The Runesmith

The Runesmith

by Kuropon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

What happens when a man gets transported into a foreign world filled with magic?

Will his knowledge in hardware technology help him out after he discovers its correlation to the words of power?

How will he fit in with the other noble houses as the lowly 4th son?

How will his story play out in a world where skills and stats equal power and status?


First time trying to write a LitRPG, so problems might arise x3

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Word Count (19)
3rd Anniversary
Top List #500
Table of Contents
316 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Glossary of terms ago
Skills,Titles and other [Spoilers] ago
Chapter 1 – So it begins… with a truck! ago
Chapter 2 – Stats, skill and even more stats. ago
Chapter 3 – Geography and family. ago
Chapter 4 – Making some progress. [Updated] ago
Chapter 5 – Ascension Ritual ago
Chapter 6 – Change of plans. ago
Chapter 7 – New place old woe. ago
Chapter 8 – Adventurer's Guild ago
Chapter 9 – Slaying more goblins. ago
Chapter 10 – Forming a Party. ago
Chapter 11 – Dungeon Exploring ago
Chapter 12 – Hanging out. ago
Chapter 13 – Forgotten problems. ago
Chapter 14 – Problem resolving. ago
Chapter 15 – Loot and Research ago
Chapter 16 – Class Change. ago
Chapter 17 – Future plans. ago
Chapter 18 – Farewell ago
Chapter 19 – New beginnings. ago
Chapter 20 – Looking for Work. ago
Chapter 21 – Finding a way. ago
Chapter 22 – Auction ago
Chapter 23 – Earning coins. ago
Chapter 24 : Little Goblin Slayer to the rescue. ago
Chapter 25 – Making a deal ago
Chapter 26 – Examining scrolls ago
Chapter 27 – Revisiting the guild. ago
Chapter 28 – Setting out on an expedition. ago
Chapter 29 – Entering the Mine ago
Chapter 30 – Fighting monsters in a mine. ago
Chapter 31 – Fighting monsters in a mine part 2. ago
Chapter 32 – Fighting monsters in a mine part 3. ago
Chapter 33 – Returning to Edelgard ago
Chapter 34 – Time to become a blacksmith? ago
Chapter 35 – Crafting a ladle. ago
Chapter 36 – Getting a workshop. ago
Chapter 37 – Testing new items. ago
Chapter 38 – Home invasion. ago
Chapter 39 – Into the sewers. ago
Chapter 40 – Thieves Guild ago
Chapter 41 – Getting a better deal. ago
Chapter 42 – Hidden trouble and a new yet old workshop. ago
Chapter 43 – More smithing. ago
Chapter 44 – ‘Borrowing’ runes. ago
Chapter 45 – Nosy assistant. ago
Chapter 46 – Trouble brewing. ago
Chapter 47 – Progress ago
Chapter 48 – Thinking back and new discoveries. ago
Chapter 49 – Calm before the storm. ago
Chapter 50 – Things are not what they seem. ago
Chapter 51 – Nothing is real. ago
Chapter 52 – Making a decision. ago
Chapter 53 – Packing up. ago
Chapter 54 – Getting the name. ago
Chapter 55 – Setting out again. ago
Chapter 56 – Joining the caravan. ago
Chapter 57 – Into the mountains. ago
Chapter 58 – New headache. ago
Chapter 59 – Slightly Bigger Goblin Slayer to the rescue. ago
Chapter 60 – Impromptu Party. ago
Chapter 61 – Impromptu Party 2 ago
