what comes of this story is what really shines.

Let me start off with the basics. 


The author's style is delicious: a genuine breath of fresh air. They really put a lot of effort into the crafting of this book, and it shines. Both the style and grammar are phenomenal, and through my read, I did not notice any mistakes, errors or mishaps in sentence structure and syntax. I was particularly blown away by this, which is why I'll be keeping up with this story. A lot of love has been put into the story itself. The webcomic posted in the description is particularly amazing, I found the drawings interesting and really provided a good insight to what happened in the very beginning. I do hope the author continues those webcomics. 


As I said, the characters are my favorite part. Anna is particularly unique, considering the fact that an alien took over her deceased body (not necessarily a spoiler because it's marked in the synopsis XD), the interactions are almost humorous and intriguing. I think the way the author introduced such common ideas and actions as a mystery to the alien was a nice touch. Something mentioned in the webnovel, that is not mentioned as clearly in the actual story, is how the alien reacted to her phone lighting up. I loved this, and it made me smile. So realistic!

Overall, this was a very strong beginning and I cannot wait to keep up. With a world that is alive and characters that make sense, I became addicted by the end of the first chapter. Bravo!