Vylt: The New Dawn

by Blaycon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Mankind finds a way to use magic, but this great power comes with a price. A transaction that can't be refunded. Nora Hayes is a simple girl whose only worry was graduating  high school. That is, until she faces this new reality. How will she, her family, and her friends deal with the aftermath of such event?


Sneak Peek:

Next to the kitchen, there was a small squared table and two wooden chairs, each made from different wood. The bookshelf behind those contained a decent amount of books.

I stood up to take a closer look at them and even opened a few out of curiosity. While I could read most of them just fine, some of the oldest-looking books were written in a language I didn't recognize.

"Hm? Was my hand always blue?"

I didn't remember. In fact, I couldn't recall anything about myself, not even my name. Inspecting the rest of my body, I found that it was the same all over. I didn't feel sick; quite the opposite. Still, my blue skin felt out of place for some reason. Trying to find an answer to my situation, I kept investigating the odd room.


Big thanks to Alice Griffin for helping me out with the cover. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Infected ago
Chapter 2: Ask the Elf ago
Chapter 3: The Sleeping Giant ago
Chapter 4: The Wings of Change ago
Chapter 5: Ghosts and Mummies ago
Chapter 6: Fairy Tale ago
Chapter 7: Size Matters ago
Chapter 8: The Magic Training Begins ago
Chapter 9: First Blood ago
Chapter 10: Back Home ago
Interlude 1: There is Another ago
Chapter 11: Side Quest ago
Chapter 12: Doubts ago
Chapter 13: Dream of Flight ago
Chapter 14: Stay Cool, Bird Boy ago
Chapter 15: OoM ago
Chapter 16: Surprise Visit ago
Interlude 2: Who am I? ago
Chapter 17: Parents ago
Interlude 3: Meet the Owner ago
Chapter 18: They Follow ago
Intrlude 4: A Bright Future ago
Chapter 19: The Intruders ago
Chapter 20: A Gift ago
Chapter 21: The Apprentice ago
Chapter 22: A Glimpse of the Past ago
Interlude 5: Search Party ago
Chapter 23: Who's There? ago
Chapter 24: Hidden ago
Interlude 6: What Lies Beneath ago
Interlude 7: Bonds ago
Chapter 25: A Hairy Situation ago
Chapter 26: Letting Go ago
Chapter 27: A Certain Point of View ago
Chapter 28: Caught ago
Chapter 29: Unexpected Outcome ago
Chapter 30: Belaury’s Decision ago
Chapter 31: Hail ago

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Magic resurgence done right.

Reviewed at: Chapter 6: Fairy Tale
This novel is not what you would expect from a novel of this genre. As rather than being an apocalypse novel, it seems to be taking the approach towards the slow integration of magic. The way magic is introduced into the world is also quite interesting as it is not through System or some grand event but through a virus which has a very low infection rate.
This Virus changes people into mutants or changes their race into fantasy ones while granting them access to magic. However, as much time has not passed since the resurgence of magic, the field is greatly unexplored.
The prologue of the story is also interesting. It is a scene from the VMMRPG, which seems odd at first glance. However, as the story progresses, it seems like the prologue has a much deeper meaning than originally assumed. Maybe it hints at the magic that the MC will possess. We will have to wait and see.
As far as grammar is concerned, I have no complaints. The characters are also quite believable. In the initial chapters, you would question some of MC’s actions but the reason for those becomes apparent soon after, leaving you wondering at the brilliance of the author. Overall, this is a good novel. 
Lord Turtle

This work manages to pull in the trope of fantasy resurgence and do it in a way that is somehow believeable but also quite human. While there are other stories set in the same vein the reason I say that this is unique is the extensive focus on the processes in which magical changes are occuring. Because obvsiouly the government would react should something like magic suddenly appear, and not only that, but if not everyone got it at once, then the ever present human condition of fear, paranoia, and jealousy will make an apperance. 

TLDR: Cool story bro, recommend a read through