Chapter 62 – Arriving at the village? ago
Chapter 63 – Village rumble. ago
Chapter 64 – Solo once more. ago
Chapter 65 – Time to sail away. ago
Chapter 66 – Out at sea. ago
Chapter 67 – Dragnis Island Port. ago
Chapter 68 – Albrook ago
Chapter 69 – Getting a house. ago
Chapter 70 – Spring cleaning. ago
Chapter 71 – Descending into the dungeon. ago
Chapter 72 – Dungeon first floor. ago
Chapter 73 – Slow new start. ago
Chapter 74 – Renovation and Auction. ago
Chapter 75 – Moving forward. ago
Chapter 76 – Crimson Adventurer ago
Chapter 77 – Choosing a new class. ago
Chapter 78 – Tier 2 trial part 1 ago
Chapter 79 – Tier 2 trial part 2 ago
Chapter 80 – Tier 2 trial part 3 ago
Chapter 81 – Tier 2 class ago
Chapter 82 – Runic Gauntlet ago
Chapter 83 – Silver Rank Test ago
Chapter 84 – Fight at the guild. ago
Chapter 85 – Going down to the 10th floor. ago
Chapter 86 – Golem ago
Chapter 87 – Great Reward? ago
Chapter 88 – Unwanted sleepover. ago
Chapter 89 – Dog and Assistant. ago
Chapter 90 – Puppy registration. ago
Chapter 91 – Registration and ranking up. ago
Chapter 92 – Giving a name. ago
Chapter 93 – Going further below. ago
Chapter 94 – Windmill ago
Chapter 95 – Weighting the options. ago
Chapter 96 – Tracking down the perpetrators. ago
Chapter 97 – Taking out the trash. ago
Chapter 98 – Round 2 ago
Chapter 99 – Getting emotional. ago
Chapter 100 – Filling out some paperwork. ago
Chapter 101 – Future plans. ago
Chapter 102 – Orphans ago
Chapter 103 – The hearing. ago
Chapter 104 – A new business venture? ago
Chapter 105 – Getting drunk. ago
Chapter 106 – First Evolution ago
Chapter 107 – Don’t like where this is going. ago
Chapter 108 – Another expedition and preparations. ago
Chapter 109 – Pre-Preparations ago
Chapter 110 – New Party. ago
Chapter 111 – Nobles arrive. ago
Chapter 112 – Making them wait. ago
Chapter 113 – Slow starts. ago
Chapter 114 – Knights in a dungeon. ago
Chapter 115 – Dungeon camping. ago
Chapter 116 – Runic Groupie ago
Chapter 117 – Gaining knowledge. ago
Chapter 118 – On a cliff. ago
Chapter 119 – Trapped. ago
Chapter 120 – More trouble on the horizon. ago
Chapter 121 – Rare and Shiny ago
Chapter 122 – Second home invasion. ago
Chapter 123 – Long corridors. ago
Chapter 124 – Going in reverse? ago
Chapter 125 – Tough fight. ago
Chapter 126 – Resting before the return. ago
Chapter 127 – Scorching tides. ago
Chapter 128 – Time to return. ago
Chapter 129 – Back home. ago
Chapter 130 – Getting his cut. ago
Chapter 131 – Going to the bank. ago
Chapter 132 – Out shopping. ago
Chapter 133 – Runic Shield. ago
Chapter 134 – Brotherly bonds. ago
Chapter 135 – Family. ago
Chapter 136 – Preparing for business. ago
Chapter 137 – Smelting. ago
Chapter 138 – Busy days of building up. ago
Chapter 139 – Making an appointment. ago
Chapter 140 – Golem core. ago
Chapter 141 – New Acquaintance. ago
Chapter 142 – Presentation. ago
Chapter 143 – Hiring. ago
Chapter 144 – Work. ago
Chapter 145 – Misunderstanding. ago
Chapter 146 – Report. ago
Chapter 147 – Golem. ago
Chapter 148 – Testing the new creation. ago
