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Hello dear readers! Feel free to check out the original works who's world and magic system this fanfiction uses.

Metaworld Chronicles by Wutosama

See below for a non-spoiler explanation of how the magic system works and currently established world lore.

Metaworld Spellcraft Glossary

I will be adding my own glossary to supplement content that is not canonized in the official lore as my story progresses.

A cool northern wind blew across the campus, rustling the fallen brown leaves across the cobbled courtyard. Baren oak trees lined the outer edges of the courtyard like skeletal guards, their naked branches swaying in the autumn winds. The greying clouds that threatened rain began to part as the warmth of the mid-morning sun peeked out from behind them, causing a misty haze along the dew-covered lawns of the campus. Sunlight shone through the glass of lampposts that lined the walkways, splaying a myriad of colours across the moss speckled cobbles below as a pair of grey squirrels scurried along in search of fallen acorns from the towering oak trees dotting the campus lands. Pausing in their search for acorns, the two squirrels looked up to see a large group of people heading in their direction; with a few twitches of their tails they hopped over to the nearest tree, climbing into the safety of its branches.

The throng of students neared the central courtyard, walking below an oaken archway of entangled branches as they entered the large clearing and began to split off into groups. Prefects ran about directing the foot traffic while proctors began setting up awakening stones atop marble pedestals. There were five designated testing areas sectioned off, separated alphabetically by family name. In the centre of the courtyard several administrative desks were temporarily set up to manage the data entry and logistics of the exams.

“A through E go towards the northern exam area, F through J you will head towards the north-eastern area, K through O please go towards the eastern area…”

The sound of a prefect organizing students grew louder as Willian Godwine drew nearer, Alex in tow the two entered the quickly filling courtyard. Glancing about him William took in the view, it was at least the size of a soccer pitch, if not slightly larger. There were several benches around the outer perimeter with flower pots on either side. Black Victorian style lamp posts were placed about as well, a blue flame flickering softly within their glass lantern boxes. Stepping to the side, out of the way of the crowd William stood on his toes, trying to peer above the sea of heads.

“Hmm.. Looks like there are five areas Alex, I think you’re supposed to go to the eastern area. I’ll be in the north-eastern one.” Nodding William lowered back down from his toes.

“Sounds good man. Hey isn’t your area right beside mine?” Alex would ask squinting at the distant areas. Not needing to raise himself to his toes, he was easily able to look out over the congregation with his towering 182cm height, yes at fifteen years of age Alex was quite tall.

“Yeah, right in the corner basically.” William would reply, scratching his chin.

“HEY! You two move along! Don’t just stand there you’ll block the way for others.”

William and Alex glanced over towards where the yelling came from, as a prefect quickly approached them in a haughty manner with a mocking scowl. He was a few years older than the boys, a third-year ready to graduate next summer. Brown hair parting in the middle hung down to his shoulders, his amber eyes glared at the two as he placed his lanky arms on his hips.

“Morning to you too Derek.” William begrudgingly greeted the young man. “I don’t see how we’re blocking the path, we moved to the side to stay out of the way.” William would retort with crossed arms. Alex meanwhile took on a power stance while flexing his muscles. Being a good bit shorter, Derek had to look up at this muscle-head as Alex glowered down at him.

“Yeah Derek, what Will said, we’re not in anyone’s way.” Alex backed up his friend trying his best tough guy act, succeeding, and holding back his laughter. Taking a hesitant step back Derek would narrow his eyes before scoffing.

“Hmph. Fine then. Just don’t be late, the exams are starting soon.” Derek would reply before stomping off, likely to find more students to bother. Unable to hold his composure any longer Alex would burst out into laughter.

“Jesus man, how the hell does your sister find that asshat attractive.” Alex would manage to squeeze out between bouts of laughter. William would just shake his head at a loss for words, turning his palms upwards.

“Good question. I’ve been asking myself that for months now. It certainly isn’t for his personality though, that’s for sure.” With a sigh, William looked towards his area before turning back to Alex.

“We probably should be off though, got a few minutes before the exams start.” William would say, holding out his fist for a bump. “Good luck bro.”

“You too my dude.” Alex would say with a grin, giving William a fist bump before turning towards his area and heading off.

