Reverse Reincarnation

Reverse Reincarnation

by Tejoka

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Returning to a previous life she doesn’t remember, Tori wakes up in a fantasy world as the heir to an empire. One where magic called cultivation rules. While doing research and kickstarting an industrialization, she has to deal with a family of transmigrators, politics, and spirits. Maybe she’ll even figure out why some of them keep trying to kill her.

Life in a different world has its challenges, even if it’s the life you’re supposed to lead.

This is a slightly tongue-in-cheek take on a transmigration/cultivation novel. The story will be more focused on characters than action. A few characters, including the MC, are LGBT+. 

Updates: Mon. & Thurs.

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Table of Contents
208 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
01: So much for inductive reasoning ago
02: I must be royalty ago
03: Who are we? ago
04: A few reference points ago
05: My mind gets in the way ago
06: Morning awkwardness ago
07: Library! ago
08: I'm responsible, really! ago
09: My brother is a cheeky bastard ago
10: The value of strength ago
11: The power of 'getting it' ago
12: Some serious conversation (and bad jokes) ago
13: Tests and reactions ago
14: Way to put pressure on someone ago
15: The worst thing about dying ago
16: Am I unnerving people? ago
17: Kowtows and commoners ago
18: Sect life, take 1 ago
Bonus 1: Stages of cultivation ago
19: How to lose ago
20: Little light ago
21: Worse than usual ago
22: Family matters ago
23: Back early ago
24: I have a PR problem ago
25: Non-crippling blows only ago
26: Sneaking about ago
Bonus 2: History of the world ago
27: A chance of hiding ago
28: Facing the consequences ago
29: More consequences ago
30: A few questions ago
31: Echoes of Earth ago
32: Hints of trouble ago
Bonus 3: Geopolitics ago
33: Without the Empress ago
34: Dire news ago
35: Setting off ago
36: Generals and nobles ago
37: Too close ago
38: Getting away ago
39: Making plans ago
Bonus 4: The imperial army ago
40: Close to battle ago
41: Weird dreams ago
42: Hanging out ago
43: Might be a trap ago
44: Targeted ago
45: Working out stress ago
46: A closer look ago
47: A taste of fear ago
48: Field battle ago
49: Civilians ago
50: Triumphant return ago
51: It's a party ago
52: A traitor revealed ago
53: Poison and revelations ago
54: Potential ago
55: Just a lie ago
Bonus 5: Spirits and religion ago
56: Who I am ago
57: Setting expectations ago
58: Details ago
59: The next level ago
60: Initiative ago
61: Perspective ago
62: Symbolic values ago
63: New endeavors ago
64: Deep sea psychology ago
65: Unexpected visitors ago
66: Underwater ago
Bonus 6: History of the Leri ago
67: Heirs' pride ago
68: Remnants of the past ago
69: Human and spirit ago
70: Connections ago
71: Speculation and study ago
72: Report, reward, retraining ago
73: Politics and proposals ago
74: Places lost and forgotten ago
75: Conversation with an enemy ago
76: Welcome ago
Interlude — Isuro ago
77: Moving on ago
78: Getting to know each other ago
79: Lawful union ago
80: Family loyalty ago
Bonus 7: The Zarian Dominion ago
81: Portents of war ago
82: Agreement ago
83: Open seas ago
84: Territory ago
85: War stinks ago
86: The price of protection ago
87: Siblings-in-law ago
88: Maneuvering ago
89: Coordinated attack ago
90: Waking up ago
91: Prisoners of war ago
92: Fire and water ago
93: Unfamiliar territory ago
94: Ruffians ago
95: Departures ago
96: Truths and trust ago
97: Signals and sacrifice ago
98: New contacts ago
99: Advances ago
100: Diverging paths ago
Interlude — Tenira ago
101: Unexpected return ago
102: Changes ago
103: Attempt ago
104: Severance ago
105: Guidance ago
106: Distractions ago
107: Responsibility ago
108: Explain yourselves ago
Bonus 8: Society and life in the Empire ago
109: Brute force approach ago
110: Family ago
111: Contacts ago
112: Resolutions ago
113: Field test ago
114: Connections and preparations ago
115: Loyalty ago
116: Reverse-Reverse Reincar-tater ago
116: Job satisfaction ago
117: Goals and principles ago
118: Possible futures ago
119: Ashes and embers ago
120: Complications ago
121: The nature of fire ago
122: Truth will out ago
123: Duel in the sky ago
124: Guilt and punishment ago
125: Easy paths ago
126: New shores ago
127: Due respect ago
128: Comparisons ago
129: Enticements and embargoes ago
130: Assumptions ago
131: Political games ago
132: Machinations ago
133: Parents and anchors ago
134: Mindset ago
135: Funding and friends ago
136: Reflections and aspirations ago
137: Rewards and punishments ago
138: Siege ago
139: Asymmetric warfare ago
140: Integration ago
141: Momentum ago
142: Into the jungle ago
143: In the jungle ago
144: Stealth and stratagem ago
145: Politics and religion ago
146: Impetus ago
147: Unexpected reunion ago
148: Sanctuary ago
149: Perspectives ago
150: Taking the fight ago
151: To the enemy ago
152: Taking possession ago
153: Divergence ago
154: Evaluations ago
155: Home leave ago
156: Expectations ago
157: Closeness ago
158: Strategies ago
159: Plans and positioning ago
160: Stability ago
161: Conquests' court ago
162: Terms and limits ago
163: Apprehensions ago
164: Humbling ago
165: Vulnerability ago
166: Responsibility ago
167: Escalation ago
168: Collateral damage ago
169: Small blessings ago
170: Consolidation and control ago
171: Custody ago
Interlude — Acura ago
172: Complications ago
173: Pathfinding ago
174: Presence ago
175: Love ago
176: Protection ago
177: March ago
178: Assumptions ago
179: Rescue mission ago
180: Rescue ago
181: Vulnerability ago
182: Getaway ago
183: Worth it ago
184: Battle ago
185: Demands ago
186: What is owed ago
187: Power ago
188: Dissolution ago
189: Significance ago
190: No more ago
191: Aftermath ago
192: Loose ends ago
193: Girlfriends and gifts ago
194: Continuation ago
195: Endings ago
Epilogue ago