Chapter 149 – Think fast. ago
Chapter 150 – Pesky dwarves. ago
Chapter 151 – Fired. ago
Chapter 152 – Shady business. ago
Chapter 153 – To the Den of Thieves. ago
Chapter 154 – The black market. ago
Chapter 155 – Black market hospitality. ago
Chapter 156 – Underworld dealings. ago
Runesmith: Chapter 157 – Runic Emporium. ago
Chapter 158 – Foggy future. ago
Chapter 159 –Early customers. ago
Chapter 160 – Back in business. ago
Chapter 161 – Back at the estate. ago
Chapter 162 – Time moves on. ago
Chapter 163 – Skipping ahead. ago
Chapter 164 – Fresh relationship. ago
Chapter 165 – Time to explore again. ago
Chapter 166 – Back for the loot. ago
Chapter 167 – Time to mine. ago
Chapter 168 – Metals, metals everywhere. ago
Chapter 169 – Interesting discovery. ago
Chapter 170 – Minor annoyance. ago
Chapter 171 – Returning home to some news. ago
Chapter 172 – The noble. ago
Chapter 173 – At the City Square. ago
Chapter 174 – New man in town. ago
Chapter 175 – Is it getting hot in here? ago
Chapter 176 – Happy days. ago
Chapter 177 – Eviction notice. ago
Chapter 178 – More problems. ago
Chapter 179 – Sneaking around the city. ago
Chapter 180 – What’s in the box? ago
Chapter 181 – Getting dressed. ago
Chapter 182 – Meeting the city Lord. ago
Chapter 183 – Strange noble. ago
Chapter 184 – Secrets. ago
Chapter 185 – Blasting away. ago
Chapter 186 – Testing grind area. ago
Chapter 187 – Fast levels. ago
Chapter 188 – Oh god, my eye! ago
Chapter 189 – Visiting the Church. ago
Chapter 190 – Agni Evolves into… ago
Chapter 191 – Choose your class. ago
Chapter 192 – A new Trial a new test. ago
Chapter 193 – A new Trial a new test part 2. ago
Chapter 194 – A new Trial a new test part 3. ago
Chapter 195 – A new Trial a new test part 4. ago
Chapter 196 – No more stress. ago
Chapter 197 – New field of study. ago
Chapter 198 – Back to work. ago
Chapter 199 – Visiting the Auction House. ago
Chapter 200 – Buyers gathering. ago
Chapter 201 – Going once, going twice, sold! ago
Chapter 202 – Looking towards the future. ago
Chapter 203 – Call to adventure. ago
Chapter 204 – New party members. ago
Chapter 205 – Trouble already? ago
Chapter 206 – Old acquaintances. ago
Chapter 207 – Setting out again. ago
Chapter 208 – Traveling. ago
Chapter 209 – Failed ambush. ago
Chapter 210 – Hey, wait a minute… ago
Chapter 211 – Troublesome armor. ago
Chapter 212 – Dark ritual. ago
Chapter 213 – Trying to be sneaky. ago
Chapter 214 – Hacking some runes. ago
Chapter 215 – Not looking good. ago
Chapter 216 – Unexpected ally. ago
Chapter 217 – The aftermath. ago
Chapter 218 – Time to go back. ago
Chapter 219 – Not over yet? ago
Chapter 220 – Nobody Expects The Solarian Inquisition. ago
Chapter 221 – Mission debrief. ago
Chapter 222 – Golden Rank Achieved. ago
Chapter 223 – Touring the city. ago
Chapter 224 – Ahoy. ago
Chapter 225 – Looming threat. ago
Chapter 226 – Here we go again. ago
Chapter 227 – Toasty. ago
Chapter 228 – Down into the tunnels. ago
Chapter 229 – It’s too quiet… ago
Chapter 230 – Making a run for it. ago
Chapter 231 – Getting to the ship. ago