William began walking across the courtyard towards his designated area, avoiding bumping into the various students and prefects running about on last-minute preparation work. He was definitely ready for the exam. All summer break he was shut away in his room studying the form of the enchantment glyph, again and again, he would visualise it in his mind’s eye, meditating on its shape. He would become the best enchanter in the commonwealth, that was his goal. He had so many ideas to test, so many magical items he wanted to try and create. Yes, he was ready.

“Please sign in here, afterward wait until you are called upon.” The voice of a proctor broke William from his thoughts as he arrived at his exam area. Glancing up he saw the proctor holding a data slate out towards him. “Tap your student card here and wait for the beep.” William did as instructed, taking out his student card and holding it against the data slate, after a few seconds a dull beep rang out.

[William J. Godwine – Registry complete.] A mechanical voice rang for the slate.

“I am magus Shiroe, I will be your proctor today, please wait with the others.” He gestured towards the crowd of waiting students with his data slate. “Good luck Mr. Godwine.” Magus Shiroe would say before adjusting his circular glasses. The man appeared to be Japanese with messy jet-black hair and fair skin, clothed in ankle long white robes and blank pants. He seemed quite tall for a Japanese man, at least 190cm William speculated.

“Thank you sir!” William would reply with a head nod before joining the other students. A sense of weightlessness filled his stomach as he waited in anticipation for the exams to begin. Pulling out his message device he checked the time, 9:59 am, the exams should be starting soon.

Magus Shiroe placed his free hand against his head as he and the other proctors received a message from the head-proctor to begin the exams. Lowering his hand he turned towards the students to inform them of the proceedings.

“We will now begin the PMAE, when called upon please approach the pedestal and place both hands upon the awakening stone. Relax and allow the mana to complete its probing circuit throughout your body. After you receive your results proceed to the centre administration desk.” Magus Shiroe spoke using a low tier clarion call spell to make sure all students in his area heard his instructions clearly. Afterward, he stood next to the pedestal which held the awakening stone. Data slate in hand, he began reading off names.


A boy timidly approached the pedestal placing both his hands on the awakening stone, the stone glowed softly, enveloping the boy’s body with feint energy as the mana circulated throughout him. The energy then began to glow deep brown before returning to the stone. The crystalline awakening stone turned as brown as the mana that entered it, then a glyph began to form on its surface.

[Abjuration, Tier 3 Earth.] A mechanical voice rang from the data slate as magus Shiroe nodded in approval. The boy stepped back from the pedestal and moved towards the central administration area. The process continued as magus Shiroe continued to call out more names.


[Evocation, Tier 2 Lightning.] Applause rang out, lightning mages were quite rare.

“Congratulations Mr. Fulton.” Magus Shiroe said with a smile.


[Evocation, Tier 1 Ooze.]

“Oh, gods why..” The poor boy nearly broke into tears as he left for the administration area.

“Looks like we got another sewage worker eh boys?” One of the students jeered before being smacked across the head by another. “That’s like one of the rarest elements dumbass.” He chided.


Shiroe’s jaw dropped, truly al the stars must have been aligned for that kid. She shook himself from his shock, continuing to call out students names.


[Conjuration, Tier 2 Water.]


[Divination, Tier 3 Air.]

“Ohhh an air mage!”

Suddenly a rapture of applause rang out from the eastern area, cheers and clapping filled the courtyard. A message glyph flashed into existence before Shiroe as he looked stunned from shock. Glancing towards the students he informed them of the incredulous news he just received.

“Today Prince’s gained a prime mage.” Stunned silence. Plant mages, as they were affectionately called, had an affinity with all four base elements, being referred to in the east as the wood element, westerners called it the prime element or prima materia. They were extremely rare with just a few awakening per generation. “The young man’s name is Alex Lin. This is a great honour for Prince’s, now then let's continue.”

William was shaken to the core. Did magus Shiroe just say it was Alex? A plant mage? How the fuck. Still though, he was overjoyed for his friend’s achievement. A fucking plant mage, god damn. A muscle headed plant mage at that, maybe he got transmutation as well.. doubt it though. Still, I guess it makes sense since his family name is Lin. We’re definitely celebrating after this, Mr. Horton is going to be rolling in LDMs. Williams's thoughts of doughnuts and coffee were quickly snuffed out as the call of the proctor brought him back to reality.


