Noah Fel was a [Ritualist] for the Collegium.

As a professor, his daily routine consisted largely of grading papers, writing apprentice recommendations, and helping to ensure that his students didn't blow themselves up.

Truly, it was a rewarding job.

Now though, displaced from his home in the after-effects of a ritual gone wrong, follow Fel on an inadvertent fantasy world adventure!

Lands to travel, people to meet, and deaths to be had! Here you’ll find rituals, monsters, magic, a number of distractions, and more nervously written author’s notes than you can shake a stick at!

A stand-alone brother story to Barkept

Image of the book displayed in the Cover-Art by Noupload

(Am I allowed to write author's notes in the Synopsis? Yeah why not- random thoughts, Go!)

I've never done this before, but I've got this neat leather-bound notebook and a will to write, so let's have an adventure!

If I do write something stupid, inconsistent, or strange, however... please do call me out on it?
I love well-meaning corrections, they're one of the best ways I could improve!

With all that out of the way, the author will sit here and transition into talking in the 3rd person while on break. It's the only time he's able to write. Don't worry, the work-break won't last long. Something is always sure to go wrong here at th

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Irradiated Slag Heap

During a ritual gone wrong, a professor is transported to... somewhere. Certainly not his classroom, definitely not his office, there’s not a student in sight. What’s more, there’s an unfortunate amount of monster blood in his immediate vicinity, which means there are also an unfortunate number of monsters. This is, obviously, suboptimal.

 The story doesn’t really have much to it yet, or I’d give a better description of the exact circumstances our erstwhile professor finds himself in. What I can say, though, is that I find this work to be exceptionally well-written, brilliantly paced, and above all, incredibly interesting. The plot has thoroughly hooked me, and I am eager to find out what the Author has in store.


This is an interesting story with a solid premise. The first two chapters were a good introdution to the story. The problem is that there is only one plot thread, which is to figure out what is happening to Fel. Without that, the story isn't interesting. Fel needs to stop being willfully ignorant of his stiuation, get some sort of goal and be proactive enough to drive the story. Also, coffee seems to be avalible in two places continents apart without being treated like a rarity. More worldbuilding would help explain this and flesh out the story.


It's a reasonable story, but it doesn't feel like it has anything too special.  There's nothing outright wrong, but it's been painfully slow and boring.  I'd rather have read the daily life of the MC as a professor rather than this "Mystery" plot.

It doesn't dive deep into anything and the mystery of what's happening to the MC doesn't feel well handled because of the times we leave his perspective.

Maybe it'll get better, but the beginning has greatly turned me off to the story.


Early days yet for this story, well worth the read so far and I have high hopes for its future if it continues with its hinted at depth and texture of its story world.

Violett Orange

The book may have slow updates, but is memorable enough for me that I don't forget what happend between chapters. Due to MCs situation and book length    (I'm looking foward to more), he is the only character who we have seen for extended amout of time.

Well, there is also his second simulacrum life. I rather liked farm guy and messanger girl, hope we see them again. If not with MC then at least and interlude or something like that. 


Side characters are maybe be 'throw away characters' becasue we won't see any or most of them again, but even so they aren't badly writen. But, there aren't really enough chapters to tell if that is completly true, guess we will have to wait and see.

Maybe give it a try?


I can't quite see where it's going yet, but I expect that will clear up once Fel finds a way around his mana problem.

Easy to read, and decently original. Some concepts have been gratifyingly fantastic, while Fel at least is a likeable character.

I am continiously intrigued to read what will happen to poor Fel.


At is simplest this is a story about a mage who has become a sort of pop-up reincarnater throught the unknown means of a magical accident. 

This story has been resfreshing different from most of the others I've read on RR and I look forward to seeing where the author goes with it.


competent and interesting, if perhaps not swift

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Being reactive

solid concept. functional execution. interesting characters. that's enough for me to work with on its own.

pacing is a little awkward; could have a little bit more going on, especially for how often it updates, but it does move steadily forward. not much in the way of wasted detail, though, which is good.

i look forward to seeing how this goes, and in particular how our main character copes with the revelations as they come.


I do believe this is the first time I've followed an MC who's a professor in this type of story. It's not just a profession either, he's very meticulous in all his magical dealings. And if you think following the story of a professor teaching would be boring... well good news, things go horribly wrong :D


Unique premise. Good characters.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Being reactive

The premise is quite interesting. With each location shown being unique, as well as the overall mystery being quite interesting. So far the characters have all been fleshed out and interesting with the main character in particular being well written. I do wish there was more of a cast of characters. Characters seem very interesting, but abandoned quite quickly. I do hope some of them show up again.