Apostate Konstantin

by RemarkTM

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Low Fantasy Magic Post Apocalyptic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

The world is different now. Darker. Much has become a desert, permanently poisoned by radioactive fallout. Nature has reclaimed the rest. Humanity endures, barely, in underground refuges and fortified city-states. It is a time of great hardship.

As if that wasn’t enough, mankind is now beset by a new horror.


Twisted beings of unimaginable power, these fell creatures stalk the night, preying upon the battered remnants of humanity.

Only one mysterious organization has the will to defy their unnatural menace. They are the protectors of the righteous. They are the arbiters of justice. They are the Inquisition.

Chief amongst these Holy Crusaders is Inquisitor-Brother Frederick Konstantin.

This is the story of his fall.

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great story so far

Reviewed at: Chapter 7

not the best first review, but i'm thoroughly enjoying the story so far and felt like the story could use some love. the grammar (and i can't stress this enough) is AMAZING. it's miles ahead of most stories on this site and makes reading that much more enjoyable. this deserves to be on trending, and i hope more people give this story a shot.