This Quest is Bullshit

This Quest is Bullshit

by Nixia

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The Questing Stones have come to Nowherested, and Evelia Greene is finally ready to receive her life's quest.  Perhaps she'll be a great warrior, or a wealthy merchant, or a brilliant mage.  Perhaps her quest is simply to live a quiet life, constantly honing a craft to the heights of perfection.  

Or perhaps the Questing Stones will grant her the legendary mission of popping over to the next village to pick up a loaf of bread.  

Either way, adventure is out there, and Eve is determined to have one.  

In accordance with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited policy, chapters 3-133 have been taken down. You can read them here.

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Clear Heart

Basically I lost interest for awhile after the bit with the rat and the mists, never felt the urge to read, decided to check in to see if reading a few chapters would recapture my interest, and found that it had moved to the pay-gate model and the chapter I left off on was deleted on RR.

In terms of story telling, it's got good humor, laughed a lot, but the tone-shift goes from light-hearted and silly to... well something I wasn't looking for when I picked this up. That said, nothing jumps out at me as objectively wrong, so YMMV.

Mr Tibbles

The quest is interesting, after that not so much

Reviewed at: Chapter 46 - Poison Control

I read up to chapter 25 on Amazon. It's not a bad novel and the grammer is fine with no mistakes I can see. I really wanted to recommend it when I read the first few chapters and how she moved up so fast and her intrigueing new quest. The problem is after that it became less. She got the standard companions and they went on standard quests with occasional plot points but nothing to really separate this novel from any other LitRPG exp based novel I have read beyond the humor and intrigue of the quest she received.

This is just my personal opinion and not meant to be a dig or shade against the author in any way.


A funny story with some things that need to change

Reviewed at: Chapter 19 - The Alchemist’s Lab

I really liked the beginning of this story. It was funny and the banter between the 2 main characters felt real.

I also liked preston my real problem is with alex. Her introduction was too rushed, we had barely met her and she's yelling at them and barely a chapter later she is crying and after that she suddenly becomes friendly towards eve. Eves and Alex entire friendship feels off.

Alex has struggled for real and suffered the death of her companions and eve tries to relate to that when she has not really struggled at all. You might say that eve has struggled because she has done a lot but the issue ís that the tone of the story has never suggested that things have been particularly difficult because she could just run away and let the sack of potatoes shoot things.

The story was silly and light until alex came along and then it became drama heavy which was resolved with a few pretty words. The fact that a few words could persuade Alex to enter the dungeon makes me think that a rare class is more important to Alex than the death of her companions and the possible death of her new ones. Not exactly an admirable trait.

Alex doesn't feel like a real person to me and i started disliking Eve because she patronizes  and manipulates Alex. Eve has to pay off her fine and alex wants a rare class so Eve dangles the 'you have to do dangerous things to qualify for Rare' and because Eve has been so likable previously this just feels bad to me.

Author if you read this you need to decide the tone of your story and stick to that. You can of course dip your toes in heavier stuff but you need to execute it well for it to work. I think alex would have worked better as the quiet stoic type instead of the overly emotional type. Also remember that time for a reader and the characters are different. You can do a timeskip and say that 2 weeks have passed but that doesn't change that for the reader its all very new. sorry for rambling



Update: Now that a few more chapters have come out, there’s enough to make more of a proper review.

So far, the story is much more lighthearted than the author’s previous story had been. Main character has a bs life quest to achieve, and this is the story of trying to complete it and all of the distractions that come from trying to buy a loaf of bread.


It’s still new enough that a full review isn’t possible just yet, but I thoroughly enjoy this author and I’m excited for a new project.


Honestly, I started reading this this afternoon and got through the whole thing in addition to some advance chapters from Nix in just a couple of (somewhat distracted) hours. It really is delightful—that is the single word that best describes it. There were so many times while I was reading that I just had this huge, dumb smile on my face because Nix has a humor and a pace to his writing that's just a pleasure to read.

Oh, and of course the story itself is also hilarious. It maintains this atmosphere of lightness and levity that I think is impressive. To me, an atmospheric story is something that's pretty hard to achieve. It's obvious to me that there are some heavier themes at times, but the story always made me feel good to read.

