This Quest is Bullshit

by Nixia

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Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The Questing Stones have come to Nowherested, and Evelia Greene is finally ready to receive her life's quest.  Perhaps she'll be a great warrior, or a wealthy merchant, or a brilliant mage.  Perhaps her quest is simply to live a quiet life, constantly honing a craft to the heights of perfection.  

Or perhaps the Questing Stones will grant her the legendary mission of popping over to the next village to pick up a loaf of bread.  

Either way, adventure is out there, and Eve is determined to have one.  

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - The Questing Stones ago
Chapter 2 - Why is it Always Wolves? ago
Chapter 3 - Practice Makes Perfect ago
Chapter 4 - The First Milestone ago
Chapter 5 - The Second Tier ago
Chapter 6 - A Baking Accident ago
Chapter 7 - Slippery When Wet ago
Chapter 8 - Welcome to the Guild ago
Chapter 9 - The Quick and the Dead ago
Chapter 10 - Promotion Commotion ago
Chapter 11 - Skills, Skills, Skills ago
Chapter 12 - A High Constitution Score Isn’t the Only Way We Protect Ourselves ago
Chapter 13 - Everybody Falls on Their Face Sometimes ago
Chapter 14 - Practice Makes Perfecter ago
Chapter 15 - A Real Job ago
Chapter 16 - Dungeon 101 ago
Chapter 17 - Enchantments Are Fun ago
Chapter 18 - Revelations in the Ruined Ruins ago
Chapter 19 - The Alchemist’s Lab ago
Chapter 20 - The Leyline ago
Chapter 21 - So About That Giant Spider… ago
Chapter 22 - A Voice in the Mist ago
Chapter 23 - The Lynthia Institute for Magical Afflictions ago
Chapter 24 - Shopping! ago
Chapter 25 - Jet ago
Chapter 26 - A Little Off the Top ago
Chapter 27 - Not That Kind of Job Offer ago
Chapter 28 - The Comfiest Sweater Ever Known ago
Chapter 29 - There’s a Drake in my Boot ago
Chapter 30 - Drakes Have Hoards Too ago
Chapter 31 - Money to Burn ago
Chapter 32 - Eight Hundred Silver Can Buy A Lot of Alcohol ago
Chapter 33 - The Kneads of the Many ago
Chapter 34 - Show and Tell ago
Chapter 35 - Those Damned Scones ago
Chapter 36 - Manaheart ago
Chapter 37 - A Hell of a Time ago
Chapter 38 - Nightlight ago

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Update: Now that a few more chapters have come out, there’s enough to make more of a proper review.

So far, the story is much more lighthearted than the author’s previous story had been. Main character has a bs life quest to achieve, and this is the story of trying to complete it and all of the distractions that come from trying to buy a loaf of bread.


It’s still new enough that a full review isn’t possible just yet, but I thoroughly enjoy this author and I’m excited for a new project.


Summary: This story ticks almost all my boxes for a good story. The characters feel real, and the world comes across as a place where people actually live. The grammar is basically flawless, as far as I can tell, while Nixia's style keeps the story from dragging, though there are some slow moments.

Grammar/Style: Nixia's command of language is far above average, especially compared to some of the efforts put forth on this site. The dreaded homophone mixup has yet to rear its ugly head. The stylistic choices keep the story feeling fresh and the transitions seamless. Overall, 5/5

Story Score: While I may echo some of my fellow reviewers in saying that the plot is simplistic, I would contend that there is little need to make it more complicated. A great story does not need some nefarious plan to overthrow a king or a diabolical villain bent on world domination. Villains can be as evil as Sauron and as simple as time, which makes fools of us all. What it needs is a plot that makes sense in the setting's context and characters who can turn the mundane into the magical. In this respect, this story has so far succeeded. 4.5/5

Characters: The characters in this story are simply delightful. They are all unique and complex, and their personalities fit nicely together, with just enough room for conflict without making their partnership seem forced. I am convinced that one of the worst crimes an author can commit is a complicated story driven by simple characters. This story neatly avoids both. A character can carry a story, but a story can rarely carry a story. 5/5


It's a fun and comfy read that doesn't take itself too seriously. There aren't any egregious grammar errors, nor characters are completely tragic. I'd give it a 4/5 if RR's review system wasn't gamed against it, but it's not too far off from a 5/5 in terms of pure enjoyment.


A bit of a silly story in parts, but entertaining? Yes. The story is well written and always makes me want to read more. Which is a slight problem as the chapters are on the short side. I'd like if the party would go on longer and complex adventures to really work for those levels and rare classes, but I also look forward to see where the story takes us.


Its a fun story that doesn't take itself to seriously. The quest mechanics are really cool and I like the way more is given to us.


What a fun story! Great characters, and it's a neat change of pace from the immediately-OP-Protag stories on here. 


Well-written with a humorous start and some decent plot hooks and world building. I want to see this succeed, but will the author build on this to add depth, meaning, and character development? Can the author surpass the simple tropes they began with? An OP protag, witty dialogue, and foreboding villain reveals will only get you so far.


Honestly, I started reading this this afternoon and got through the whole thing in addition to some advance chapters from Nix in just a couple of (somewhat distracted) hours. It really is delightful—that is the single word that best describes it. There were so many times while I was reading that I just had this huge, dumb smile on my face because Nix has a humor and a pace to his writing that's just a pleasure to read.

Oh, and of course the story itself is also hilarious. It maintains this atmosphere of lightness and levity that I think is impressive. To me, an atmospheric story is something that's pretty hard to achieve. It's obvious to me that there are some heavier themes at times, but the story always made me feel good to read.

Briefly, I'll go over the scored areas:

Style: Nix's style, like I said above, has a great humor and pace to it. I really think he's doing a good job of carving out his identity with writing like this, and while it's obviously not completely polished, he has huge potential, so I give him high marks for this area. 5/5

Grammar: I legitimately can't remember finding a single grammar mistake, and I find that both impressive and unusual—I feel like I ALWAYS find errors, but not here. Nix's writing is very high quality on this front. 5/5

Story: Without rehashing what I've already said about it being atmospheric and delightful, I think Nix is doing a great job with his story. He started with a funny premise, and is taking it in an interesting direction. I was never bored, although this can definitely be attributed to his style as well as the story. The thing that I would urge is that he keep the kind of whimsy that exists in what I've read so far and build upon it, because it's fantastic. 5/5

Character: The characters are really good, and feel real. Eve, the main character, has great chemistry with basically all of the main cast, to the point where I genuinely laughed aloud a few times at their jokes. She, Wes, Preston, and Alex are all characters that are contradictory in their own ways, which is perfect for me to feel invested in and interested by them. They make the story work as well as it does. 5/5

Conclusion: It deserves its place in the top 10 rated stories on this site. You should open it up and find out why.


In a world where the gods give you the quest best for you, carefully consider your words as they may take interest in you.


While this may not be the best story I've read on this site, but it is definitely in my top 6. It's fairly well written, it's funny in just the right ways, and it is just fufilling for some reason I can't quite pin down. The only complaint I have with it is that some chapters feel a bit short, but that's not a huge problem for me. Overall, I intend to read this story for as long as it is being written.