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Style: The novel is written from a first-person point of view, so the reader gets a insight on what the character thinks and sees. The author does a good job of describing the inner thoughts of the MC and especially how she reacts and come to terms with her transmigration. It is also slow-paced compared to the standards of the genre and more slice-of-life.

Story: The story can seem a bit cliché, it’s a run-of-the-mill Isekai into another world. It’s pretty light-hearted, and the MC is using her modern knowledge to better understand and improve upon the mystical mumbo-jumbo of the new world.

Grammar: Good grammar.

Characters: So far, only the MC has really been developed so I can’t really comment on that.


Solid slice of life cultivation story.

Reviewed at: 32: Hints of trouble

A xianxia/xuanhuan slice of life story with a very interesting initial premise that can be explored further. Does not include too many of the usual tropes. 

Style: Does not suffer from info-dumps and over exposition. 

The sentences are a bit too passive. There is no real urgency in the plot but since it is mostly a slice-of-life, it fits. The main character feels like she integrated into her environment too quickly.

Minor hooks are introduced but not used. The protagonist adapts rather quickly to her circumstances which feels unrealistic and wastes the potential of the reverse reincarnation premise.

Observations are passive, the first person perspective explains the heroine's deeper thoughts, which is good, but the passive style drags action scenes and makes them less interesting.

Characters: Characterisation is a bit off. The side characters need more fleshing out. It suffers from too many bystanders that are only present for a chapter or two to make the heroine look better, like what all xianxia seem to suffer from.

On the other hand, the characters relevant to the story are made well and believable. I believe the way the Empress is tackled is done well. I had to reread all the interactions and it felt better the second time with the transmigrator angle. The bodyguard and siblings are very interesting and deserve some more screen time of their own.

Dialogue is also slightly cringy at times. Creating different speaking styles for each person is recommended since they tend to read similar to each other.

Story: It is a slice-of-life and the pacing reflects that. Don't expect a murder hobo protagonist and gobs of action scenes thrown at you but there are unfired Chekov's guns present in the initial chapters.

The cultivation aspect is derivative and the science from the transmigration angle could be used to make it more unique than it already is. The small interludes explaining the world are interesting.

Grammar: No problems with grammar, paragraphs could be slightly shorter.

It's a solid 4-star slice of life cultivation with an interesting premise that could be expanded upon more. I think it simply suffers from a lack of hook. 


The concept of a society that is constantly getting these injections of culture from other worlds is interesting, and I hope it develops further in a very thought-out way.  The grammar is great, especially in comparison to other stories on this site.  The main character is an intelligent science major, which I get a feeling is a stand-in for the author, not that that's a bad thing.  The only problem I have is there is a lack of momentum in the story.  If you either added a conflict or a "mystery box", something that gets the audience desperate to turn the page, it would be a better read, rather then relying on world-building and interesting characters.  All in all, I enjoyed reading what I did.  It was interesting and well written, I just didn't have a drive to keep reading.  But if you like slice-of-life I'm sure you'll enjoy this.