“William Godwine!” Magus Shiroe’s brows were knitted in annoyance after having to call him three times. “Try not to daydream students. We have a lot of people to get through.”

“Sorry, sir!” William quickly apologized, approaching the pedestal and placing his hands upon the awakening stone. The crystalline sphere felt cool against his hands as he closed his eyes and tried to visualize the glyph for enchantment, and then he felt it. The flow of mana poured out of the stone, filling his newly discovered mana conduits before tracing its way into his meta-physical mana channels leading into his astral soul. He felt something stir within him, something that had always been there but eluded him on the edge of his consciousness, he felt the flow of mana, he felt whole. This blissful feeling of completeness did not last long though, as it was quickly replaced with searing pain, it felt as though he was going burst, like his head would split open from a great pressure.

Shiroe watched as the boy approached the awakening stone, nodding at his apology. Glancing down he looked at the data slate awaiting the results of the awakening. Usually, this process is fairly quick, a matter of minutes. Yet this kid seemed to be going on for a while. A sudden clamour amongst the waiting students prompted him to look up.

“..Holy shit.”

“Hey is that normal?”

“Um.. proctor I think the stone is broken.”

William’s face was contorted in pain as he stood on shaking legs, palms still glued to the awakening stone. His body was still enveloped in the soft glow of mana, however, it now grew brighter as it began to pulse in a rhythm, not unlike a heartbeat. The colour began to change, but it didn’t stay constant, each pulse the mana’s colour shifted, each pulse its light grew brighter, faster and faster it strobed.


Shiroe took a step back, glancing at the awakening stone atop the pedestal. It began to vibrate in sequence with the pulsing mana, threatening to roll off the pedestal. Squinting his eyes against the strobing rainbow of light he noticed there were glyphs flashing on the stone’s surface in rhythm as well. He recognized them as the glyphs representing the schools of magic, usually just one or two show when a mage awakens, this was flashing multiple, a different one each pulse, some he had not seen before, others repeated. The boy let out a groan of pain as tears began to stream down his face, the pulsing grew frantic, the light almost blinding.

“Get back! Keep your distance!” Shiroe yelled at the students in warning. By this time others had taken notice of the light show coming from his exam area. It was deathly silent in the courtyard now, with just the rustling of bare branches and fallen leaves. Shielding his eyes now, Shiroe glanced at the data slate, it was still unresponsive.

An ear-piercing scream of agony ricocheted throughout the courtyard as William’s knees threatened to buckle beneath him. Then it stopped, the light vanished or so it appeared. It had turned black, as did the awakening stone. A deep unfathomable blackness. The awakening stone’s vibrations grew intense, the marble pedestal below falling over as it now floated under William’s hands. Motes of deep purple and gold mana began to rise from the black mana, floating around Willian and the stone. The air around him began to shimmer and distort like on a hot summer’s day, but it was different. It was almost as if space itself was distorting. If William’s eyes had been open at that moment, he would have seen an ancient and profound glyph forming on the awakening stone, but alas he was blinded by agony and tears as his mind threatened to implode. A crystalline ring sang out, followed by a cracking sound, not unlike a sheet of ice splitting.

“Oh fuck..” Hearing that sound, Shiroe reacted quickly. Dropping the data slate, he raised both hands in front of him.

“Earthen Wall!”

The cobbled paving rose before him, forming a wall of earth and cobbles. At this moment, the awakening stone exploded, sending out a shockwave of force and mana particles. William was not as fortunate as magus Shiroe, having no earthen wall to shield the impact, he was flung several meters across the courtyard by the shockwave until his rag-dolled body slid to a stop halfway to the administration desks.

“Cleric! Get a bloody cleric over here now!”

The screen of the fallen data slate flickered gently.

[William J. Godwine]

[Inconclusive, Tier 3 Prime element; Tier ? Space]

A note from Rhein

Data slate, data slate 
Just living in the Data slate Wow Wow
The wall of pure fiction's cracking in my head
And the addiction of my world still spreads
In the data slate, data slate
I'm struggling in the data slate Wow Wow
It doesn't even matter if there is no hope
As the madness of the system grows

- Mage With a Mission


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