A Slayer’s Diary

by Kenneth Rocher

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance High Fantasy Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

“I am Brion. Wanderer of strange lands, slayer of mighty beasts. And this diary details the dangers I have endured, and my encounters with the fierce monsters that plague this world.”

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Kenneth Rocher

Kenneth Rocher

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Day 4,508 ago
Day 4.509 ago
Day 4,510 ago
Day 4,511 ago
Day 4.512 ago
Day 4,514 ago
Day 4.515 ago
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John Fighter
  • Overall Score

Excellent Short Chapters

Reviewed at: Day 4,585

As the name suggests, this is a diary of a slayer of monsters. I only just found it today, but have read all of the released material. I'm excited to see what mysteries will be uncovered by our main character (Brion). Perhaps he will make friends along the way. Brion is an experienced slayer dealing with an unprecedented problem in the known history of the Slayers. Will he and his allies be able to save mankind from this new threat?

If I haven't just missed it, would be nice to know what exactly differentiates a slayer from an ordinary person. Is it just training? Or maybe they are different from birth. Or perhaps a product of scientific experiments (the world seems more magic heavy than science so far). But there has been a promise of older civilizations possessing more advanced technology. I wonder how much of that will be expanded upon though.

At the current part of the story Brion is getting closer to one of his comrades. Would also appreciate hearing about some other characters he interacts with after you've developed the current relationship enough. Hmm, something that might be strange to add given the genre, but maybe you could add some additional information on the currently existing governments of the known lands. Possibly even showcase the development of a new town whereby we gain another insight into the culture of these people by observing the laws that they create. Maybe they even have a Constitution set up? Okay, probably not that kind of story but I can dream haha.

I personally like how short the chapters are. Keep up the great work!

  • Overall Score

First "diary entry" shows the author has a good grasp on pacing/grammer. Not sure how well exactly a narrative style like this can work long term, but willing to see how the story evolves. 

  • Overall Score

This is a solid fantasy adventure novel written in a unique style.

The plot is solid without any obvious holes and as of Day 4,641 which is the current post as of this review its ramping up into an interesting mystery surounding the events.

A few minor spelling mistakes here or there that the author should probably correct seeing how short each of the individual posts are. Although they are of the type that sneak through spell check or were auto corrected like 'mobster' instead of 'monster' in one instance.

Overall its shaping up to be a solid and interesting story that will either have a neat conclusion or a long runtime depending on what direction the author wants to take it. Either way it will be worth checking out.