Psycho Nautilus

Everything with this story is exceptional. It has delightful world-building, realistic characters that don't fall flat, a smoothly progressing storytelling, and perhaps best of all for a play on the transmigrator trope, an MC who doesn't immediately want to conquer the world (even though she'll be Empress one day) or forget everything about how things on Earth worked. I love the idea of a soul going on a journey as well, which is kinda related to something of my own. Well, in the same way human dna is related to bananas. I digress. 

The point is, READ THIS! you will NOT be disappointed.


Reverse Reincarnation is a story about a girl who was, well, reverse reincarnated. She finds that all her time on earth was just a "soul journey" made by a royal princess, and that she has lost all her memories of her life before her journey. 

Now, let me emphasize that this story is not a super-fast, balls-to-the-wall action-packed cultivation romp. If that was what you were coming for, don't be mad when it doesn't deliver on that. However, it's wonderfully done for what it is, which is a fun slice-of-life type progression with an emphasis on characters.

This story is written in first person, but despite normally preferring third person limited/deep, this story thrives off of its POV. The MC is a smart cookie, and I love the looks into her mind as she analyzes her foreign situations and comes to a logical decision. Also, her thirsting over the royal guards made me giggle, and that would have been a lot harder to pull off in third limited.

The grammar was near impeccable, and if there were any errors in the chapters that I read, I didn't notice them.

The prose is also wonderful, with the MC's thoughts and the things going on around her intertwined perfectly. I'm not really sure how to describe this, but Tejoka's writing is just really easy to read. It's like I can just relax and let the words flow over me. The only teeny tiny thing that I have a problem with is that sometimes scenes go by a tad too fast, which is definitely something I struggle with too. (That also might be the only reason I noticed, so take this with a grain of salt)

Overall, if you're looking for a fun slice of life with wonderful narration and spectacular writing, maybe give this one a try! Also, like I said, I can't explain it, but Tejoka's writing is just relaxing. I could read this story all day :)


Another Cultivation Princess

Reviewed at: 04: A few reference points

Not a bad story, but also not a great story.  The chapters are around 1000 words each, so if you read fast there is a lot of clicking and the author has a tendency to end chapters with told summaries.  The unique twist was the 'soul journey' there-and-back-again reincarnation, but beyond that appears to be a stand cultivation novel with slow pacing.  The MC is also the empress's daughter and gets some freebies, so the setting is more slice of life than struggle.


If you try this book, please ensure that you go beyond the first chapter, it does get good.

Speaking of the first chapter, I do find it awkward with the new self-discovery. That is easily forgiven as the story progresses in the future chapters.

We have a nice complement of bonus chapters that help flesh out the world.

The author's style is pretty good. After getting into the meat of it I really began to enjoy it. There are fast forward jumps in time that are a little jarring but the story makes up for it.

Grammar is really well done with very few issues that would drive away even someone with exceptionally high standards.

There could be a few more hooks into the story at times to keep exciting, however, I believe that due to how causal of a speed we go at times it works.

I've enjoyed the book so far and would encourage anyone to give it an honest try and don't be thrown by the initial self-discovery in the first chapter.


Before I begin, I would like to mention how thrilled I am to read an isekai with an LGBT+ protagonist, and it's even more exciting that she's a woman! Extra bonus points for this. :) Even more bonus points for having the plot be driven by these women, especially the empress mother. She's easily both my favorite and the most fascinating character, and I think these characters are the strongest point of this story.

I'm usually not the biggest fan of a first person point of view, but considering the choice of a stream of consciousness style narrative. It also works well with a transmigration focused story, as we want to know the thoughts of the characters who are pushed intro strange worlds. That's the very beating heart of the genre, after all!

The grammar is good, especially for a writer whose first language isn't English. Thank you so mucn for writing, and I can't wait to read more from you!


A Story of a Princess, with Xianxia on the Side

Reviewed at: 76: Welcome

Despite some of my more critical comments in chapter (sorry), this is actually a very good story.  It is, in short, a coming of age story of an imperial princess looking to cope with all the duties and demands that entails (war, law, corruption, political marriages). What's unique about it is the framing: a reincarnated soul from Earth and in a xianxia world.  Now to be clear, it's not actually a cultivation story.  Yes, she cultivates, but the story is focused on being a princess, not on being a cultivator. In that sense, it's fairly unique.

That said, and despite getting up to 76ish, it's not really the story for me. I appreciated the unique taste but the whole "ruling class" tag just isn't for me. 

Edit: Yay, the story finished! Still not my cup of tea, but it's great.