Chapter 232 – Making it out alive. ago
Chapter 233 – Back on land. ago
Chapter 234 – Coming home. ago
Chapter 235 – Going for a checkup. ago
Chapter 236 – Checkup. ago
Chapter 237 – Flexing? ago
Chapter 238 – The first patient. ago
Chapter 239 – Deadline. ago
Chapter 240 – Time to get to work. ago
Chapter 241 – Back in the workshop. ago
Chapter 242 – Fiddling with divine runes. ago
Chapter 243 – Time for the hammer. ago
Chapter 244 – Something for smashing. ago
Chapter 245 – Hastening the process. ago
Chapter 246 – Weapon testing. ago
Chapter 247 – Foxy. ago
Chapter 248 – Back in the dungeon. ago
Chapter 249 – Easy one on one. ago
Chapter 250 – Skeletal friends. ago
Chapter 251 – Quick progress. ago
Chapter 252 – Fast progression yet again. ago
Chapter 253 – Unsatisfying options. ago
Chapter 254 – Angry Skeleton. ago
Chapter 255 – Toxic work environment. ago
Chapter 256 – Freedom! ago
Chapter 257 – Youngsters. ago
Chapter 258 – Young Workers. ago
Chapter 259 – Family dinner. ago
Chapter 260 – Investigating the dungeon. ago
Chapter 261 – Helpless Adventurers ago
Chapter 262 – Leap of faith ago
Chapter 263 – The chase begins. ago
Chapter 264 – Time to evacuate. ago
Chapter 265 – Evacuating the miners. ago
Chapter 266 – Blasting away again. ago
Chapter 267 – Obsidian soldiers. ago
Chapter 268 – News spreads. ago
Chapter 269 – Troublesome thoughts. ago
Chapter 270 – Uneasiness. ago
Chapter 271 - Evacuating the compound. ago
Chapter 272 – Bunkering up. ago
Chapter 273 – The skeletons are loose. ago
Chapter 274 – Defending. ago
Chapter 275 – Weighing the choices. ago
Chapter 276 – Time to spill the beans? ago
Chapter 277 – New Contract. ago
Chapter 278 – Spicy deal. ago
Chapter 279 – Preparing for a skeleton. ago
Chapter 280 – Help not coming? ago
Chapter 281 – Spying on the enemy. ago
Chapter 282 – The Second Siege Starts. ago
Chapter 283 – Second Siege. ago
Chapter 284 – Breach. ago
Chapter 285 – Runes vs Spells. ago
Chapter 286 – Walking into a trap. ago
Chapter 287 – Tactical Withdrawal. ago
Chapter 288 – Bones breaking. ago
Chapter 289 – Update. ago
Chapter 290 – Angry Wolf. ago
Chapter 291 – Platinum Adventurers. ago
Chapter 292 – Aftermath. ago
Chapter 293 – Angry and Worried. ago
Chapter 294 – On with the scheme. ago
Chapter 295 – Working long hours again. ago
Chapter 296 – Drilling through. ago
Chapter 297 – Working in the dungeon. ago
Chapter 298 – Mapping the new dungeon. ago
Chapter 299 – Time running out. ago
Chapter 300 – News Spreading. ago
Chapter 301 – Dungeon Grind Ends. ago
Chapter 302 – An Unforeseen Choice. ago
Chapter 303 – Tier 3 Trial Starts. ago
Chapter 304 – Tier 3 Trial Part 1 ago
Chapter 305 – Tier 3 Trial Part 2 ago
Chapter 306 – Tier 3 Trial Part 3. ago
Chapter 307 – Tier 3 Trial Part 4? ago
Chapter 308 – Tier 3 Trial Intermission ago
Chapter 309 – Tier 3 Trial Part 5. ago
Chapter 310 – Tier 3 Trial Part 6. ago
Chapter 311 – Tier 3 Trial Part 7. ago
Chapter 312 – Tier 3 Trial Part 8. ago
Chapter 313– Tier 3 Trial Part 9. ago
Chapter 314– Tier 3 Trial Part 10. ago

