The Strange Fictions

by TheFinalOobleck

Original ONGOING Fantasy Horror Sci-fi Short Story Magic Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

At the Edge of Dawn, a blanket of confusion covers the various shards as the gears of time march forward, bringing forth a new age. In a small seaside town, the residents are besieged by mist. Trapped and alone aside from a mysterious pen-pal, a lone man needs to solve the mystery of a looping corridor with haste. All of these tales and more are waiting to be discovered within the contents of The Strange Fictions. 

Hi there! If you couldn't tell, this fiction is actually going to be a collection of short stories I write while I gather up enough creative juices to write something larger. I intend each story to only be a chapter or two of around 2000-3000 words per. Each story I will update the cover (my own work) and try to update the tags. The genres provided are a general description of the things you will find. 

To distinguish the universe each story is written in I will use the following tags at the beginning of each chapter (also included here is a bonus description of each one):

[Edge] - The Edge of Dawn is a realm located within the corpse of a dead sun, where life is found on the shards of its fragmented innards. For unknown reasons, the people within the Edge of Dawn find themselves with a "system" of sorts that can grant them great power... If they have the ambition to seize it. 

[Kosch] - The Koscheia Universe is my resident sci-fi universe. The stories within are as varied as the stars in the sky, ranging from grand wars between ancient alien races to simple tales about robots trying to make do in a universe hostile to their very existence. 

[Stor] - Based on the world that the story snatchers dwell in, aka the same world my other story Inside Us All are Seraphs takes place. 

[????] - Anything that doesn't fit in the above categories. 

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