Briefly, I'll go over the scored areas:

Style: Nix's style, like I said above, has a great humor and pace to it. I really think he's doing a good job of carving out his identity with writing like this, and while it's obviously not completely polished, he has huge potential, so I give him high marks for this area. 5/5

Grammar: I legitimately can't remember finding a single grammar mistake, and I find that both impressive and unusual—I feel like I ALWAYS find errors, but not here. Nix's writing is very high quality on this front. 5/5

Story: Without rehashing what I've already said about it being atmospheric and delightful, I think Nix is doing a great job with his story. He started with a funny premise, and is taking it in an interesting direction. I was never bored, although this can definitely be attributed to his style as well as the story. The thing that I would urge is that he keep the kind of whimsy that exists in what I've read so far and build upon it, because it's fantastic. 5/5

Character: The characters are really good, and feel real. Eve, the main character, has great chemistry with basically all of the main cast, to the point where I genuinely laughed aloud a few times at their jokes. She, Wes, Preston, and Alex are all characters that are contradictory in their own ways, which is perfect for me to feel invested in and interested by them. They make the story work as well as it does. 5/5

Conclusion: It deserves its place in the top 10 rated stories on this site. You should open it up and find out why.


It's a fun and comfy read that doesn't take itself too seriously. There aren't any egregious grammar errors, nor characters are completely tragic. I'd give it a 4/5 if RR's review system wasn't gamed against it, but it's not too far off from a 5/5 in terms of pure enjoyment.

Don't Censor Hentai

Plot is very forced and characters are repetetive

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 - Practice Makes Perfecter

Style: fantasy story with similar plot to a generic isekai

Story: it is a gimmick, through and through, it's somehow become a trend in amateur novel writing to have a generic story line with a random gimmick that doesn't affect the story at all to make it "unique", the plot also gets forced to progress alot 

like when Eve gets forced to do a difficult quest due to a fucking speeding ticket with an absurd price instead of just making her choose so herself (seen this done in 3 different novels, gets somehow worse every time)


Grammar: grammar is good but dialogue is written like how an American would imagine a Brit would talk, very bad use of slang.

Character: it's a standard hero party, the characters' personality's are bland though, they are supposed to be 17+ but they talk to each other like socially akward 13 year olds speaking only in puns and the same jokes over and over and over and over. they are also speak extremely crass though their personalities suggest otherwise.

Overall: not very great, it tries to do something different while still somehow being extremely generic, bad characters, plot gets forced down your throat. I think I wouldn't drop it if the author tried making the plot progress more naturally instead of always making unlikeable antagonists appear for 1 chapter to make the plot progress when the author feels cornered on how to make the story exciting.


It's rare for me to come across a story on RR where I regularly check back to see whether there has been an update or not. As always Nixia has put together an exciting story with colourful characters and a flair worth noting.

Style: The story has flawless pacing, and I love the light-hearted tone used in prose. It transitions between light-hearted and serious when needed. 

Grammar: No errors here. I believe the author has a skilled beta reader behind the scenes combing through every chapter. At the same time, I've had a peek at his first drafts a couple of times, and they're bloody clean.

Story: This is the only category where I'd rate the tale poorly. It works for a Light/Web Novel but considering Nixia's level of writing, you find yourself looking for more. There is a lack of conflict and driving plot besides the quest. At the same time, the level up and travel-the-lands aspect has some entertaining bits to it too. I love the controversial speeding ticket. It gave me a good laugh. I don't know why there are some sods on this site bitching about it.

Characters: I love each and every member of the party. They have their individual voices, ambitions, painful histories and unique personalities. Nixia does a fantastic job of building chemistry between each of them, and I like how he puts them through the wringer to display how they're growing as a person. It's not the stat increases that count but the friends you make along the way.


Its a fun story that doesn't take itself to seriously. The quest mechanics are really cool and I like the way more is given to us.


This story seems pretty good, at first that is. I don't know whether it is the (kinda) forced plot the strange characters or their interactions. But while I read the latest chapters I got a feeling of wrongness. 

There are just things which are simply weird. First and foremost are the character interactions. The two MCs have become best buddies and friends within days, trusting each other with their lives, and joking like lifelong friends. Already quite weird, but fine that could happen. The other two party members on the other hand. Their interaction with the MCs are, reeeally strange. Is it just me or am I the only one who doesn't get why they should join the party. It adds to the strangeness.

So all in all style is fine, not bad.

The grammar also had no problems.

The story on the other hand is blatantly forced through the two MCs quests. While that isn't entirely bad, that already made me take a step back, from making this one of my favourite novels.

Now the characters as already told, as well as their interactions are simply 'weird' it isn't like the MCs have to take in the first few people they meet into their party, or that those people have to like each other. This problem obviously can be solved by the indications of the legendary quest. Which apparently decides how the world revolves.

So all in all this is a quite funny and nice story, but the main problems I have with it are, that there are not enough chapters to see where the story will go, and the forced plot, even the shatterfate strike surely is part of the legendary quest.(just found out that this is in the top 10 list) Also the world seems pretty good looking realistic enough. Still in the moment I think this story is being overhyped. Well nothing we can do, but wait and see. Maybe this story will even reach #1 on best rated. But I personally don't like it as much as I did in the beginning. Maybe in the later chapters the new party members will look more realistic to me. 

-Review end