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This is a story about an isekaid worker into a bastards son of a noble who makes the best out of the tools given to him(hehe).

The characters are realistic and lifelike and MOST importantly consistent, there are NO asspulls for progressing the story. The world seems intresting and the level system even more so.

As of chapter 55 MC is still on his way becoming a runesmith, but it feels organic and progressing realisticly.

I didnt like the mine-arc, but other

So far 4.5 stars


Main Character has a cheat ability, CHECK. But it's not total BS, and not even much use in combat, but CRAFTING. Love this title, I cant wait to see where this will go.

The side characters are a little bit childish, but well MC is technically a child so maybe they are reacting to it.

The "game" system is a little bit mysterious but that's a good thing.

Please moar moar chaptooors

EDIT: at ch 31, and still good! Definitely go for it!

Gawd Dayum

Good story, like the advancement system. Characters have some development and personality. Grammar is better than most.


Frankly a lot of the criticsms of this novel seems to be the poor grammar. i read a lot of crappy foregin novels on other sites and I'm pretty sure i've read many chapters of stuff that's been hastily google translated. The writing here isn't unreadable, the sentences do tend to rattle but I'm rarely confused as to what's happening and maybe I'm just smooth brained but I never get tired of this novel. The grammar is definitely a massive weak point but it's not as bad as some people make it out to be. The other main criticism I see is it's a cliché isekai and I largely disagree. Honestly the start does come off that way but the standard isekai protag would just charge into fights constantly and it gets repetitive whilst this novel has a lot more going on. I cant spoil much but it's been about 50 chapters since the last actual fight and it's largely been slice of life chilling since then. I really like the grind of the protagonist getting better at making stuff, It's honestly somewhat hard to review as the story changes heavily after 150ish chapters. It's kind of like Attack on Titan where in if youre trying to get someone into the series you cant mention anything from the later seasons. I see a lot of people dropping this early and that's fair, but the early chapters I honestly see as setup. I obviously dont know where the story is going but from where it's at now it seems to have really dug itself in and this is where the meat of The Runesmith lies at, you just kinda have to sit through 150 chapters of setup with some shockinlgy poor grammar.


Good with a few exceptions

Reviewed at: Chapter 86 – Golem

The story is good. (as of ch 86)

I found only three problems. First is too much details about blacksmithing, after the third time it become repetitive, after the tenth i stop counting because it's too much. Second, is repetition overall, too many times runes are compared with this or that, hardware and software as words are used too much, in a few places something is told and then again on the same or the next chapter. Third, not much character interaction. This is more possitive for me, plus it make sense when from character perspective BUT one thing grind on my nerves. 

Before leaving the home, the it's stated that the little sister was fond of the character. The character left. Durring the story, in multiple places, the said character talk about the maid in the first home, while the little sister isn't even mentioned.



Please add some more characters.

Reviewed at: Chapter 113 – Slow starts.

This is a well written story, but god do it need more influential secondary characters, I'm at chapter 79, and Roland still don't have any long term relationships, this cause character interaction to suffer, Roland become a blander character, because he has no one to interact with, which make everything internal monologues.


Edit, read further along, and I see the story is finally gaining more characters, so I'm upping my rating of it, I do still think it took far too long, before Roland stopped being a total loner.


In summary, you have a good story here, but there's a reason almost all stories have more than 1 important character.


Starts of a little rocky, but well worth the reading.  Characters seem to have real growth in personality and talent.  All though some side characters might need more of a presence or impact, it doesn't take away from the over all expereince.

You can really feel for the lively struggle of a craftsman in his progression, while trying to stay alive in a trying world.  There are so many things happening in the shadows that you could probly write fanfics about it as a sub fanfic like some do for Metaworld Chronicles or some others.

One thing though.  Fanatics are scary...  All fanatics are scary.  Cults are just as scary.  With each interaction our MC has with society really shows the positives and negitives of each encounter, wether he wants to encount them or not.  The would is complex and simple to its core.

It may feel like the world is of a Darker theme, but I think it is just protraying the world as it would normaly be, light and shadows.  Some darker and color the pitch of tar.

All in all this story is a great read for me and I would suggest you read it too.  At least read a decent chunk before you process your verdict.


Am @ chap 16 so far OK worth reading a bit average story/plot wise but story still in setup mode so has lots of potential


A different route for the Mc, rather than being simply op.

The story started well, system introduction is way clearer than many I have read and way better. It is like starting on the narrow road and then moving slowly to the highway. A study pace to the story which reflets the author's style to be consistent and improving with the story.

Characters in the story have different shades, even if they were mentioned for a short term, that is to say great work here. Plot is also nicely developed with it.

Grammer needs little works, but its way more than manageble.

Great work in progress.

Hope it delivers with this pace like slowly smithing the metal until it became masterpiece.



Basic world building, bad prose, boring character

Reviewed at: Chapter 16 – Class Change.

The world building is truly uninspired, nobles are dumb, honorless and haughty, adventurers part of the adventurer guild do adventurer stuff, dungeons exist, there are all the basic fantasy races. You don't need to know more.

There are all the time shifts in perspective from third person mc, third person completely clueless. I guess the author wants to use this as stylistic choice, but it doesn't work at all, mainly because it's used all the time at unfitting moments.

MC is standard, and all other characters are cardboard cutouts without real personality.

In addition to all that we don't see the MC doing any smithing or runeing for hundreds of pages.